11-step fail-proof formula to earn big money easily as an affiliate

Sounds nothing new in it?

But this blueprint would lead you to a system you never heard before.

I am not talking about most-shared and most-trumpeted steps to do affiliate marketing.

From the very first step you would understand how unique this entire blueprint is.

Nowadays there are two main sources to make money blogging by selling:

  • Others products as an affiliate
  • Your own products.

Earlier selling affiliate products was one of the most profitable sources of making money with your blog. But after stiffening of competition it could not have remained much bigger. Huge number of bloggers fully availed this golden opportunity and made big money with it.

earn big money easilyThen selling your own products became the most profitable method. But now it is almost at its saturation. Every kind of product has been created and it is now hard to find any big new idea.

So bloggers got back to affiliate marketing. But now they are unable to make as big money with it as their predecessors were earning.

Your passion versus hot trend

Later an unconventional approach of affiliate marketing was introduced by many highly skilled affiliate marketers. They say:

  • Either follow your passion and wait for long to get huge success with it.
  • Or follow the hot trend of the market and make big money now.

What they mean to say is:

now you need not to see what your passion is.

You simply watch what is being sold in the market. Then examine if you can also do with that salable product or idea.

How to earn big money easily as an affiliate?

Ours is a fast age of stiff competition where no one has much time to wait. So you should also follow this 11-step fail-proof formula to earn big money easily as an affiliate marketer.

1. Pick a hot niche either it’s your passion or not

Search on google what are the hot niche. Use Google Keyword Planner to know what people are searching on google in big number.

earn big money easily

Then make their list and check which ones are those you have a little interest in them. If one of them is your passion it’s great else just pick the one which is your favorite from the list.

If no any is your interesting one then pick the one that is least uninteresting to you.

2. Business research not the keyword research

Don’t do simple keyword research to optimize your contents. Search also which products and services related to your niche are in hot demand.

Also research how your likely competitors are making money in your spotted niche. This will help you what to offer free and what to sell on price on your blog.

3. Buy domain with a business objective

Your domain should not reflect your mission or a noble cause. It should reflect your business approach to serve people with high quality solutions on price.

Obviously high quality solutions are not for free. So your domain should reflect your message “invest little and earn more with your blog”.

If I pick this formula for my next blog I would buy “seriousmoneybloggersonly.com” type of domain.

4. Buy hosting of high quality regardless of its level of discount

You are starting a new business and not starting a blog to test if you would become successful blogger or not. On the basis of your extensive research you must be confident you would achieve your business goals with your blog.

So never go for any cheap or mediocre type of hosting and go for the best one. Instead of grabbing a big discount by paying a three years package, go for a monthly payment plan without taking any discount. In this way your risk would be lesser and in any worst scenario you would lose only one month’s payment.

5. Buy a business template

You are not going to dole out anything on your blog. You are first promoting your brand by sharing free contents. After that you would solve problems of your readers with premium solutions.

So buy a template that is most fit for any business website. It should include a:

  • Blog
  • Landing page
  • Sales page and also
  • E-commerce plugin if you already discovered a lot of products to sell

Your template should be fully optimized for search engines. It should follow the latest trends of blogging where dandy colors and extra tweaking does not reflect maturity.

6. Create a valuable lead magnet

Before sharing your first post create a high quality lead magnet related to your niche. It should be value-wise a premium product.

earn big money easilyPick from the options of:

  • ebook
  • e-course
  • video series or
  • podcast package.

Try to avoid a cheat-sheet or report kind of thing. Such tiny products are mainly made to create the list and not to serve your blog visitors.

7. Buy an email marketing plan

To offer your lead magnet in return of email, buy an email marketing plan. Pick the best one with a reasonable payment plan to not burden your budget. Pick either with their opt-in form:

  • Awber
  • MailChimp or
  • Get Response

8. Create conversion campaign

Being a money blogger you must believe money is in the list. It does not grow on trees. So from the very first day of starting your blog you must have a very powerful conversion strategy.

In addition to your lead magnet, your strategy should also work with your contents.

In the beginning your every post should be a comprehensive post on a topic and must offer at the end a gift in return of email subscription. It may be the PDF of the post with a few bonus points not included in published post.

Your ten to twenty posts should cover all the main topics of your niche with an aim of maximum conversion. They should be free from any attempt to do affiliate marketing.

9. Stimulate and regulate your readers demand

With your conversion-based contents you will convince your readers how to achieve their goal in your niche.

make big money easilyThen you need to create contents that first stimulate the demands of your readers related to your niche. Then regulate their demand by guiding them how to fulfill their needs with premium options and not with free options.

10. Pay to promote your contents

Guest posting, blog commenting and social media sharing are the best free tools to promote your contents.

But you are a money blogger. You need to invest a little to earn more and more. So don’t go for free promotion only. Also promote your contents with Facebook ads and Adward campaign.

11. Start email marketing

In addition to putting affiliate links in your contents keep sending follow-up emails to all your subscribers. Never wait for first achieving any benchmark of subscribers’ numbers.

Just send emails to your very first subscriber because in business every customer is special.

Keep sending your sales pitch of new products and make money blogging with affiliate marketing.

So this is the eleven-step blueprint to make money easily as an affiliate marketer. Not in single point I mentioned the stereotyped methods of affiliate marketing where everything is done on trial and errors basis.

If your intention is purely professional you would become professional.

If your approach is like a gambler you would either win or lose.

So be a business person while money blogging and must earn big money easily as an affiliate with your blog.

This Complete Guide On Affiliate Marketing would help you learn how to pick and sell affiliate products.

How did you find this formula? Share your thoughts on it and add anything which you feel would also enhance its value.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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