100 seductive ways to get more comments on your blog

So you wonder how so many bloggers get huge number of comments at their each blog post. Sometimes you feel your contents are better than them but you have no or just a few comments.

Sometimes you feel you have been blogging longer than them but hardly a few of your closest friends share their views at your blog posts. You sometimes maybe frustrated by watching that a blogger creating very common contents is driving so huge number of comments.

What you do in frustration. Sometimes you tag so many bloggers with a loud appeal to visit your blog and comment at your new blog post.

Sometimes you send them direct message informing your new blog post is on and they must comment on it.

Problem of fewer comments at your blog

Before telling you the solution of your problem first let me tell you that your problem is not like the one which you are taking it.

You are creating awesome contents. You are following all the tips and tricks required to drive comments at your blog. But you are not diagnosing your problem properly. Here is how.

Yget more comments on your blogou instead of delivering value are mainly focusing to get huge number of comments. Your purpose is not to serve your readers but to get words of appreciation from them.

You do create controversy in your contents but you do it just to get comments. Otherwise you should have done this first to offer a great controversial post to your readers.

You prove with your strong arguments that Blogger is far better than WordPress for pro bloggers but your aim is just to get comments. Otherwise you should have aimed to wake up the great admirers of WordPress with the power of your arguments.

How to get more comments on your blog?

So this is the main problem you get no or fewer comments.

So write post with the aim to serve your readers by first picking the nature of a post.

If you mean to write a controversial post just write it with your powerful arguments. If your arguments are so itchy your readers will blow out by themselves.

If you want to create a list post, just create with majority of quite unique points. Or at least present them in quite a unique way.

Here is a post of Ravi Chahar where he mentioned quite new points about interacting on Twitter. You can see how he got huge number of comments.

Here is a post of Don Purdon where he discussed causes of failure to establish an online business in quite a different way and also mentioned a huge list of informative posts to further his arguments. Just watch the number of comments he has gotten so far.

I won’t mention here any specific post of Harleena Singh and Adrienne Smith because their each post has huge number of comments and these awesome ladies are the catalyst to make me write this post.

To be very frank I tell you here tips to get huge number of comments on your blog after very closely observing so many top bloggers.

My personal ways to get more comments on your blog

1. Follow offline norms

To get more comments on your blog first forget everything about online world. Just watch the offline world.

Suppose you sing a song or dance or tell jokes in a party. Why people appreciate you. It is because you sing or dance very well; or your jokes are so interesting. Also because you are their friend and you do appreciate their good deeds. You are so kind to them. It means we comment at the performance of our friends or colleagues mostly or at least if we are familiar with them.

Online world did not arrive here from Mars or Neptune. The same rules of social interaction apply here. This is the first point to remember for getting more comments on your each blog. Behave just like you do in offline world and you will easily get more comments on your blog. Be friendly with them, appreciate them at social media, reply them very kindly and then see the results.

2. Be very caring

In offline world if you are caring to others, they do reciprocate to you. But there you can show your care with your face, body language, eyes and words also.

In offline world you simply have words either written or spoken to show your care. So you need to be very caring here because you don’t have benefit of showing your care with facial expressions or variation in the pitch of your voice. So your words are your main source to show your care to them. That is why you need to be very caring with your expression through appropriate words.

3. Be graceful

Who are most respected in offline world? Do you like a person in a party who keeps asking you for help over help? You will ultimately try to avoid him.

Same happens in online world. If you keep asking others for comments, reshare and like you actually irritate them. You can’t force someone to love you. It can be anything but not love. So be graceful and create value in your contents to make others comment on your each blog post.

4. Be humble

How do you respond to a person who whenever meets you just talk about himself. If he keeps saying I can do this, I can do that; will you like to listen such phrases.

So never talk about YOU so arrogantly nor let arrogance be reflected from your words or expressions. Stay humble; if someone appreciates, do thank him. If someone criticizes you, do admit your mistake if you are wrong. Think for a long-term if you really want to be a great blogger. Ignore trivialities and always think big. Those who stop at every little hurdle can never reach their destination of higher aims.

5. Be extrovert

Do you know what type of people companies require for marketing job? They want to hire a person who deserves to be called a person of people. So be a person of people and not of yourself. Think about people, talk about them and discuss their achievements.

6. Be generous

If someone creates a good post, appreciate him, be generous to appreciate him at social media and then again at his blog. Nothing you need to spend while praising someone. So never be miser while appreciating others. Give comments, like and reshare the good stuff you see at social media and blog communities.

7. Be honest

While becoming generous, extrovert, caring and loving never be dishonest. Appreciate an action that deserves to be appreciated. If a post needs a little appreciation don’t go beyond that. Keep the difference between flattery and praise.

8. Ignore minor issues

If someone writes the word “hell” instead of “hello” to you just take it as typo error. Many times mistakes are committed without any bad intention. Your opinion about others should be positive. Even if someone commit a big mistake while talking about your blog or referring your any post just point out his mistake very decently and that’s all.

9. Be trust worthy

If someone shares with you a problem, never tell it to anyone else. Even don’t drop a little hint about it because maybe he might have shared the same problem with others also. So, many people may come to know and a few may make fun of him. So keep their secrets with you as if your own.

10. Spread hope

Whatever type of frustration someone has, just try to convince him things will be good if he follows a right course of action. Either someone is pretending to be frustrated or really he is, you should try to create hope in his thoughts and bring him back to the path of struggle. This will not only enhance your image in front of him but all your readers will notice your quality.

get more comments on your blogContent related ways to get more comments on your blog

11. Publish less often to spare more time for creating quality contents

12. Create a detailed post covering all the aspects of the topic because everyone wants to know about a specific aspect of the topic

13. With a back link to old post a little describe it also to convince visitors read it and drop comments at the referred post also

14. Sometimes follow the taboo in contents. For example reject a right notion about blogging or accept a wrong notion. For example try to prove “in blogging quantity still matters a lot because of majority rule”.

15. Write in a natural way. Whatever is coming to your mind just write and then fine-tune it. If you try to first read already available stuff and then reproduce, it may lose the vigor of your contents and they will not attract comments.

16. People love to talk about new things. Even if they don’t like a new thing but they do express their thoughts on new points. So try to avoid old info or thoughts and try to create the new.

17. Support a common idea but with quite new arguments. Supporters of that idea will respond and give comment.

18. Give back link to your one or two most popular posts in your each article to at least get comments of readers at them if they don’t want to say something on your present post.

19. Ask a question that is quite easy to answer and readers can promote themselves while replying this question. For example ask; “what do you do in your free time after blogging”?

20. If you refer a conflicting issue anywhere in your post, never forget to ask your readers then and there what they think about it to make them comment.

21. Always follow a convincing tone while writing your post

22. Cover the conflicting topic impartially in your post (for example Blogger Versus WordPress). But at the end, tell your readers what your opinion is. They will comment to agree or differ with you.

23. Never irritate readers by requesting again and again to drop comments after reading your post

24. Avoid authoritative tone in your post even if you are a great expert of a topic

Replying ways to get more comments on your blog

25. Reply each comment with full care but don’t try unnecessarily equaling the length of a comment and just reply what is necessary

26. Do search one great point in each comment and appreciate it in your reply

27. Give a warm welcome to first-time commentator

28. If someone comments after a long time, give him a welcome back salutation

30. If someone comments very regularly, do appreciate his act off and on

31. If someone also comments at social media, do refer his act of kindness at social media also

32. If you personally know a commentator, just mention any of your personal interaction in the past with him but do this fully following the rule of privacy

33. If a commentator writes a wonderful post at his blog do refer in your reply to his comments

34. Address each commentator with his first name

35. Do keep in mind cultural background of each commentator. You can’t talk very openly to a female commentator hailing from a conservative society

36. Try to create innovation in goodbye phrases and don’t repeat same words of “have a nice day or week”.

37. If there is something in comment which you like very much, do appreciate it in the beginning and end of your reply both.

38. Never start your reply with words; not, no, don’t or any negative phrase

39. Even if it is necessary to differ with commentator, first appreciate him then differ and finally again appreciate or thank him.

40 If someone gives very short comment, do try to expand his views in your reply and ask a secondary question to attract him come back and respond to your reply.

41. Especially give your comments on blogs of active community

Promotional ways to get more comments on your blog

42. Give incentives of a free ebook, report or newsletter to make email subscribers so they get your each post in their inbox and directly come to read your new post and comment on it.

43. With your sharing at Facebook and G+ tag or mention only those who do tag you or don’t mind your tagging them.

44. Do thank at social media who like your post there and out of them clearly tell your close friends you are waiting for them at your blog post.

45. Never reveal the main points of your post while sharing at social media and do try to create a curiosity-creating description to bring people at your blog and make comment.

46. If any famous blogger comment at your post, share the screenshot of his comment at social media to attract others follow him.

47. Actively participate in blogger communities and give quality comments on their posts to attract them to your blog.

48. Praise wherever you like to do and criticize only if it is MUST to criticize.

Incentive based ways for more comments

49. Mention someone in your post and do let him know about it at social media or even with direct email.

50 Mention a most popular blog post of current era but with an effort to woo its writer visit your post and comment on it.

51. If you mention any A-list blogger in your post you can put his picture also in your post to let your readers know about it at their first glance.

52. Announce an incentive to best commentator of your post. Incentive may be your free half-hour verbal counseling or any other your premium product.

53. Do refer in your comment a few of those who regularly comment on your blog to motivate others follow their way of regular commenting.

Blog related ways to get more comments

54. Do write a comment policy with open invitation to all to share their views and be visible to your other readers.

55. Put your picture at any prominent place to let them see you and then talk to you. Put it in header, about page or sidebar. Bloggers having a visible and noticeable pic get more comments.

56. In About page tell to them about yourself as if you are standing in front of them. No lengthy historical background of your past. Just what you are, who you are and how you are; that’s all.

get more comments on your blog57. Use any very interactive blog commenting plugin at your blog to offer a lot of incentives to your readers if they comment. Incentives should include a back link, mentioning of their latest post, Gravatar image and their views in a box with slight different background. Here is a list of third-party commenting systems to pick the best one.

58. Pick the most user friendly commenting plugin because maybe all your visitors are not techie.

59. Select the commenting system from above list which is most fit for your niche market. If your blog niche is technology, a little demanding system can work but for a fitness niche people don’t bother to fill lot of columns before commenting. So keep this reality in mind; best commenting system can vary from niche to niche.

60. Apply this free plugin developed by Enstine Muki to record who commented how many times in a given period of time and write a post mentioning top commentators at your blog.

61. Offer your readers the option to directly contact you either with Contact Me page or contact form at sidebar or below the post.

62. Edit comments but never cut them short unnecessarily. Yes lot of links or self promotion can be edited with full liberty.

63 Don’t delay approving comments if you don’t allow open commenting.

64. Check who come back to respond to your reply and next time put one more call to action in your reply to prolong the discussion.

65. In the beginning never close commenting option for a post if your contents are evergreen.

Tricky ways for more comments

66. Unique visitors avoid commenting on a post that has no comment so take extra efforts to make your regular visitors comment on it soon after publishing it.

67. If any more development occurs related to your post; do mention it in comment section with your genuine ID as an addition to your post.

68. Congratulate any regular visitor on any of his achievement to make him and his friends comment on your post. Maybe his competitors also comment in a bid to devalue his achievement by mentioning their own huge progress.

69. If your blog is getting popular do mention soon you will accept guest posts to motivate your readers stay in touch with commenting to be published at your blog as guest author at their turn.

70. Put the reshare buttons prominently and very close to comment section to make your readers do both action of commenting and resharing.

71. Always follow the rule of quality and instead of dropping meaningless comments at many other blog posts just comment at three to four very unique blog posts daily with thought-provoking points.

72. At blog posts on stereotyped topics you can compromise on quality and can write a few sentences to encourage their writers.

73. Make a promise to fulfill in next post so that people do come to read your next post and comment on both the posts.

Ethical ways for more comments

74. Never rely on policy of give-and-take to get more comments.

75. Don’t flatter anyone just for the sake of comments.

76. Do appreciate your commentator if he really deserves it and don’t take it as flattery.

77. If someone quits commenting on your blog you should not stop commenting on his blog.

78. If someone quits commenting, meet him at social media with same affection and never complain of his not sharing his views at your blog.

79. Never give excuses for late commenting at any blog as if you take it as your duty to comment on other blogs.

80. Comment on other bog posts if you really want to give your feedback and do this very honestly.

81. If you miss one post of a blog where you visit regularly never try to forcibly comment on it once you go there to give comment on its latest post.

82. If you write each post very lengthy don’t tell readers every time its number of words because you already get a reputation of writing lengthy posts if you stay consistent.

83. Yes if you write a post longer than your regular posts then you should mention this point to hold readers till its end and give comment on it.

Call to action related ways for more comments

84. In call to action (CTA) don’t put commenting as the last option on your post if readers don’t want to respond to your other calls.

85. Your CTA should be neither too short nor too lengthy.

86. Offer to your readers variety of actions and avoid monotony.

87. Never write call to action in dotted form to make it as if an order.

88. Ask your readers clearly what they must do, should do and may do.

89. If you give a great value in your post do ask them for a reward of comment or reshare.

90. It should never be like an appeal and be a friendly request maximum.

General ways to get more comments on your blog

91 Don’t be jealous of huge number of comments at other blogs.

92 If someone talks rudely to you just remember you are a businessperson who don’t take anything personal and keep in touch with him but carefully.

93. If someone cheats on you professionally do let him know but never publicize everywhere what he did with you. Just part ways with him silently and tell only your confidante friends about him.

94. Protect your online reputation as you do of your blog. Once it is damaged you need a long time to recover. So be careful of your all social media accounts and announce massively if any of them is hacked.

95. Never miss to participate in free blogging events and actively take part in them to expand your friends’ circle who eventually will become your visitors and commentators.

96. Ask the host for report of the free blogging event which you could not have attended because of long distance.

97. Greet to all your online friends at social media on their each occasion of happiness.

98. If someone shares with you any sad news at Facebook, try to avoid liking it and just write your condolence on it.

99. Try to avoid working like a machine while trying to get more comments on your blog

100. Follow patience and consistency while following these tips because you will not immediately get huge number of comments on your latest blog post.

So these are a few tips which I observe great bloggers are applying to get huge comments on their blogs. I also try to follow them and getting very encouraging results at my each blog post.

Now your turn

In the beginning I was just planning to give you only a few very unique tips to get more comments on your blog. So I wrote the first ten tips of this post.

Then I thought why I refer you a few other posts to read common tips. To avoid bothering you move here and there I did extensive research and developed this post just to offer you at one place the complete solution of your problem of no or fewer comments on your blog.

I hope you enjoy it and also bookmark it for future reference. Also I would love to hear your views on it soon after your resharing it to your friends at social media.

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