10 gainful habits of top money bloggers you never read so far

Yes I am talking about habits of money bloggers who are making big money with their blogs.

Earlier you must have read a lot about the habits of wonderful, effective, top, successful, awesome or great bloggers and people. Their habits may be several in total.

In this post I am going to share with you the habits of successful money bloggers, those who really are earning money.

The 7 habits of successful bloggers

But before going ahead I would first mention what are the most common habits every blogger should have including:

  1. Consistency
  2. Hard work
  3. Prolific writing
  4. Robust promoting
  5. Building relationship
  6. Quality control
  7. Monitoring own performance

These are the seven common habits that you would find with a little different concept or wording in every bloghabits post that has so far been written on the topic.

This post contains link of 73 such posts written about the habits of effective or successful blogs. Just bookmark it and read your favorites from the list in your free time.

10 gainful habits of successful money bloggers

Right now be with me to read the ten habits of highly successful money blogger. These habits may be lesser in a few but most of them have all these and you may interpret them a little differently with different words or concepts but basically each one has a big role in make money blogging.

1. They want to earn big money but are not greedy

This is a very common issue in blogging. Many bloggers at the time of their entry into this field very vocally claim they are not here to earn money and want to serve the people.

But gradually they come to know that an activity without any monetary returns could not be continued as robustly or passionately as the one that also brings money.

Practically speaking any kind of activity does require a few basic expenses. If someone just wants to give sermons to communities for their well-being he does require transportation expense to move from one place to another.

So either he has to pay these expenses from his own pocket, get donation from a philanthropist or sell something related to his message and earn money with it. Otherwise his activity will not be consistent, passionate and will be a casual one to be done as and when he has money-less passion for it.

On the contrary most of the money bloggers declare from the day one they want to earn money rather big money with their blog. So earning money with their blog is their primary goal and they achieve it sooner or later with their hard work and consistency.

Most of the others switch from aimless or non-money blogging to money blogging and the day they aim to earn money they actually pronounce to have this habit that eventually leads them to become a successful money blogger.

2. They have clear goals

Their aim is not to earn money. Earning money is a very vague goal. Who doesn’t want to earn money in this world? I think even a maddest person won’t refuse if someone offers him a few bucks as wages for his making of funny faces.

Successful money bloggers actually have clear goals of earning money with their blog by selling given types of products to a specific target audience with the help of content marketing and by building a community.

3. They follow a strategy

They avoid doing all blogging chores on guesstimates. First of all they make a decision what to sell and then find buyers with their blog. In technical terms they first find the best niche and then bring targeted traffic on their blog with content marketing.

They don’t blog for all. They blog for those facing certain kind of problems and try to solve their problems. So their aim is to bring only their targeted visitors and not the everyone roaming around internet.

4. They take risk

This is the latest required habit of successful money bloggers. Earlier it was quite easy and inexpensive to build a blog, create contents, promote and optimize them and eventually earn money with it.

But now owing to stiff competition in blogosphere everything can’t be gotten free or with lesser money.

Now one has to choose quality with premium products or lesser quality with free products.

So a blogger has to take risk for buying the best blogging products. He does have a lot of guidance online to buy the best products but it is not likely every product works equally good for all.

So he has to take the risk and those doing great in this field have taken the risk initially and –for example – went for high-quality Awber email marketing service instead of going for any free service with the aim to buy on price once they have a huge email list.

5. They know their target market

Who want to learn basic lessons of blogging? Obviously newbie bloggers.

But here also you may ask which type of newbie bloggers; those who want to blog as hobby or want to earn money with it.

So a successful money blogger very specifically knows his target audience to sell his product to right people at right time.

If someone wants to start a blog and is visiting your blog for this purpose, whatever you offer him to buy must solve his basic problems of starting a blog. If your product has any advance info he may get confused and will not buy your product.

habits6. They sell a product as the best solution

For the solution of any problem there is a wide range of products in the market. Just take the example of best hosting where you can get hundreds of hosting providers in Google search.

But a successful money blogger does know which type of hosting will work best for his target audience. He knows what kind of people are in majority in total number of his blog followers.

So to serve the needs of maximum number of his blog followers he tries to recommend a product that should be best, cheap and easy to work for everyone.

7. They always aim at highest level of customer satisfaction

They don’t simply sell the products to their blog readers. They take care of their followers by doing after sale service as well.

They don’t ignore the queries of their customers and remain engaged with them on social media and in comments section.

Providing the best product is not the end of customer care service. It actually begins from there and ends nowhere and you should keep solving each problem of your audience related to your niche by offering more and more wonderful products.

8. They don’t like contentment

On huge success of a product they don’t just sit on it to be passive earner forever. They try to create side products, support products to make the main product serve people more. Their thinking of doing more never lets them sit contented on just one success.

9. They believe in expansion to serve more

On success of one project they start more projects because those who stick to one project after sometime move backward in the industry. Their competitors maybe have robust expansionary designs and would capture more and more market share.

Successful money bloggers after earning big from one niche start another blog to equally earn big from there also. But they first make fully successful their first blog and then start the second one. They know when they should start their next blog.

10. They are business-minded and that is good

Last but not the least they are by nature businessperson. Successful money bloggers love to do business instead of just helping a little to people and not fully solving their problems.

Who would like to give a full day to people without charging any money? Obviously he would charge for his full day otherwise he would simply talk to people for half an hour and then ask them to register for his full-day training course.

So it is better to be business-minded instead of just partially solving the problems of people without charging money. You should tell the people you could solve their problems if they pay you that much money otherwise you simply can give a few hints to explore their solution by their own.

So these are the ten habits of highly successful money bloggers which I observed by researching a few famous money blogs.

I am sure these would help you to move faster towards your aim of making money with your blog. By and by you can develop all these habits and I am sure you already have most of them and you just need their pointing out which I made in this post.

Do you think only these are the main habits of money bloggers or I skipped a few? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments section below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post with your friends on social media to let them know what one needs to have to be a professionally money blogger.

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