10 ways to make money blogging by selling benefits


make money bloggingSo you are nowadays trying hard to sell products at your blog. Hundreds of visitors read your blog post but hardly a few of them buy your own or any affiliates product. You are good to write a product review. You do have convincing power to make readers purchase. You apply all tips and tricks to market a given product.

But despite of all of this you sell just a few products in each of your campaign and fail to make money blogging massively.

You highlight each feature of your product impressively. You also mention the small list of those who have already bought your product and now are very happy on their decision to buy. You even quote the views of a few famous people of your industry who are saying great words for your product.

But you forget the fact that you are just selling products and features. You are not following the biggest rule to make money blogging? Let’s see what this rule is?

Yes you are right to say what we can sell other than a product or its features. Do you know everyone is narrating at his blog the lengthy list of the features of a product?

Buyers also want to know features of a product.

Here is the point to note. Buyers do want to know features but why.

They do because they want to know how the features of a product will benefit them. So they actually want to know what benefits they will get from a product.

So from now take every product on the basis of its benefits and not features.

Cheap blog hosting is a feature of the product. What benefit it will give. This is the main question. You will get to know the benefit of cheap hosting after reading this post. So don’t go away and keep reading this post. After fully understanding what I want to tell, you will never fail while selling products, I mean benefits.

So from now make up your mind to sell the benefits and fully highlight them. Forget about features of a product. You are not a typical professional online marketer.

You are simply a personal blogger and you sell a product to a limited number of audience. That audience has close association with you. They wait for your contents. They comment on your posts very frankly. They never forget to poke you at social media.

So your audience is not just like an audience of a regular online or offline business. Your audience has a personal level of bonding with you. So think with their mind while selling them a product. This is the basic rule of make money blogging. Right?

Make money blogging by selling benefits

Wait; this post is not over. Just read these 10 benefits and how to sell them. These are the benefits. But everywhere people are selling their products and not directly selling these benefits. I can bet after reading this post you will be fully clear on how to sell benefits and make money blogging.

Benefit 1: Perfect homework before starting a blog

Let’s assume your niche is blogging. So your target audience doesn’t want to buy any product before starting a blog. Your blog visitors want to do proper planning and research to create their own blog successfully.

You need to guide them what they should know to build a blog. Just a lengthy list of dos and dons will not be sufficient here.

It is wise to tell them various ways to do perfect homework. Tell them there are two ways to do homework before starting a blog.

One is the hard way in which they need to search massively on internet to know how to create a blog. After that they need to read and read to fully understand what the step by step process is for this purpose. Even after doing this it is not confirm they find the right way to create a successful blog. So this way is not only hard but also quite uncertain.

Other one is the easy way. It will save their time of thousands of dollars. This you should tell them very convincingly.

Tell them that a lot of research by successful bloggers has already been done. So why to repeat the same process and waste a lot of time? Isn’t it wise to get the advice of already successful bloggers?

So do tell your readers that a pro blogger means professional blogger and he will not dole out his services and expertise. If he does it means his expertise is not worthy of selling. That is why he is distributing it for free.

A real pro blogger always sells his expertise. So suggest various products like one-on-one session with a pro blogger or a complete guide written by him on how to start a blog successfully. So many affiliates offer these products. So grab them and sell them by highlighting their benefits to your target audience.

Benefit 2: Strong foundation of a blog

How a house is built. It is built on a plot. So first you buy a plot then build your house at it. Just one question I want to ask. Can you build your house at someone else plot. Obviously you will not. Yes you will do camping on someone else plot but will not make your brick-made house there.

This is the point you need to communicate to your audience. If your readers want to start a blog they should build it at their own hosting with own domain name. This is called strong foundation of a blog. Otherwise they will always fear when their blog is going down from the free hosting. Give here case studies of several blogs at Blogger which vanished all of a sudden.

Then sell them hosting and domain of a top company with different packages and put as much options as possible to meet the needs of maximum number of your target audience.

Benefit 3: First impression is the last impression

People remember unique faces, unique layout and unique design. A design that can stand out in the crowd is called unforgettable. A blogger needs to make his audience remember his blog. Once a visitor arrives at a blog he gets its first impression by its design.

make money bloggingA unique design does not mean a free template which hundreds of people easily apply to their blogs. It means a premium blog template. So the benefit of “first impression is the last impression” can be gotten by a premium blog template.

Communicate this point to your readers. Sell to them a premium template if they really want to make money blogging.

Benefit 4: Earning potential

Why people start a blog. Most of them eventually want to make money blogging. So do convince them money won’t come to their blog by itself. They have to work smart and hard both. They can’t do blogging on guesses and estimates.

They must have an exact plan of what they need to do. For this purpose they should have the list of contents of their niche which people want to read. To know what people want to read they need to know what people are searching on internet. These are keywords which people are searching most. If people are searching terms and phrases on internet related to products they are called high-paying keywords.

Convince your readers it is very smart move to know highly searched and high-paying keywords with any free keyword research too. But do inform them that a free tool does not have that much value as the premium tool has.

Here again prove your point by giving example of several established bloggers who are using premium tools to search high-paying and highly searched keywords. With premium tool they have more related keyword options to write more salable contents and get more traffic.

After this you can recommend various keyword research tools to buy. So first tell them the benefits of using highly searched and high-paying keywords which are researched with any reliable source. Obviously a reliable source is always a premium source. You can’t trust on a free thing.

Do you know even garbage is not free in most of the countries of the world. :-)

Benefit 5: Growth prospects

Tell them the major source of traffic at their blog will mostly be organic traffic which comes through search engines. To write contents –for both search engines and people – it is must to do high quality search engine optimization of each post. Only those can do quality SEO of their posts who know coding techniques. Everybody can’t do this.

To do quality SEO without learning coding, the easy way is premium SEO tool. Convince them that the purpose of each free product is to just promote its premium version. If all the benefits are put in free option, who will go for the premium option?

Then you can sell various premium SEO plugins to do quality SEO of each blog post and get huge traffic and make money blogging easily.

Benefit 6: Content is king because a lot variety can be put into it

People are fed up with written words. They want images, infographics, videos and podcast. If a blog has variety of contents more visitors will come to it. More visitors means more chances of earning money.

So this is the benefit you can sell by introducing video camera, mic for podcast, membership of an infographic site. Refer facts and figures why people like infographics and videos instead of text post.

Benefit 7: Concrete security of your blog

There are millions of blog online. If there is a crowd, miscreant would naturally come there. They may have different objectives but they all want to hit the people doing their work peacefully.

Online world is also not free from miscreants. It is the nature of bad people they want to hit everything that is going smoothly. Naturally online world is one of the smoothly going things in the world. So hackers and viruses are obvious to come there.

make money bloggingAfter proving what benefits they need to get for the security of their blog then introduce various premium security plugins for sale. Here you can prove the worth of premium option with the example of a voluntary watchman and a professional watchman. The latter charge for his services so he must do his job efficiently while the former just does his job voluntarily so obviously he won’t be responsible for any loss occurs to people.

Benefit 8: Readers’ engagement

People mostly visit a blog post by clicking its link at Google search page, or social media or in forums and directories. After reading a given blog post they get impressed if it is valuable. Then they search more posts of higher value on the same blog. Eventually after getting impressed a lot they give comments on their favorite blog post and appreciate it.

But what happens next. They go away and maybe search more contents and visit some other resources. After commenting on your blog post it is not must they also remember your blog name. For this you need to make another effort once they go away from your blog. You need to send an email for thanking them on their commenting.

This can be done with any commenting plugin which offers comment reply option through email. So you can sell this benefit by introducing various plugins of blog comment management.

Benefit 9: Popularity for authority

What is the ultimate objective of a blogger? He wants his audience follow his advice. He wants to develop his authority. If he fails to develop his authority he won’t be able to make money blogging. He will then just be giving free advices in his each post like many bloggers do who also proudly claim they don’t want to earn money with their blog. But the question is how to develop authority?

For this purpose first you need to be popular in your industry or here we can say in blogosphere. What is the easiest way to become popular?

By spending organic (human) time at social media. By interacting with others, helping others and properly guiding others. In this way you can easily develop your popularity and eventually authority.

But it is not easy to spend longer time at social media while doing a lot of other important blogging chores. For this task you need to have any facility to share your views, posts and tips at social media in bulk without going to each group and account.

Here you can sell the social media sharing tools and again recommend the premium products because of their reliability and quality of service. To achieve long-term blogging objective you must have a social media tool with huge memory to keep record of your each activity and to know your audience very well.

Benefit 10: Money blogging

After achieving all the objectives of wonderful posts, enhancing readers’ engagement, increasing blog traffic and developing authority, what next.

Obviously now the task of achieving the ultimate objective of money making with a blog starts. So here one should be very clear on how to make money blogging. You can’t disappoint your audience by recommending a wrong product or placing an irrelevant banner at your blog.

Here the tutorials on make money blogging can be of great help. You will happily spend money to learn them because you already have developed a strong base of your blog. Now you just need to know how to monetize your blog and get huge returns without any trial and error.

So the make money blogging tutorials can be the best offers for you to buy and learn money making with your blog without wasting time.

So these are the ten benefits you need to highlight first and then sell their related products. So just pick one benefit every week do extensive research on it and then finally develop an awesome post to sell that benefit by recommending the best product available in the market. It may be your own product or the affiliate’s product. But meanwhile do keep posting other contents to benefit your readers as much as you can. If you don’t take care of them they won’t believe in you easily.


  1. says

    Hi Muba,

    Really a good post.
    For most of bloggers the main motive is to make money from their blog but they forget to build their blog effectively. As you have given an example to build a house. It’s same as to build a blog. The design, content and everything we provide at the blog matters a lot.
    Connecting with readers matters a lot. It’s really important to connect with our visitors so that you can build trust.
    You have mentioned some really amazing points which should be followed by bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing.:)
    Have a wonderful day.


    • says

      Hi Ravi
      I am glad you liked this post; good beginning is half done :-)
      You are right, bloggers strongly desire to earn money but rarely build an effective blog; that is why they either earn peanuts or fail to earn big money mostly.
      Exactly, apart from contents, design of the blog, readers engagement and networking with fellow bloggers equally count a lot to become a successful money blogger.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

    • says

      Hey Mi Muba

      Superb article day by day you are writing unqiue and awesome content that i like to read daily.
      Its true that our readers are not only readers we had created personal bonding with them and really they poke us on Social Media as i poke you sometime on Facebook

      Thanks For Sharing
      I found this on Kingged

      • says

        Hi supmondal
        I am glad you liked this post and also encouraged me by informing me of my writing improvement.
        You pointed well if we are really marketers we develop a bonding with our readers and equally let them know about it.
        Thanks a lot for stopping by. Have a great week. :-)

  2. Gaurav Heera says

    nice tips and well explained article Mi Muba. it’s my first time I’m here at your blog and found your blog quite interesting. you’re right at every point. proper homework is very important to sell something. content is the second most important thing which can bring us a big amount of visitors as well as sales because it’s only content that can engage someone with our site. I’ll follow all guidelines mentioned above and will track the performance of my affiliates. may be my affiliates will start doing good.

    Gaurav Heera

    • says

      Hi Gaurav
      A warm welcome to you here. I am glad you liked this post.
      Exactly the benefits I mentioned in this post are equally great tips to follow and make your blog effective. Every blogging aspect including contents, design, readers engagement, social media sharing and SEO do have their own value and worth for the success of a blog.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views here. Hope to see you around.

  3. says

    Thanks for the blog post Mi Muba. It all makes sense. You’ve got to sell them the benefits of the product, not just the features. We must know how the product is going to help us, how it’s going to change our lives, etc. Is it going to make our work a little bit easier? More efficient? Everything that we can do to make our life better, more meaningful, etc helps. Regardless of the Niche we’re in.

    • says

      Hi Roger
      A warm welcome to you here. I remember we met at a FB group and you visited this blog on my request. Thanks a lot for adding grace here.
      You are right we can sell benefits of the products in any niche and can boost our sales quite easily. We just need to know how to portray the benefits of a product and equally highlight its features.
      It not only makes our work easier but it also helps a lot to buyer to pick the best product by examining what benefits it will give to them.
      Once again thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around. :-)

  4. says

    Hey Mi,

    This is an excellent post. If bloggers get to understand what you have detailed here, I think it will be easier to sell online.

    Last weekend, I had an interview where I mentioned that we should even go as far as creating the need for a specific product. People may not see the need for that product but if you succeed to create one, you get them closer to buying.

    Focusing on benefits, while not neglecting features has proven to work. Sometimes, a product with fewer features that really meet a pressing need sells better that a product filled with features that ain’t really needed.

    Bring out the benefit – generate more sales 😉

    • says

      Hi Muki
      Hardly a small percentage of bloggers come from sales background. That is why they sell very innocently and list the features and convince the readers to first buy then be happy. Smart selling calls for other way round, to be happy and satisfied first then buy.
      You well said in your referred interview that the job of online marketers is also to stimulate, regulate and direct the consumer demands. Would-be buyers even take the features as their desired benefits and try to extract the advantages from each feature.
      Thanks a lot for coming by, sharing your views and really adding value in this post. Hope to see you again. :-)

  5. says

    Hi Mi Muba,
    Thanks for this post. I’ve been selling digital products for 3 or 4 years now and personally I sometimes find it to be a challenge to effectively communicate benefits instead of just features. I’ve seen that it’s true, selling benefits is effective, but it can take some time and effort to decide the best way to quickly communicate how a product or service can benefit the buyer. I try to put view the page as a visitor would and look at it from their perspective in order to find the benefits that are most important to buyers.

    • says

      Hi Marc
      A warm welcome to you here. :-)
      It is good to know you sell digital products. Who better than you can know the effectiveness of selling benefits instead of features.
      You are right it takes time to fully focus the benefits. The simple way is to think with buyers mind and then promote a product.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you around. Have a great week.

  6. Richard Martin says

    Very nice post my friend.

    I never hard sell on my blog. I just say that I have used it to benefit x, y and z, and I have used it in my own business here, here and here.

    And if you want to do the same, then here is my link.

    No hard selling.

    But yes – benefits are most important in the whole online selling arena.

    Thanks again for a good read!

    • says

      Hi Richard
      Great to see you here. I often visit your blog.
      It is good to learn you focus at your blog benefiting your readers. This is really an awesome work.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. Have a great week. :-)

  7. DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] says

    Hello Muba!

    Your post is very self explanatory it speaks for itself … Selling a product on your blog whether a digital product or a physical product could be very challenging.. I have not sold anything on my blog before and am basically not thinking of that for now. at least for the time being..

    But before any buyer can buy your product I guess he or she would have some trust on you and probably what you are offering…

    DOK Simon

    • says

      Hi DOK Simon
      You are right; selling a product of any type on your blog is really a heck of the task.
      Exactly, first we need to develop buyers trust on us after that we can be in a position to recommend him what to buy.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your valuable comments. Hope to see you again. Have a great week.

  8. Sunday says

    Hi Muba,
    Your piece is exclusive. The explanations on the 10 ways to sell benefit are clear. Many concentrate on selling features while benefits remain the major factor that could lead the audience to take action. I like the full analysis you have provided in each of the 10 point highlighted. I will bookmark for future reference!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor

    • says

      Hi Sunday
      You are right if we concentrate on benefits instead of features we can easily sell our product in huge number because customers see how a product is going to benefit them.
      I am glad you like this post. Thanks for coming by and sharing your amazing views. Hope to see you around. Have a wonderful week.

  9. sherman smith says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    Wow, this was a very detailed post on how you can making money by selling benefits. It goes with the old saying “sell the sizzle and not the steak”!

    I have to agree with Enstine about creating a need. When you create a need, the everything else will result in a better response from your visitors. Just like with blogging and branding. In order for people to sell, you must brand yourself for people to get to know and like you. And the best way to do this is through blogging, for example.

    Thanks for sharing and i hope you’re having a great week!

    • says

      Hi sherman
      I am glad you like this post; this is the first reward we get when someone appreciate our effort.
      Exactly Muki is right that first we need to create need and then sell a benefit to meet the given need. This is the smooth process of selling and buying where both seller and buyer reach to a point with clear understanding.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Also thanks to regularly visiting this blog. Have a great week. :-)

  10. says

    Hiii Muba sir,

    I salute you for your hard work. I am noticing that you are doing a well research on your readers and solving their confusions by providing such type of article. This article is more precious for me because very soon i am going to start a new blog which will be completely for affiliate marketing.

    As in you said that before starting a blog we need to do Perfect homework. I have also done and still doing my homework but after reading your “Benefit 1″ i knew what i am missing. I am going to follow these valuable instructions.

    Thanks for this eye-opening article. I found this article on kingged.com

    • says

      Hi Amit
      Vow this way of liking my efforts really encourages me a lot and motivates me to do more hard work.
      It is good to learn you are going to start a new blog on affiliate marketing. My best wishes for you more success to all your blogs.
      You noted well; perfect homework is must to initiate a project as the saying goes; good beginning is half done.
      Thanks a lot for your coming by and sharing your wonderful opinion. Hope to see you around. Have a successful blogging journey. :-)

  11. pauleeen says

    Hello, Mi Muba! :)

    Blogging has been one of the most profitable business online. There are many ways to make money blogging, and selling product is one of a great method to earn money through it.

    I believe that any blogger can be successful in making money blogging through selling benefits, as long as they know the right approach to do it.

    I agree that a blogger should try to sell these benefits listed above. What’s the most remarkable as for me is the sixth benefit given. You’re right that having a variety of content in your blog can bring more visitors, since it is good to feed your readers with visual content, and not with written information only.

    You’ve explained these ten points on selling benefits well, and it will surely give a clear understanding for many bloggers out there.

    Thanks a lot!

    Anyway, I’ve found this post shared on Kingged.com, and leave this comment there.

    • says

      Hi Pauleen
      You are right. Blogging is one of the most profitable way to make money online. One just need to have ideas and he can easily earn money by selling products and services to his niche market.
      You noted well. Just right approach is required to sell benefits of the products instead of highlighting their features and earn money easily.
      Exactly putting variety in our contents means bringing interest into it which ultimately attract more visitors and make them stay at your blog for a longer period of time.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around. Have a wonderful week.

  12. metz says

    Selling products or affiliate marketing is one of the top making money online strategy. Salesy products reviews aren’t good. Including the BENEFITS for the consumers is important, such as security which one of the important things they are looking for.

    “Popularity for authority” is a good and important number/tip. Your authority or your blog’s authority should be respected.

    To wrap it up, this is a well-written post!

    I am happy to read some advice from you and hope to read more post from you!

    Thanks for sharing!

    I left this comment on kingged.com, the content curation website and blogging community.

    • says

      Hi metz
      Good to see you here after a long time.
      Your observation is perfect; selling own and affiliate products is one of the top online money making strategy. It offers you control to sell as many products as you want and easily earn huge money.
      You noted well that without popularity you can make others accept your authority. For this you need to interact online with others.
      I am glad you liked my post.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you again. :-)

  13. says

    Understanding your niche and your target audience are essential in making money through a blog. If you are targeting the wrong audience you will make very little money.

    It is wise like you said to undertake the homework and build a strong foundation before you start expecting to make any cash.

    • says

      Hi Catherine
      A warm welcome to you here.
      You are right it is very necessary to fully understand your niche to earn money with your blog. You must have full knowledge of what your niche market needs and how you can help them to meet their needs.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  14. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    I second what you wrote in point #1: “A lot of research by successful bloggers has already been done. So why to repeat the same process and waste a lot of time? Isn’t it wise to get the advice of already successful bloggers?”

    As I like to say, “it’s all been done before.” Research the successful people in your niche (whatever the niche may be), see what worked for them and, just as importantly, see what DIDN’T work for them.

    It will save you a lot of time and headache!

    • says

      Hi Kevin
      A warm welcome to you here.
      You noted well; we need not to repeat the same exercise which so many people have already done. We always aim at way forward to explore new things and give value to our readers.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views here. Hope to see you around.

  15. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Great Post jam-packed with value for us blogger who want to make money using their blogs.

    Indeed, we need to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and ask “What in it for me?” and when we know the need and do the homework as you suggested, people will buy into the benefits of the products and the sales will come.

    Great lessons in every point you mentioned.

    Thanks Mi Muba for sharing awesome value here. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    • says

      Hi Neamat
      I am glad you liked this post.
      You pointed right we need to think as if we are customers and then see how is the deal. We can sell more by highlighting the benefits of a product instead of features.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around. You do have a great rest of the week.

  16. says

    Nice post Mi Muba.

    Whether it’s for hobby or making money, it’s all about connecting with your readers as you mentioned.

    I like how you mention we should focus on how our product will benefit the reader. When trying to sell it seems a lot lose focus on what’s important because they only focus on the sale. We have to keep our thinking as far from being selfish as possible.

    We should always focus on the reader and when we do, it all works out in our favor.

    Hope you’re having a great week Mi Muba.

    • says

      Hi Steven
      You picked the valid point regardless of nature of blogging you do ultimately you have to connect with your readers.
      It is an old saying that there two types of people in this world one type is of those who know how to sell and other one is just try to sell.
      I am glad you liked this post.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. I hope you keep coming to add value here. Have a great rest of the week. :-)

  17. says

    Thanks Muba for letting us know about such ways of making money online. As per my experience blogging is a good way of earning money and if we are using affiliate programs it really can boost our earnings.

    • says

      Hi Ovais
      A warm welcome to you here.
      You are right blogging is an excellent source to make money online if we know how to avail it for making money.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views here. Hope to see you again. :-)

  18. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Making money by selling benefits is spot on. We work on our content, spend time on social media, reply to comments and visit other bloggers. But that’s not enough. Many bloggers get stuck in this mindset because they don’t seek education of marketing.

    It is so important to have that “marketing mindset” as I call it when writing each and every blog post. Sticking up things on a sidebar won’t cut it.

    One has to invest time and money to learn marketing techniques in order to make money. And yes, it is so true that we need to lead in with benefits to our readers. It’s the golden rule of marketing. The benefits have to be clear and the answer to a problem. Something that will appeal to people and most of all be beneficial.

    There are many bloggers out there with no knowledge of effective marketing. And many who are taught to do black hat marketing. This will not achieve any sales at all.

    I like #6 because many readers prefer infographics and/or videos to get the message quickly. Not everyone will read an entire post, so we do have to capture their attention quickly.

    You have done a wonderful job once again!


    • says

      Hi Donna
      It is always great to read your awesome views about blogging and online marketing here and at your blog also. You are doing a great job. :-)
      You are right; blogging is not a chain system where one simply does all the chores under a system and after that can get results easily. It’s not a mechanical process. Its a business and one needs to be business minded to become a successful blogger.
      Exactly; a mindset is required to be a successful marketer either online or offline. That is why so many bloggers are doing great but money wise they are not making huge bucks. This is because they are wonderful guys but not business persons by nature.
      That is why it is rightly said one need to try the field of blogging initially with free stuff and then go for premium options if she is damned sure to make it. Otherwise it is better to switch over and find her niche somewhere else.
      Thanks a lot once again for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again and again. Have a wonderful rest of the week. :-)

  19. Sagar Nandwani says

    Great post and informative. I especially like the point about becoming a better writer by writing more regularly as I feel I have got better since starting my blog. It is tough but hopefully it’s all downhill from here!

    • says

      Hi Sagar
      You are right practice makes a man perfect. If we keep writing improvement is obvious.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting here. Have a great day.

  20. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Really impressive information about money blogging…….!!!

    The 10 guidelines you shared about blogging and how to implement it on a website, the whole explanation is helpful for all bloggers particularly for newbies.

    I think benefit-6 and benefit-8 are backbones of blogging i.e content and reader engagement. because both binding the people with your blog as well as helpful to earn money too by selling products.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article with kingged community.

    • says

      Hi seogdk
      You well noted two important benefits out of 10 and they do have much impact on overall blogging success.
      I am glad you liked this post. Thanks for coming by and sharing your awesome views here. Hope to see you again.

      • says

        Thanks Mi Muba,

        For your great appreciation………..!!!

        Actually first time I read your article and very impressed because the way of writing and explanation is very cool.

        Definitely I must visit your blog frequently and take benefits of your knowledge and experience.

        • says

          Thanks for coming back. It proves you liked this post and I am so happy on your commenting again.
          Hope to have great interaction in future too. Thanks a lot and have a wonderful weekend ahead. :-)

  21. says

    Hello Mi Muba Sir,
    Awesome post about making money from blog. The real success comes only when we do our home work well before starting our venture. these mentioned points , if followed whole heartedly I’m sure, will lead to success may it be anyone. from a new blogger to a already established blogger.

    I really got a chance to read more along with some of the related articles from your links within the post. Have a great weekend ahead. :)

    • says

      Hi Iswadhin
      Good to see you again here.
      You pointed well without homework success is more unlikely. So proper homework is must to become a successful blogger. This we need to do from the very beginning.
      I am glad you like this post. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting here.
      Hope to see you again.
      Have a great weekend ahead. :-)

  22. says

    Selling digital products is really a great way of earning genuine money through internet.
    For less established bloggers and internet users, there is another plan of affiliate marketing through which one can earn enough money just by sharing products on social media.

    These days, I have noticed that premium eBooks are emerging as a new money machine for some authors and bloggers. I too am looking forward for selling eBooks online. But still I am in planning phase for the topic on which I should be creating those eBooks.

    Anyways, thanks for sparking these money making ideas.

    • says

      Hi U18 India
      You are right that digital products can also be sold through social media but it is not a viable way or earning money online. You don’t have as much scope for selling at your social media accounts as you have at your blog or website. But it is right people are earning with it because they just need money as long as they can earn with it.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your views. Hope to see you again.

  23. Niraj Bhusal says

    Hello Muba !
    Really a great post with best 10 tips that are not available else where. I agree with all of your tips because the main thing is that the foundation of blog should be strong. These days infographic are more popular than textual posts so, more focus should be given on multimedia contents rather than text so that visitors can be engaged on the blog.
    Enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing !

    • says

      Hi Niraj
      A warm welcome to your here at BeAMoneyBlogger.
      You pointed well that these tips lay the strong foundation of a make money blog. Exactly, pictures speak louder than words; so this medium should be fully exploited to create awesome contents.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  24. says

    Hello Mi Muba,

    what a great post!

    You listed some very important points that every bloggers should understand and practice very well in order to build a strong audience.

    If you want to sell something, then focusing on creating real value for your customers is the best way to ensure success.

    Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

    • says

      Hi Erik
      Good to see you here.
      You pointed well; if we want to sell we must create real value for our customer because it is value that attracts customers.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Have a great weekend. :-)

  25. says

    Hi Muba,

    The ideas you shared here on making money on our blogs by focusing on benefits are really great. The post alone, as I can figure out, pin-pointed numbers of monetisation strategies just by helping others.

    For blogging niche bloggers, these are eye-opener and I bookmarked the post for reference.

    Thanks for sharing

    • says

      Hi aceclue
      A warm welcome to you here at BeAMoneyBlogger.
      Thanks for you great words and hope to see you again. Have a productive week ahead. :-)

  26. unveiltheweb says

    Hi Mi,

    This is a great article. Enstine Muki recommended I read it. I’m glad I did.

    Not only did you give some outstanding advice here, it was practical and helpful.

    I shared on my Linked article this morning that one of the things I’ve learned over the years is to figure out what problems one “really” solves. I say “really” because I’m asking a business owner to think like their consumer or purchaser, not like a business owner or marketer. They identify their problems very different in likeliness than a business owner does.

    Think about it… A store owner is selling quality; but the consumer is defining the quality as something very different… Perhaps a farmer has a field that is in bad shape and they need the right tools to clean it up so that they can plant? You don’t sell equipment… That’s just the tool.

    Or? Perhaps I’ve bought the cheap furniture to save money only to discover after four years I’ve spent four times more than I would have because the stuff falls apart. Think of how I’m identifying a target market here and who I’m talking to.

    I’m not talking quality in this case, I’m talking about solving problems to a specific person:

    Who has a painful experience
    Is losing money because of it
    Has spent countless hours wasted returning and shopping for an in-expensive item that won’t last
    Spent more money over the course of time instead of buying it once and it lasting four years for a lesser price

    Don’t talk about quality, who cares, talk in their language in all of your marketing.

    Again, I loved our article Mi and you’ve given me an arsenal of things to think about and digest.

    I appreciate your post and look forward to reading many more!

    Don Purdum

    • says

      Hi unveiltheweb
      Enstine is a wonderful guy and never wastes a moment while promoting quality work of others. :-)
      You are absolutely right we buy because our purchase actually solves our one of the problems with its benefits. So the simple equation is: marketer highlights the benefits of a product and when we are convinced its benefits can solve our one of the problems we buy it. Please correct me if I am wrong. :-)
      You shared on Linkedin circle on real power of a product or service to solve a problem. It is perfect idea because bloggers serve a step ahead of an ordinary businessman. They have strong bonding with their readers and they recommend to them the most perfect product from the list of the best products to help solve their problem without any trial and error. This is really a brilliant definition of blogger as businessman.
      Wow, what a practical example you gave. We not only want to get the best benefits but equally want at the most economical price. We don’t see the nature of a product either it is new or old we just do cost-and-benefit analysis while buying a product.
      Thanks a lot for coming and sharing your wonderful views here. I hope you keep coming to add value of blog posts here as you did above with your well researched and very very valid points. Have a great week. :-)

  27. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    I was taught from the very beginning to always share the benefits and not the features. The example that has always stuck in my mind is a car.

    If someone is interested in a Ferrari they could care less about the features although they are important. Most people eager to buy Ferrari care more about how it makes them feel. The benefit might be wanting to get more attention or drive fast, etc. They aren’t buying the car because of the cool features it has, they’ve buying it because of how it makes them feel.

    We are an instant gratification society I’m afraid so most everyone is coming to your blog to get an answer to their question. Maybe they do have a problem or they want to learn something but that’s the only reason they’re here. So you have to share with the how you can help them by not overselling them anything because we are all turned off by that. Sharing the benefits of whatever your content is about will definitely do the trick.

    You did mention that people are getting tired of the written word but I don’t exactly agree with that. I think we’ve all just had our preferences. For me I love reading blog posts but if I’m to learn how to do something and it’s online with a program or something I would prefer being taught through video. I don’t like podcasts at all because I just don’t have that kind of time. I have a few friends that hate video and refuse to watch any so we are all just different breeds I guess.

    Great post and explanation Mi Muba, another wonderful share here my friend. Thank you so much and hope your week is going great.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne
      You well explained the point of benefits on features with an appropriate example of Ferrari car. You are right when we think about a luxury car we don’t think about its ability to move fast but the level of comfort, ease and royal joy it gives to us.
      I got your point of sharing with readers to avoid overselling and just describing the benefits to help buyers make a cool decision of what benefit them most. Initially people get upset when someone tells them the benefit and avoid narrating the secondary features of warranty and after sale service which comes when a client makes his mind to buy the product.
      It depends upon personal liking and disliking of people as well. A majority of people want contents with a good mix of written words, videos and audios. Yes veteran people with vast experience do enjoy reading text contents because they have long-grown habit of enjoying to read.
      Thanks a lot for your great words and very thoughtful comments that really has added huge value to this post.
      Same to you and hope to see you around as your presence in comments section here has always been a great source of encouragement to me.

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