11 super crazy steps to get 10k visitors on your first blog post

Yes you heard me right.

It’s up to 10,000 blog visitors you can get on your blog on the day one when you start it.

I said up to and not exactly that much number.

It means it all depends upon you how you follow this tutorial.

You can get lesser if you don’t work as massively as I suggest here.

Or you can get even more; may be 15,000 or 20,000 if you do it very smartly.

So the basic task to achieve this lofty but realistic goal is to be patient and read this post fully.

One more thing before going ahead

You may ask why I did not follow this strategy and got that much visitors on my first blog post.

Its answer is so simple.

I learnt this strategy after starting both my blogs; this one and my green blog as well.

So I promise next time whenever I start my third blog I will follow this strategy and share its success story with you.

But the chances are bare minimum I would start third blog.

Now let’s come to the topic.

The first step is to very wisely decide if you can do it or not.

And the last and the winning step is to execute this plan without any ifs and buts.

Yes without any ifs and buts because by executing this plan you will be in a win-win position.

Either you do it successfully and achieve the target or you even miserably fail to achieve this; in both the cases you will be the winner.

Ultimately you will achieve the following if you don’t full achieve this target.

  • A massively back-linked blog
  • A fully built brand image of your blog
  • A reasonably built your blog community
  • And an email list of the huge number of subscribers or a little lower if you fail to achieve that target.

So what do you say?

Do you want to go with me, or still you have any doubt over my plan.

Even if you have still any doubt; just read it and then forget about it. You don’t have to pay for it and you need just fifteen minutes to read this post.

Let’s move now I think in any of the cases either you believe in this idea or not the best option is to read it and then decide.

It’s not any big secret which I am going to tell you.

Nor is it any million dollar idea that no one shared with you before.

You might have heard this advice several but not in that way as I am going to reveal.

The most important part of this idea is its starting point.

Earlier you have heard this idea but in another order.

blog postTwo approaches of blogging

Before diving into the idea to get huge number of visitors on your first blog post, let’s understand the two approaches of blogging first.

Conventional approach

The conventional approach of blogging is to first establish a blog technically then share contents on it and keep promoting them with SEO and SMO to get more visitors.

This is called showcasing the products and then waiting for the customers to come as a result of your ways to attract them.

Innovative approach

The innovative approach which I would share in detail in this post is to first promote your products by showing their samples at the showcases of other shopkeepers. In simple terms you publish your guest posts on other blogs on the niche which you are going to cover with your upcoming blog.

Once you become famous and build big following and develop huge email list with the landing page at your upcoming blog you share your first blog post and get all the email subscribers at it quite easily.

11 steps to get up to 10,000 visitors on first blog post

These are eleven steps to follow this idea and instead of telling you first the whole plan and then its steps I am just sharing these steps directly.

Step One

Do extensive research and select your best niche that is your passion and also must have market value. Do take your time while picking your niche.

Before going ahead I suggest you to read this post: What is niche and how to select the best one for your blog? and then come back here.

Step Two

Buy a hosting, domain name and preferably premium theme or free theme.

To make the best decision for buying a domain, hosting and blog theme do read these three posts.

What is domain name and how to select the best one for your blog?

How to select the best hosting for your blog?

How to select from the best blog themes for your WordPress blog?

Step Three

Read extensively all about your niche. Never read again which you have already read. The easiest method is to read maximum posts from just one of the top blogs of your niche. Start reading its posts from bottom to top as basic posts every blogger writes first and then moves to advance level.

This post will help you achieve the above goal: How to learn blogging and become a pro blogger?

Step Four

With the help of your knowledge you have gained with extensive reading, create an ebook solving one of the common problems of your niche audience; may it be blogging, money making, weight loss or insurance claims.

I suggest you to read this post to follow my above advice: How to write an ebook and sell it like a hot cake?

Step Five

Create a landing page at your blog and put an email subscription offer to give your ebook in return of email submission. Also put a message of coming soon at it to tell the visitors your blog is soon to be on.

With OptimizePress you can create landing page. One of the major advantages of OptimizePress is that it involves a one-time payment rather than monthly fees, unlike most of its competitors.

If you don’t want to pay for creating a landing page then here is a nice collection of free landing pages.

For email marketing service I would suggest you to go for MailChimp or Awber depending upon your budget.

Step Six

Write posts on each already-written chapter of your ebook and write multiple posts on each chapter. Make a target to write 25 to 50 epic posts on different topics of your ebook.

This will be a collection of multiple posts on different sub-topics of your ebook.

blog postStep Seven

Search the blogs of your niche which accept guest posts and check their guest post requirements. Pick from your post the one that fulfills the guest post requirement of your selected blog and send it for publication.

If need arises you should modify your written post a little to meet the guest post criteria of your selected blog.

Never forget to put back link of the landing page of your blog in your each guest post. Also suggest the readers at the end of your each post to get the complete solution of that problem in PDF form from your blog.

Step Eight

Extensively publicize your each published guest post at social media, forums, niche communities and send it directly to influence those who you are connected with. As many people will read your guest posts they will visit your landing page and become your email subscribers to get their complete solution in shape of the displayed ebook there. Right?

Step Nine

Keep repeating this exercise till you achieve the target of your email subscribers.

Step Ten

Write the first post for your blog with a headline that one cannot ignore. Focus more at the quality of your post because you don’t have to do much for its marketing. How? This you will learn in next step.

Step Eleven

Send email to all your email subscribers with the excerpts of your first post and its link to your blog. If you really write and publish all your guest posts and massively promote them it is quite rare if you don’t get email subscribers up to 10,000.

So this is the whole process of getting up to 10,000 blog visitors on your very first blog post. It all depends upon the contents of your ebook, your guest posts and your efforts to promote your each published guest post at social media and forums to achieve your target fully or partially. In any of the case you will have a good start at your blog.

So what you are thinking. Just dive into it and be a winner. For that you just have to first think like a winner. Even if you don’t want to start a new blog to follow this strategy you can apply it at your present blog by just adding a landing page on it with an ebook offer.

So for those who want to apply it at their present blog the topic of this post would be “how to magically add up to 10,000 more visitors at your blog”. I will share my thoughts on this topic in near future.

Also share your views on this idea and let me know is it workable for you or you still have any doubt in its success.

I am sure you will reshare this post with your friends to let them avail this big idea for a great benefit.

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