10 juicy styles for solution selling at your blog

So you consistently try to sell more and more at your blog and also be happy on helping others for free?

There is no question on helping others for free. You should help your readers but up to a limit.

So to what extent a blogger should help others at his blog. This is a debatable question.

It depends upon one’s blogging objectives up to what extent he may go for helping his readers.

The ultimate aim of every blogger and especially money blogger is to earn money with his blog.

So his helping others should also be his sales promotion.

If someone really wants to help his blog audience he should recommend a valuable solution.

A valuable solution can never be found on a heap of garbage.

It is mostly found into a glaring showcase of a value seller.

This is my opinion and I can’t alter it despite being in connect with several super great bloggers who don’t believe much in money making.

While reading their posts sometime I think they should be in any starvation-ridden region to help the hungry people.

But from their blog they are already serving the info-hungry and solution-hungry people and mostly they do their job without charging them a dime.

Maybe such amazing bloggers already have huge money or they have spent big part of their life and now enjoying their retirement with grandchildren.

Whatever is the reason of their generosity but everyone has his own limit of helping others and charging money after that limit.

solution sellingSo instead of defining that limit I tell you ten ways to turn the problems of your blog visitors into a need and then sell yours and affiliate products to them.

Yes, products that are created to benefit their users. Actually we sell benefits at our blog but we can’t term them benefits as no one would understand which product we are selling.

So every product has a solution and equally has a brand name. That is why it is better to refer it with its brand name and help people solve their problems with it.

10 easy styles for solution selling

Here are ten styles to turn a given problem of your blog visitor into a well-defined need and then sell them a product that can serve their need.

1. Fear of failure means need of knowing highway to success

Many people may be asking you if they succeed or not. Many others may be asking you how to must become a successful blogger. So many others want to know a magic wand to become successful with the blink of an eye. Actually they all have fear of failure.

So initially let them overcome their fear of failure by sharing success stories of great bloggers around you. Do tell them your own story how wonderfully you are managing your blog and earning big money with it.

But your free counseling should be up to a limit. After that a stage comes where you need to advise them how to get a valuable solution to overcome their fear of failure. This valuable solution may be an ebook, a training course, a one-on-one talk or a tutorial to must become a successful blogger.

So just search an affiliate product serving this need of your blog visitors and sell it to them by writing a wonderful review on it.

2. Lack of confidence means need of a confidence-building tutorial

Can I really be successful in blogging? I have huge passion for blogging but will I really be successful. I want to start a blog on everything for free first then I would buy hosting and domain.

You must have heard your visitors saying this several while commenting at your blog posts and while chatting with you at social media. Actually they don’t have confidence to become a successful blogger.

So initially prove with several inspirational stories around you how many people didn’t have any idea of blogging when they entered into this field. But now they are blogging icons. They focused on their will to start a blog and then stick to it till achieving success.

You can tell all this up to a limit. After that it is wise to help them more by suggesting a premium product. So again search an affiliate product or create your own product to guide your visitors how to start a blog with confidence and without any confusion.

3. Reluctance means need of hiring a mentor

Many people daily change their mind if they can become a successful online marketer or not. It means they need daily dose to keep their will stronger. Here again up to a limit you can guide them by writing different types of success stories and offering free solution to make them stay focused.

After that it is wise to guide them hire a mentor instead of just roaming here and there to learn blogging. Tell them that learning blogging formally is better than learning it on do-it-yourself basis because they have to spend years to go through the process of do-it-yourself.

If someone asks me which mentor I can confidently recommend to you to learn blogging formally, four names spark into my mind without any ranking order:

  • Adrienne Smith
  • Donna Merrill
  • Carol Amato
  • Jane Sheeba

So keep studying the service packages of different blogging mentors around you and write a review on their services. If they offer publishers to become their affiliate it will also help you earn commission if someone hires them on your recommendation. But mostly such services do not offer to be their affiliate. So you can build stronger relationship with them by referring them without any commission.

solution selling4. Confusion means need of step-by-step guide

Many people do know how to start a blog on a strong foundation but they sometimes get confused what to do first and what afterwards.

There are several tutorials available online that guides how to make a blog step-by-step. Such courses mostly have names like “30 days blogging challenge”.

So find such products that clear the confusion of your visitors and then recommend them to buy these products for a valuable solution of their blogging problem.

5. Procrastination means need of a motivational session

You must have heard many people keep informing you they are very soon starting a blog. But their “very soon” never comes and they keep sharing others’ posts and keep declaring they are just going to start a blog.

So to help them avoid their procrastination, offer them a motivational session or any product or organize a webinar to help all those who yet to start a blog.

6. Habit of deferring means need of starting a blog from today

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and now the best time is just today. This is a Chinese proverb stressing the need of planting trees and not planning the trees.

Same comes true with blogging. The best time to start a blog was the day when you learnt what blogging was and the second best time is today when you are reading this post. So start your blog today.

It is not enough to advise your readers start a blog from today. Do guide them fully from picking their niche, buying a hosting, domain and theme to monetizing their blog by recommending a premium tutorial or e-course.

7. Less traffic means need of a premium tool

Many newbie bloggers keep searching a secret to boost traffic at their blog. Almost every newbie blogger keenly wants to know such secret.

Nowadays BroadedNet is the talk of town so do extensive research on its benefits and write your next post to tell your readers how to raise blog traffic with it.

Marc Andre recently shared useful and practical tips to boost blog traffic with Pinterest here.

So first recommend them a free tool and if they still ask you something more so write a review on a premium tool to boost blog traffic.

For example Enstine Muki recently introduced an amazingly low-priced plugin to reduce bounce rate in this post. So keep searching premium solutions to keep solving the problems of your blog visitors.

solution selling8. Irritation to manage a blog means need of a super cool template

Many newbie bloggers keep changing their blogging template. Actually they want the one that should be best to achieve their blogging goals. It should be easy to handle and fully-optimized to help its contents get higher rank.

So instead of just guiding them how to customize their template and make it super cool suggest a theme framework to let them pick the one.

Erik Emanuelli introduced a wonderful WP theme in his post here to solve the blogging problems of his blog community. So just like him you should also help your audience with solution selling.

9. Lagging to get higher rank means need of one-window solution

People are mostly fed up of trying multiple solutions to achieve the ultimate aim of getting higher rank of their blog. So they want a solution that serves all their needs that can help achieve their goal of blogging success.

There are many premium solutions that offer a complete package including hosting, domain, free templates and even SEO option to make your blog professionally developed. Find such blanket services and recommend to your readers.

10. Greed for money means need of learning to monetize properly

If you want to earn money never aim at money only. Greed for money is the main hurdle in successful blogging. Do blogging for serving your customers and not for money.

You must have heard such pack of advices several around the blogosphere. But no one tells you what you actually need to do instead of running after money.

I read this interview of James McAllister at Joy Healey’s blog and he wonderfully advised to turn your desire for money into your business. This is called proper monetization of your blog. So search products that guide your visitors how to monetize a blog and sell it to help them earn money without having a greed for it.
So these are the ten styles for solution selling at your blog. Just try to know your blog visitors are facing which of the above problems. You can know this by reading their comments, examining the level of traffic on a given post that offers a free solution and then sell them a useful product solving their problems.

How you sell?

How you work to serve the needs of your blog visitors. Do you follow any other method or do one of the above as and when you get to know about any of your visitors’ need. Do share your views with me and with this blog’s community to make us learn more on the topic.

I am sure you will reshare this post at social media to get your friends also read it.

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