10 ways to make money blogging by selling benefits

So you are nowadays trying hard to sell products at your blog. Hundreds of visitors read your blog post but hardly a few of them buy your own or any affiliates product. You are good to write a product review. You do have convincing power to make readers purchase. You apply all tips and tricks to market a given product.

But despite of all of this you sell just a few products in each of your campaign and fail to make money blogging massively.

You highlight each feature of your product impressively. You also mention the small list of those who have already bought your product and now are very happy on their decision to buy. You even quote the views of a few famous people of your industry who are saying great words for your product.

But you forget the fact that you are just selling products and features. You are not following the biggest rule to make money blogging? Let’s see what this rule is?

Yes you are right to say what we can sell other than a product or its features. Do you know everyone is narrating at his blog the lengthy list of the features of a product?

Buyers also want to know features of a product.

Here is the point to note. Buyers do want to know features but why.

They do because they want to know how the features of a product will benefit them. So they actually want to know what benefits they will get from a product.

So from now take every product on the basis of its benefits and not features.

Cheap blog hosting is a feature of the product. What benefit it will give. This is the main question. You will get to know the benefit of cheap hosting after reading this post. So don’t go away and keep reading this post. After fully understanding what I want to tell, you will never fail while selling products, I mean benefits.

So from now make up your mind to sell the benefits and fully highlight them. Forget about features of a product. You are not a typical professional online marketer.

make money bloggingYou are simply a personal blogger and you sell a product to a limited number of audience. That audience has close association with you. They wait for your contents. They comment on your posts very frankly. They never forget to poke you at social media.

So your audience is not just like an audience of a regular online or offline business. Your audience has a personal level of bonding with you. So think with their mind while selling them a product. This is the basic rule of make money blogging. Right?

Make money blogging by selling benefits

Wait; this post is not over. Just read these 10 benefits and how to sell them. These are the benefits. But everywhere people are selling their products and not directly selling these benefits. I can bet after reading this post you will be fully clear on how to sell benefits and make money blogging.

Benefit 1: Perfect homework before starting a blog

Let’s assume your niche is blogging. So your target audience doesn’t want to buy any product before starting a blog. Your blog visitors want to do proper planning and research to create their own blog successfully.

You need to guide them what they should know to build a blog. Just a lengthy list of dos and dons will not be sufficient here.

It is wise to tell them various ways to do perfect homework. Tell them there are two ways to do homework before starting a blog.

One is the hard way in which they need to search massively on internet to know how to create a blog. After that they need to read and read to fully understand what the step by step process is for this purpose. Even after doing this it is not confirm they find the right way to create a successful blog. So this way is not only hard but also quite uncertain.

Other one is the easy way. It will save their time of thousands of dollars. This you should tell them very convincingly.

Tell them that a lot of research by successful bloggers has already been done. So why to repeat the same process and waste a lot of time? Isn’t it wise to get the advice of already successful bloggers?

So do tell your readers that a pro blogger means professional blogger and he will not dole out his services and expertise. If he does it means his expertise is not worthy of selling. That is why he is distributing it for free.

A real pro blogger always sells his expertise. So suggest various products like one-on-one session with a pro blogger or a complete guide written by him on how to start a blog successfully. So many affiliates offer these products. So grab them and sell them by highlighting their benefits to your target audience.

Benefit 2: Strong foundation of a blog

How a house is built. It is built on a plot. So first you buy a plot then build your house at it. Just one question I want to ask. Can you build your house at someone else plot. Obviously you will not. Yes you will do camping on someone else plot but will not make your brick-made house there.

This is the point you need to communicate to your audience. If your readers want to start a blog they should build it at their own hosting with own domain name. This is called strong foundation of a blog. Otherwise they will always fear when their blog is going down from the free hosting. Give here case studies of several blogs at Blogger which vanished all of a sudden.

Then sell them hosting and domain of a top company with different packages and put as much options as possible to meet the needs of maximum number of your target audience.

Benefit 3: First impression is the last impression

People remember unique faces, unique layout and unique design. A design that can stand out in the crowd is called unforgettable. A blogger needs to make his audience remember his blog. Once a visitor arrives at a blog he gets its first impression by its design.

make money bloggingA unique design does not mean a free template which hundreds of people easily apply to their blogs. It means a premium blog template. So the benefit of “first impression is the last impression” can be gotten by a premium blog template.

Communicate this point to your readers. Sell to them a premium template if they really want to make money blogging.

Benefit 4: Earning potential

Why people start a blog. Most of them eventually want to make money blogging. So do convince them money won’t come to their blog by itself. They have to work smart and hard both. They can’t do blogging on guesses and estimates.

They must have an exact plan of what they need to do. For this purpose they should have the list of contents of their niche which people want to read. To know what people want to read they need to know what people are searching on internet. These are keywords which people are searching most. If people are searching terms and phrases on internet related to products they are called high-paying keywords.

Convince your readers it is very smart move to know highly searched and high-paying keywords with any free keyword research too. But do inform them that a free tool does not have that much value as the premium tool has.

Here again prove your point by giving example of several established bloggers who are using premium tools to search high-paying and highly searched keywords. With premium tool they have more related keyword options to write more salable contents and get more traffic.

After this you can recommend various keyword research tools to buy. So first tell them the benefits of using highly searched and high-paying keywords which are researched with any reliable source. Obviously a reliable source is always a premium source. You can’t trust on a free thing.

Do you know even garbage is not free in most of the countries of the world. 🙂

Benefit 5: Growth prospects

Tell them the major source of traffic at their blog will mostly be organic traffic which comes through search engines. To write contents –for both search engines and people – it is must to do high quality search engine optimization of each post. Only those can do quality SEO of their posts who know coding techniques. Everybody can’t do this.

To do quality SEO without learning coding, the easy way is premium SEO tool. Convince them that the purpose of each free product is to just promote its premium version. If all the benefits are put in free option, who will go for the premium option?

Then you can sell various premium SEO plugins to do quality SEO of each blog post and get huge traffic and make money blogging easily.

Benefit 6: Content is king because a lot variety can be put into it

People are fed up with written words. They want images, infographics, videos and podcast. If a blog has variety of contents more visitors will come to it. More visitors means more chances of earning money.

So this is the benefit you can sell by introducing video camera, mic for podcast, membership of an infographic site. Refer facts and figures why people like infographics and videos instead of text post.

Benefit 7: Concrete security of your blog

There are millions of blog online. If there is a crowd, miscreant would naturally come there. They may have different objectives but they all want to hit the people doing their work peacefully.

Online world is also not free from miscreants. It is the nature of bad people they want to hit everything that is going smoothly. Naturally online world is one of the smoothly going things in the world. So hackers and viruses are obvious to come there.

make money bloggingAfter proving what benefits they need to get for the security of their blog then introduce various premium security plugins for sale. Here you can prove the worth of premium option with the example of a voluntary watchman and a professional watchman. The latter charge for his services so he must do his job efficiently while the former just does his job voluntarily so obviously he won’t be responsible for any loss occurs to people.

Benefit 8: Readers’ engagement

People mostly visit a blog post by clicking its link at Google search page, or social media or in forums and directories. After reading a given blog post they get impressed if it is valuable. Then they search more posts of higher value on the same blog. Eventually after getting impressed a lot they give comments on their favorite blog post and appreciate it.

But what happens next. They go away and maybe search more contents and visit some other resources. After commenting on your blog post it is not must they also remember your blog name. For this you need to make another effort once they go away from your blog. You need to send an email for thanking them on their commenting.

This can be done with any commenting plugin which offers comment reply option through email. So you can sell this benefit by introducing various plugins of blog comment management.

Benefit 9: Popularity for authority

What is the ultimate objective of a blogger? He wants his audience follow his advice. He wants to develop his authority. If he fails to develop his authority he won’t be able to make money blogging. He will then just be giving free advices in his each post like many bloggers do who also proudly claim they don’t want to earn money with their blog. But the question is how to develop authority?

For this purpose first you need to be popular in your industry or here we can say in blogosphere. What is the easiest way to become popular?

By spending organic (human) time at social media. By interacting with others, helping others and properly guiding others. In this way you can easily develop your popularity and eventually authority.

But it is not easy to spend longer time at social media while doing a lot of other important blogging chores. For this task you need to have any facility to share your views, posts and tips at social media in bulk without going to each group and account.

Here you can sell the social media sharing tools and again recommend the premium products because of their reliability and quality of service. To achieve long-term blogging objective you must have a social media tool with huge memory to keep record of your each activity and to know your audience very well.

Benefit 10: Money blogging

After achieving all the objectives of wonderful posts, enhancing readers’ engagement, increasing blog traffic and developing authority, what next.

Obviously now the task of achieving the ultimate objective of money making with a blog starts. So here one should be very clear on how to make money blogging. You can’t disappoint your audience by recommending a wrong product or placing an irrelevant banner at your blog.

Here the tutorials on make money blogging can be of great help. You will happily spend money to learn them because you already have developed a strong base of your blog. Now you just need to know how to monetize your blog and get huge returns without any trial and error.

So the make money blogging tutorials can be the best offers for you to buy and learn money making with your blog without wasting time.

So these are the ten benefits you need to highlight first and then sell their related products. So just pick one benefit every week do extensive research on it and then finally develop an awesome post to sell that benefit by recommending the best product available in the market. It may be your own product or the affiliate’s product. But meanwhile do keep posting other contents to benefit your readers as much as you can. If you don’t take care of them they won’t believe in you easily.

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