10 ethical ways to make extra money with About page

So how many times you received this free advice to not go for all the ways to make extra money with your blog.

You must have heard this advice several that you need not to aim at money all the times. You are advised by many to help people first and then try to earn money with them.

What if a solution of your friend’s problem lies in a premium product?

Do you term a fitness expert a professional who simply suggests you to take green tea for weight loss? Yes, it may be in addition to exercises and medicines to reduce the weight.

Did you ever see a doctor who mostly prescribes to put cloth strips dipped into cold water on your forehead to mitigate your fever or temperature? He may advise this in addition to medicine but not it as the only solution.

So being a blogger is it wise to suggest free ways for the solution of your readers’ problems all the time. Indeed you should help them as much as you can for free but should not be proud of this only.

In addition to a premium solution you can offer your readers as much free solutions as you can but professional approach calls for your offering the best solution to your readers.

ways to make extra moneyActually while serving our readers we do keep in mind their affordability also. I observe in eastern part of this world that is most common to provide free things to please their readers.

With a free product we can please our readers for a while. On the other hand to please our readers forever the best way is to give them the best solution and obviously that does cost money.

For me it is a joke of the millennium to declare a solution the best one and free as well.

Even second-hand products in the market cost money then how come a new or unique solution we are going to offer to our readers does not cost single penny.

Sometimes we feel so proud to declare there is no our interest in suggesting our readers a premium product to buy. We proudly mention not-affiliate-link while putting the sales page URL of a product.

Quite recently an SEO expert and one of my good Facebook friends Perambur Kumar advised me to buy a specific premium WP theme to make my blog more SEO friendly. In his sincerity he even directly messaged me to buy that product.

I don’t have any doubt in his sincerity because he is not asking me to buy that theme with his affiliate link. I am sure he does know the so-called sincerity criteria prevailing in blogosphere and mostly in eastern part of the world where charging commission while helping a friend is sometimes considered as greedy nature of your friend.

So keeping in his view of these fabricated norms he was simply giving me advice even without giving his affiliate link of that product for me to buy. Thanks a lot Perambur I have huge trust in your expertise and sincerity both.

So do pay full heed to all the advices you receive from people to be ethical while earning money with your blog. But always be professional in your blogging and never be afraid of the blame of being greedy if you suggest a premium tool to someone while keeping your commission in that product.

Every buyer should know that the affiliate commission is the part of the price of the product. If someone doesn’t charge affiliate commission he actually is not more sincere with you. He is more sincere with the seller first who takes the full price if someone directly recommends a product to you to buy it without putting his affiliate link. Did you get my point?

To be honest I have also done this mistake in the beginning while recommending a tutorial to build online community here in this post.

But after thoroughly researching the entire procedure of affiliate commission I came to know while showing our sincerity to our visitors we offer benefit to seller of the product and not the buyer.

Its another side effect can be seen in our lack of passion to blog because just to be a nice blogger we miss so many chances to make extra money with our blog.

So without taking your more time I am mentioning here ten ethical and equally professional ways to make extra money with your About page.

10 ways to earn extra money with About page

First of all craft an About page telling all about you. Being a newbie blogger you can’t share your previous blogging journey with your readers. But once you stay in blogging you become a struggling blogger after six months and can revise your About page to tell what you have experienced in previous six months.

I am also in process of revising my About page by putting so many options to make extra money with it. So before sharing my page I am sharing the tips which I am going to put in my About page to get your feedback on them also.

ways to make extra moneyIf you like these tips I hope you would also apply them in your About page. If you don’t then I am sure you will have strong arguments to differ with me in comments section below. So first just read these ten ways to make extra money with your About page.

1. How you learnt blogging?

During your initial days of blogging journey you must have bought different ebooks and courses to learn blogging or any of its branches like content marketing, SEO, monetizing and social media optimization.

So simply mention your affiliate link of that product to help your readers buy that product and be like you.

I personally came to know much about blogging by first reading the blog of Steve Pavlina and then regularly subscribing to a few membership sites. So while telling my story I can mention an affiliate link of that membership site to recommend my readers they can also buy it.

2. Which ebook earlier motivated you to do something great?

Everyone has an inspiration to join blogging. This mostly relates to motivational thoughts, ideas, or books one read and it becomes game changing for him.

So while mentioning the reason of your starting a blog do mention affiliate link of that product to help your readers be fully satisfied before pacing up their blogging struggle.

3. How one develops entrepreneurial mindset?

Being a successful or successfully struggling blogger you must have an entrepreneurial mindset. You may have developed it by minutely observing people around you during your lengthy struggle.

You can’t ask your readers to go through the same hardships which you did to become an entrepreneur and not simply a seller or money earner. For that just pick an ebook or course which you think will help them acquire the entrepreneurial thinking which you acquired after facing a lot of hardship.

So you can suggest them to buy that ebook or course and earn commission on it.

4. Which three mentors you selected to pick the best one?

Being a professional blogger or about to become professional blogger you also have this firm belief that blogging is learnt better through a mentor.

So suggest your readers to become a blogger like you by hiring a mentor as without a mentor people can learn but may take much time and till then maybe blogging take any new shape.

So to get prompt and accurate results the best way is to learn blogging formally and for that hiring a mentor is the best option.

To offer them an ample choice you can share your experience how you picked the three mentors first to finally pick the one from them and on what grounds.

It does not mean you let down the two who you rejected. Simply narrate the features of each to help your readers pick the one of their choice.

ways to make extra moneyHere again don’t forget to put affiliate link of these mentors. Some mentors don’t sell their services through affiliate company; in that case you can personally contact the mentors to make a deal with them.

5. How your premium hosting and domain developed confidence in you?

Describing your so far successful blogging journey never forget to tell your readers the main reasons of your success. Don’t be conceptual or philosophical while sharing your success story. Be exact and quantified while doing so.

Obviously one of the main reasons of your sound base of your blog is its quality of hosting. So recommend the hosting company with its affiliate link to your readers as you are suggesting them a product which you like and are fully satisfied with.

6. Which product turned you into a pro blogger?

If you already have developed a huge following and become a pro blogger with your right strategies just tell them which one is the product that boosted your performance a lot.

It may be an advance course or your joining a membership site that completely turned your blogging psyche. So share that link with your readers and increase your ways to earn extra money with your blog.

7. Who’s your inspiration in blogging?

Instead of telling you theoretically let me tell you about this point with a practical example. Suppose your inspiration in blogging is Adrienne Smith so just share about her first and also mention the affiliate link of her latest product “How to build your blog community”.

Many great bloggers have at least one product that has become part of their brand so do find such product before mentioning a pro blogger as your inspiration.

8. What you still want to install at your blog?

Share your plans to take your blog to the next level and also name the products which you think would help you to achieve your goal. So put an affiliate link of any top product from the list to help your readers buy it and take their blog to the next level also.

9. The community that supported you a lot

Do mention how relationship in blogosphere helped you a lot to acquire your present level as a blogger. Just mention the premium community which you are member of or advise your readers to join a premium community to build relationship faster and reach your level in time shorter than you spent to achieve that milestone.

10. How to benefit your readers?

In short mention every product or service which you think can help your readers to solve their problems which you were also earlier facing but could not have solved them as much easily as a premium product or service can solve them now.

So mention their affiliate links to help your buyers resolve their specific problems forever.

Word of caution

I don’t advise you to apply all these tips in your About page as ways to make extra money with it. Just pick the ones which are most fit for you and must not be any fake reason of mentioning any product or service.

Be very true to your readers and never resort to falsehood even slightly just to make a few bucks. It is better not to earn single penny than earning money by deceiving your readers.

So how did you find these ethical ways to make extra money with About page?

Do you think I have a little exaggerated here or they are fine? Do share your views to help me learn more on the topic.

I am sure you would reshare this post at social media to make your friends also read it.

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