10 no-nonsense tricks to create NOT just another roundup post

How can it be a just another roundup post?

If so many heartthrobs of a niche participate in a roundup and give their best take on a topic how can it be just another roundup post?

You must be thinking like this.

It is right that a roundup post is one of the most popular forms of a blog post. But it may also be boring and stereotyped post. If it is created as just another post so how it can be interesting.

What is just another roundup post?

How many roundup posts you read from start to end?

So all such uninteresting posts which you couldn’t have read fully are just another round post.

just another roundup postIf people focus on quantity only, lowering of quality is obvious. A huge number of every type of experts replying with devilish details a question of not much importance has nothing to do with quality.

If a roundup post is created in a stereotyped way can it go viral? Will it be powerful enough to send ripples everywhere? So what else it can be other than just another roundup post.

How just another roundup post is created?

Randomly emailing a hurriedly coined question to hundreds of experts hoping to get reply from half of them is quite common nowadays to create a roundup post.

I observed many bloggers share a question on their Facebook timeline and give a general invitation to participate in their upcoming roundup post.

So every Jack and Smith could participate in it either he is an expert or struggling to be an expert.

One of my blogger friends very humbly refused an offer to participate in a roundup that actually was covering a niche not related to his niche.

It is not likely every expert has time to decide if the topic relates to his niche and in courtesy most experts reply positively even an off-niche question. Then the ultimate sufferers are your readers who have to read a secret SEO technique of an expert who is a great online marketer and has no expertise in SEO.

The ideal length of a roundup post

Nowadays quantity has overpowered the quality in this type of blog post as well. Earlier creating a lengthy list post was treated itself a quality.

If people get confused on what to adopt and what to skip then they want an exact and definite solution not hundreds of solutions. They don’t have much time to spend hours for picking the best solution.

Eventually people realized a list post should cover both quantity and quality. If quality comes under focus first then quantity itself gets rationalized. People want less but of high quality.

In same way people want the diverse opinion of a few top class experts to pick the very best option from small list of a few best options.

The ideal number of participants

It is also getting common to send a question to as much experts as possible. A creator of roundup post invites huge number of experts keeping in view of response rate that usually is 50 percent in any such campaign.

just another roundup postIf a blogger invites an expert without earlier knowing him how will be his intake in a roundup post. He would reply just casually.

Yes if you ask a question to an expert with who you are actively connected he would also put love and care in his reply.

So a reply should not be purely bookish or scholarly. It should be the best possible take of an expert on a question.

One should ask the question to those experts who already know him and he needs not to introduce himself first.

One can introduce himself if he is just a rep of a famous blogger or a blog. I recently received a request from a famous blog but the sender of email was its staffer.

PS: Many of you know very well Minuca Elena who literally knows how to create a high-quality expert roundup post. She follows every rule of quality and that is why has become a brand authority for creating a roundup post.

10 tips for not creating just another roundup post

Here I am sharing ten tips that make your next roundup post avoid boredom and become more interesting.

just another roundup postCoin simple and interesting question

A question with so many ifs and buts could not bring a perfect reply. So coin your question as simpler as possible. Also avoid putting in your question likelihood of drawing a lengthy list of options in its reply. A question should be to get the best option or a few best options.

Put words’ restriction

If you are already connected with an expert you can also put words’ limit of a reply. If you ask a question to a few experts believing to get response from all then you can leave it up to them how lengthily they reply.

Professionally your question should be precise enough to get a precise answer with very necessary details and without any verbosity.

Usually real experts never waste their words while expressing their thoughts.

Categorize reply

Put the reply of same type in a sequence. It will help readers to read only those replies which they want to follow. If every reply is quite unique then you can put them in an order according to their importance or quality.

Sum up reply

At the end of each reply you can sum it up just to help readers get the summary of each reply. It will help those readers who don’t have time to go through the post in detail.

just another roundup postFormat the summary

You can also give special treatment to reply summary by putting: a border around it and changing its font size, color and background

Highlight the best paragraph

It is possible a reply itself is the summary with no unnecessary details. Then you can highlight the best paragraph that could be the gist of whole reply.

Give table of replies in the beginning

If a question is about any common trend or a multiple choice you can summarize all the replies in a table. Like an opinion poll’s results you can put replies in favor of a given trend, against a trend and with no vote. It helps the readers to know if most of the experts are in favor of an option or against it.

Create a presentation with brief replies

At the end of your post you can also create a presentation to give readers what experts replied to your question. You can also share it on YouTube to get more visitors.

Write the gist of reply on image if it is large

It requires a big image of each expert. You can request him for an image of specified size at the time of sending him your question.

So you can put one best sentence of each expert on his image as well. But here all your participants should be top experts. People don’t like such treatment with those who are not top class experts.

Read More option for lengthy replies

It needs a little coding which you can do with the help of any free coding tutorial. Simply put the introductory paragraph and then give the option of “Read More” by sending readers to detail page. But your detail page of all replies should be one to help readers avoid shuttling between main page and continued pages.

So these are the ten tips you can follow to make your roundup post interesting. It is a rule if a trend is followed by all then obviously its quality declines. Because people follow a herd instinct while following a most popular tend.

You need to create a roundup post by putting all your efforts to make it a benchmark of quality in your niche.

Do you think something else could be done more to make a roundup post more interesting? Share your tips below to give a big add-on to this post.

I am sure you would also reshare this post with your friends on social media.

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