10 sensual ways to know the product your blog readers badly want

It is widely established that selling the product of your own is an effective way to make money blogging. Earlier most bloggers relied on Google Adsense to earn money with their blog. But growing competition in PPC ads forced them to explore other options.

Then the growth of affiliate marketing was widely witnessed that is also nearing its saturation in personal blogging more particularly.

Now creating your own product to create a regular stream of income by selling it on your blog is viewed as a wise step to make money blogging successfully.

Selling your own product also helps shine your personal brand if it becomes your brand identity. The only need is to avoid creating a product that is not the real need of your blog readers.

the productWhat is an online info product?

Online information product is quite different from a physical product like smart phone or jogging machine. It could be delivered online and is mostly used online. It is mostly educational in nature.

A physical product can also be sold online but it can’t be created by an individual and a blogger has to get such products from manufacturers through affiliates to sell them.

But an online information product could be created by your own and you can sell it on your own blog and also sell it through affiliates on other blogs.

Key objectives of the product

The main objective of the product you intend to create should be:

  • To solve a problem be it a personal or professional one
  • To serve a common need of your blog audience related to their personal or professional life
  • To improve your blog readers’ performance in their niche

Main types of the product you can create easily

An online info product could be

  1. An ebook that usually is to-the-point, direct, simple to understand and with a practical approach
  2. A tutorial with step by step lessons to solve a problem, serve a need or/and to improve one’s performance in a given field. It can be text-based, video, audio or mix of all of them.
  3. An e-course with a lot of exercises and assessment tests to help the subscribers take its full benefits. It can also be with texts, graphics, audios, videos or mix of them.
  4. A technical product for example plugin, application, software or something else that could technically solve a problem, serve a need or enhance the performance without much manual work and get prompt and automated results easily
  5. A webinar series to provide maximum space for discussion, interaction with others and also instant feedback on progress
  6. A one-on-one consultation to serve each client on individual basis and guide him with his special circumstance to serve the level best
  7. Online platform; it can be a membership site, help forum or an e-learning package

Know the product your blog readers badly want?

It is a misconception that one should do an online survey of his blog readers to create a most wanted product for them. Such surveys usually do not affect natural response because many times people themselves don’t know what they really need.

the productIt is you being an online marketer who has to first evaluate what they really want and then go for creating a product.

Why to create your own product?

You may ask if there are thousands of affiliate products available online then why to create your own product. Its answer is so simple.

No product could serve the needs of your blog audience as accurately as the one which you create keeping in mind every aspect of a given need of your blog audience.

I am not advising you not to sell affiliate products on your blog. You can sell them and many bloggers are earning huge money with it.

But affiliate products are already being sold by so many top bloggers. You need to do a lot of hard work and to wait for quite a long time to develop your authority equal to them for competing with them in this field.

Keep trying to sell affiliate products but simultaneously aim to create your own products as well to best serve the product needs of your blog audience.

10 ways to know the product your blog readers needs

Here are ten ways to learn what your blog readers really want and then convert their need into a product to best serve it.

1. Call to action, the easiest way

You write a call-to-action at the end of your each post. Usually you stay confined to the topic of the post. It is fine because your main concern should be to take feedback of your readers on your post. But you can broaden your call-to-action by asking one more question related to the topic that covers the overall concern of your readers.

For example if you write a post on how to do SEO of your blog you can ask your readers to share any further point on SEO but additionally you can ask them which step of on-page SEO is quite challenging to them. This would help you know, which one is the most common SEO-related problem of your readers. In this way you can create a product to solve their given SEO problem.

2. What Kind of help they want?

To understand your blog readers more, you need to create blog posts that drive huge number of comments. All commenters don’t simply appreciate your post nor do they simply contend with the points of your post. They also ask further questions related to the topic of the post.

So never note them just to write another post. Many questions do have a great hint to create your own product. You simply need to examine every aspect of their questions and never be contented on writing another post to reply their questions.

the productIt could be a premium tutorial or e-course to reply a bunch of questions of your blog readers related to a similar topic.

3. Sharing of goal and not the need

Many readers share their goals while commenting on your blog or talking to you on social media. Their goals could also be a good source to evaluate what they need to achieve their goals.

If they don’t have free source to serve their need you can create a premium product to help them achieve their goal. Their goal could be “to write fast” or “to create a post with a unique idea every time”. So your product should be “How to write fast and well” or “how to create a unique blog post every time”.

4. Terming something a big idea

It happens that sometimes a blog post written not with much effort receives a huge response. That actually shows that a given need of his blog readers could be not quite important for a blogger but they are taking it as so important.

So follow your blog readers instead of your own judgment and create a product that your readers want either it serves an important need or something which you don’t think is important.

5. Showing wrong information

If off and on you receive feedback on your blog posts with wrong info it means your readers have misinformation on a topic. This misconception could be cleared by creating a product to correct their perception on a given topic.

6. Getting philosophical on a point

If you receive comments on a blog post with so many philosophical ideas with a little practical approach it means they have bookish knowledge on a given topic.

the productIt is clear they need practical knowledge to put an idea into practice. A step-by-step tutorial could be a great product for them to act upon an idea without any ambiguity.

7. Condemning a right thing

If your blog audience condemns a right thing it is possible they don’t have an updated knowledge on a given topic. If you say content is not king now and they strongly differ with you it means they don’t have correct understanding of diversity in contents or in power of promotion. So their need could be an update on importance of contents in present era.

8. Appreciating a wrong thing

If your blog audience appreciate a wrong idea like making money fast it means they want a product that teaches them how to must earn money gradually. Obviously not all of them appreciate a wrong idea but a few such comments on a given topic can help you create your own product best-fit to your blog audience.

the product9. Beating about the bush

If a person never comes to the topic and simply talks about minor things of a big problem it means he does not have proper understanding of the main problem. Here a product first making people realize what problem they are facing could be a good way to eventually help them solve it.

10. Avoiding discussing

If people avoid discussing a problem and you smell with the help of their ifs and buts what their actual problem is; that is great and it is proven you are a great online marketer.

Understanding what your readers really want is the main art of money blogging. If you learn what your readers are avoiding to discuss because of their fear of being exposed or being ridiculed this could help you create a product that is the hottest demand of your readers.

How to pick the type of product most-fit for your blog audience?

Once you know which product your blog audience wants with the above ten ways you need to pick the best type (as I pointed in the beginning of this post) of product that:

  • Can be created within your budget or doesn’t require any specialty to create it with do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • Doesn’t require much time to create it
  • Must be easy to use for your blog audience
  • Should be complete from all aspects and does not require any further explanation

So these are the ten simply ways to know which blog product your blog readers really want. You can follow all these ways to make a list and then go for the one that is widely demanded by most of your readers.

Do you think there is another way to know the product your blog readers want? Have you already created your own product or it is in making. Share your experiences on the topic in comments section below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to let your friends know how to learn the product their blog readers really want.

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