Top 5 conceptual blogging mistakes of making money

blogging mistakes

Maybe you rarely heard of this topic of conceptual blogging mistakes. Very few people talk of concepts. More focus remains on action. But action without proper concept means no action. That is why being a money blogger you must have a clear concept of how to earn money. What are 5 conceptual blogging mistakes? Here… Read More »

Top 5 monetization mistakes

monetization mistakes

First you create a blog. Then you optimize it. Finally you monetize it. For money blogging monetization is the milestone to achieve your business objectives. Without smartly monetizing your blog you can’t earn big money. 5 monetization mistakes So you need to avoid these 5 monetization mistakes. Following the herd instinct Many bloggers blindly follow… Read More »

Top 5 social media mistakes and how to avoid them

social media mistakes

Social media has now become an important source to optimize your blog contents. Earlier search engine optimization was the main source for this purpose. But Google give more importance to quality in SEO instead of quantity which it used to do in the past. That is why social media obtained a higher position to promote… Read More »

Top 5 navigation mistakes on your blog

navigation mistakes

In blogging, navigation means guiding your visitors where they can get more value on your blog. You may guide visitors where should they go simply with words. But this method doesn’t work well because a visitor first read on your blog a post for which he arrived. After that he looks here and there to… Read More »

Top 5 about page mistakes and how to avoid them

about page mistakes

About page is about you. So give it an impression as if it is about readers. This should be its basic goal to feel readers it is about them not you. So you must write it in a way it does not look your biography. It should be a conversation with your readers. It should… Read More »

5 common blog sidebar mistakes and how to overcome them

blog sidebar mistakes

Sidebar of a blog is good place to show readers what you offer to them. Usually following items are placed on a blog sidebar: Social media boxes Top posts list Recent posts list Search window Banner ads in image and text forms Archives display Categories and pages display It does not mean you need to… Read More »

Top 5 content writing mistakes and how to avoid them

content writing mistakes

Do you know how many blogs fail? Yes you are right more than ninety percent fail and hardly 5 per cent succeed. More interestingly half of the ninety-seven per cent fail because of their weak contents. They manage to bring readers once. But fail to create their readers community. Search engine don’t rank blogs that… Read More »

Top 5 content headline mistakes

content headline mistakes

Content headline mistakes directly hit your traffic. Poor headlines affect your blog traffic in two ways: First it fails to bring visitors on your blog Second it put a bad impression of your blog on searchers So your content headline must be at least free from the mistakes. It is an established fact that 80… Read More »

Top 5 mistakes related to selection of a blog niche

blog niche

Your niche means where you are quite comfortable. It may be a small topic or a vast subject. Your blog niche means where you and your blog both are comfortable. You can write well on it and your blog can sell well on it. In simpler term a good blog niche means you are passionate… Read More »

Top 5 domain name mistakes

domain name mistakes

Domain name is the address of your blog. It stands between www and .com, .org. net or any similar ending tag depending upon its nature. If you tell someone you have a blog the next question he will ask you is about its domain name. It shows how important it is. It should be free… Read More »