11 Months’ Bombproof Formula To Be A Money Blogging Genius

Hmm; just another alluring headline to grab the readers’ attention!

Are you thinking like this right now?

If so; I admit you have all the rights to think like this.

You must have read several posts with more or less similar headings.

Rather I say you must have read several posts with more alluring headlines.

Still I claim without any reluctance you can become a blogging genius by acting upon this 11 months’ formula.

I bet after doing this you can earn at least $1000 per month with your blog quite easily.

Here I put just $1000 while you must have come across with bigger amounts while reading such types of posts.

The amounts may be $5000, $10000 and even $50000.

I once read somewhere if telling lies doesn’t cost you single penny so why to worry about figures. Put as much zero as you can to make the figure in millions and even in billions.

But here I put just $1000. It proves I don’t mean to allure you. If you are positive then I don’t mean to motivate you by hook or by crook to keep doing blogging.

I am saying this after doing blogging for the last almost five years.

money bloggingNow to me it is quite easy to earn big money with blogging though I am now damn engaged in only consultancy business.

My business is not open to all. Just a few educational groups hired me on freelance basis to manage their blogs as ghost blogger. That is why I don’t badly need to earn with my blogs. So mostly I share here valuable contents without charging money.

Become a money blogging genius in 11 months

This time too I am giving you a failure-proof way to earn money with your blog at least $1000 per month after giving a few months to it without earning a penny.

Don’t worry few months literally means a few months and their sum will never make one year. So it will take maximum eleven months to start earning $1000 with your blog. It may be three months, or four months or five or six but maximum it will not be higher than eleven months.

So what are you thinking?

Not at all! I will neither give you any secret nor any trick and even nor tell you any strategy to earn big money with your blog.

Small things bring big change

I simply ask you to think like shopkeeper to do blogging. Many of us try to become marketing guru or sales genius or great intellectual while doing blogging.

That is why most of the bloggers miserably fail or they say they don’t mean to earn money with their blog and are so happy on amount of satisfaction they are getting from it.

Case study of a successful money blogger

Ok let’s come to the topic directly.

I would tell you how to become a blogging genius and earn at least $1000 per month with your blog by referring a case study of a blogger who has adopted a very unique approach to earn big money with his blog.

  • He cared a damn on how much traffic he could bring on his blog.
  • He damn cared if there is huge number of posts on his blog or not?
  • He didn’t much worry about the design of his blog.

He simply followed the following three steps to earn easily quite more than $1000 per month though I am promising here you can earn at least $1000 by following his approach.

So instead of earning money he first acquired three things and then started earning money.

First master your required skills

Do you know the real meaning of mastering? It means to achieve something by doing hard labor be it mental or physical.

So instead of learning the skills that usually is done at quite a slow pace with normal labor he mastered the skills by doing hard labor day and night.

money bloggingHe didn’t just dive into the oceans of skills to master them. He selected different places to earn different skills of blogging like content marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization and blog monetization.

Though he didn’t tell me exactly what he did for mastering the blogging skills but by following him since long and trying to know his every act which he did I know very well how he mastered these skills quite amazingly.

You would be shocked to listen how he did that but he did it by doing hard labor for 20 hours daily.

He learnt content marketing by reading all the posts published till then on CopyBlogger and also rewrote those of them which he liked most.

He didn’t rewrite to get them published. He simply rewrote them to learn how to write like the writers of CopyBlogger.

  1. He thoroughly read all the posts of Search Engine Journal and noted the main points of all the ever green posts which he thought would not go obsolete
  2. He extensively read almost all the posts of Social Media Examiner and also jotted down all the main points that are helpful for social media optimization.
  3. He read all the posts of Boost Blog Traffic to learn how to bring more traffic on his blog with unique methods.
  4. He read all the tutorial-based posts of Pro Blogger and John Chow Dot Com to learn how to earn with his blog.

He never bothered to give his comments there nor he tried to memorized the points and just read them fast and noted their main points.

Doing 20 hours hard labor daily he gone through the process of reading all the above blogs in just three and half months.

Hone your skills further

While doing so he equally kept writing a post of at least 1,000 words daily on whatever he read each day. He didn’t publish his contents and just wrote them to learn the art of writing. Surprisingly many of the posts of CopyBlogger he re-wrote just to fully learn how great posts are written.

After that he acquired great knowledge of blogging and also knew how to write posts that must go viral.

After doing all that, he then didn’t commit a great mistake which any other blogger could have done.

He didn’t start his own blog. Yes you heard me right he didn’t start his own blog but wrote blog posts massively.

You must be thinking so why he massively wrote blog posts. Yes you are right he wrote guest posts and shared them on other blogs. He successfully shared his guest posts on Pro Blogger, Search Engine Journal and several other top blogs.

money bloggingYou can ask here again if he did not have any blog so why he contributed his guest posts in that much numbers on other top blogs. Other than getting a back link and bringing traffic from other blogs what could be his objective of doing all that.

Apply your skills

He did start a blog but not like you and me. He simply set a landing page of his blog with offering a free ebook of high value as an incentive to those who subscribe his email list.

Just imagine if a blogger who could be published on top blogs like Pro Blogger or Search Engine Journal so how would be the quality of his ebook. Won’t it be so attractive for those who arrive on his landing page?

So a huge number of people became his email subscribers and he kept contributing his guest post on every popular blog with the request to visit the landing page of his blog to know about him more. He did this for the subsequent six months and published on other blogs almost twice a week and brought huge number of visitors on his blog’s sole landing page.

So by launching a massive drive of guest posting he earned two things. First he earned a reputation of highly professional blogger and equally he earned a huge email list.

Then he became widely known as an authority blogger already published on top blogs. Subsequently he created an ebook summarizing all he did to earn blogging skills, expertise, reputation and eventually built a huge email list.

Finally earn big money

Now he is selling his ebook like hot cake on his blog by off and on sending a sales pitch to his huge number of email subscribers and each of his sales pitch does have high value and very attractive subject line. That is why people can’t resist opening his email and read the sales pitch with a new powerful message.

The cost of his product is almost 97 dollars and he shared with me that with his each email he easily sells 10 products every week.


I am not telling his name because he was reluctant of sharing his secret of success without charging money. So keeping his name unveiled I shared his entire secret because my purpose here is to share with you whatever I observed or learnt.

He didn’t share his secret with me and it is me who extensively researched his success story and got to know how he managed to earn big money without sharing single post on his own blog.

On his refusal to endorse my case study I simply kept his name secret and I am bound to do that if someone doesn’t want his name is referred without his consent.

Your Turn

So what do you say? How is this case study? Do you think everyone can become a money blogging genius by doing this or only those who want to adopt it as their full-time career can do that? Share your views with me to let me know your feedback.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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