110 sample interview questions to create 100 blog posts

Yes I fully agree with you that to create a blog interview post the most difficult task is to develop its questions.

Hundreds of such posts have already been published. So to develop unique questions one needs to think out of the box. Many people can’t do that as everyone does not have a higher level of creativity.

In this post I have solved your problem forever to develop the interview questions to ask the pro blogger of your niche.

I have developed these 110 sample interview questions without taking inspiration from even a single blog interview post. I have developed them in two sittings and most of them focus to solve the different blogging problems of both newbie and struggling bloggers.

sample interview questionsI am dead sure these 110 sample interview questions will work as questions bank for you and you simply have to pick a few of them to create your next blog interview post whenever you need.

You can also create expert roundup posts with them and even can write a post on each question apart from the questions of first and last categories that typically relate to interview posts.

So I won’t take your more time and just read them.

110 sample interview questions

Just cast a look at these 110 sample interview questions and you can repurpose them, rephrase them or further elaborate them before picking a few of them to create your next blog interview post more unique and perfect.

About questions

1. You are a famous blogger but may be a few of my blog readers might not know you fully. So please tell us about yourself and set the chat roll in.

2. Your blogging journey is full of struggle and onward success. How do you define it; I mean did you face a lot of hurdles or commit mistakes more or it’s a mix of several dos and dons.

3. Your secrets of success must be more than many but obviously a few of them must have worked as catalyst to take you to that much fame and greatness. Would you share a few of your secrets of success that are not much bookish and are so practical?

4. Tell us about your current projects and which one is your identity in blogosphere

5. Tell us about tour future projects and how do you see their scope of success

6. Tell us about your most favorite blogging chore and why you love it.

7. Which one is the most boring blogging chore to you and why?

8. What is your biggest blogging dream both which came true and which yet to come true?

9. What is your biggest fear in blogging and how do you overcome it?

10. Share anything about your blogging life which no one knows so far

Blog Niche

11. Tell our readers the top 3 things to consider before starting a blog

12. Single niche or multi niche, which one is the best in your point of view

13. Do you agree that saturated niche still works if a blogger really loves it?

14. Is it wise to transform a wrongly picked niche into right one or straight away start a new blog with the right niche?

15. How long it is good to try a niche to fully confirm that is good for you or not for you?

16. What to do if a superb alternate niche outperforms your picked niche in the market?

17. What is more important to check in a niche; your interest or market demand?

18. How broad or how narrow a niche should be for your blog?

19. What are the three things to check the popularity of a niche?

20. What are the three things to check if you really love your niche?

Blog Brand

21. What are the three things to consider for naming your blog?

22. Do you think domain name and blog name must be the same? If yes we would love to hear its reasons.

23. Is it wise to pick the domain of your name to promote your personal brand?

24. What is the key requirement of a blog name; ease to understand and pronounce, global understanding or uniqueness.

25. Is there any fixed criteria to pick the length (one word, two-word or three words) of a blog name or it all depends upon how effective it can be?

26. What is the best way to promote your blog brand; with a community, through social media or through influencers.

27. Do you think in personal blogging a brand is just a catchphrase unlike business branding or you differ with this viewpoint?

28. What is the role of a blog brand to establish its authority in a niche?

29. What are the three things that my deter expanding the outreach of your blog’s brand; like poor concept or irrelevancy etc

30. Is it must to pick a highly searched keyword as your domain?

31. How do you see picking your name as domain name? What is the logic behind it?

32. What type of blog names impresses you a lot and why?

33. Which aspect of a blog brand you don’t forget? Like its meaning, wording or colors etc

34. In case a blogger merges his two blogs into one; should he pick the most popular of the two or you advice something else.

35. How much is the role of blog brand in a blog’s success?

Blog Design

36. What are the three basic features of a blog design for all niches?

37. How do you define a perfect blog design?

38. Do you think still there is need to make a customized design when millions of design templates are already there?

39. What is the best way to check if a design is perfect for your blog or not?

40. Do you tell our readers what is an all-rounder design that works equally good for all niches.

41. How much is the role of blog design in readers’ engagement?

42. What is the overall role of a cool blog design in a blog’s success?

43. How frequently one should change his blog design?

44. Simple design versus fancy design; which is the best for you or it also depends upon the niche of a blog

45. What are the negative points which make a blog design quite poor?

Blog Post

46. In your point of view what is the best quality of post?

47. In your opinion what is the worst thing of a post?

48. What is the ideal frequency of a blog post?

49. What do you see soon after arriving at a blog post?

50. What is the ideal length of a blog post for pro, amateur and struggling bloggers?

51. What is the ideal structure of a blog post?

52. What should be an ideal ratio of text and non-text contents of an epic post?

53. Do you think in this age of stiff competition each post at a blog should be an epic post and how to make this happen?

54. Is it must to create each post a unique one or you believe one should simply try to create the unique post but never be adamant to this approach.

55. Should a blogger create each post of simply one type of content like infographics, videos, podcast and text or make a good mix of all these types into one jumbo post.

Blog Promotion

56. How to promote a blog successfully in an era where every blogger is using all the popular methods?

57. Do you think a newbie blogger should follow the rule of 80:20 while promoting his blog post?

58. Share with our readers a few unique ways to promote a blog post.

59. Do you think a few blog promotion methods are now archaic and whey ones are they?

60. For professional blogging is it must to promote with paid methods or one can achieve this goals without paying any money.

61. Which three social media you think are sufficient to promote a blog post?

62. Name the three top blogging forums (free) to promote a blog

63. Name the three cheap premium blogging forums for blog promotion

64. What should be an ideal promotion strategy for those who publish a post once in a week?

65. What should be an ideal promotion strategy for those who publish posts more than once in a week?

Blog Traffic

66. How to increase blog traffic in the beginning when chances are not so bright to get organic (search engines) traffic?

67. How long one should not be worried if he fails to get organic traffic?

68. What is the best blog traffic generation strategy and why?

69. Which type of traffic is the best one for long-term earning; unique, loyal or direct through email marketing?

70. Is it wise to buy the traffic from day one through premium traffic building tools like Google ads and social media ads or initially one should try to get free traffic to establish his voice first?

71. What is the most effective way to get traffic from social media?

72. What is the best strategy to attract traffic from blogging forums?

73. What is the best way to get more traffic by creating quality contents?

74. How to get the support of influencers for getting traffic at one’s blog?

75. What is an ideal traffic generation strategy for newbie bloggers?

Blog Community

76. What is the best strategy to create a blog community?

77. Do you think all niche needs a blog community or it is relevant for a few niche like personal development, blogging and money making?

78. Don’t you think blog community does not serve the business goals of your blog as much as a huge unique traffic can serve?

79. do you define a vibrant, interactive and vocal blog community?

80. How many chances of achieving your blogging goals increase if you create a blog community?

81. Is it a smart move to aim at creating a blog community from the day one or first it is better to establish your blogging authority and then try for it?

82. What are the three must-do steps to create a blogging community that becomes your forte?

83. How do you differentiate between regular numbers of visitors at your blog from a blog community?

84. Do you think with consistency one can create a blog community after a few years so one should not take it as a challenge separately.

85. It is generally believed that a blog community is usually a small number of regular blog visitors. Do you agree with this point of view?

Blog Monetization

86. What is the best monetization strategy in present era where competition is so stiff and there is no dearth of products of every type to sell?

87. How much should be diversity in blog monetization? Should one focus at a few types of monetization or can go for as much as he can for earning money more and more?

88. There are two basic approaches of monetization. One is called passive method where one simply needs to display the ads while the other one is active method where one has to sell a product. How much should be the ratio of each method for the best earning results.

89. Is it wise to use several passive methods to earn money in addition to Google Adsense or just rely on a few?

90. People now prefer to create their own product for selling and earning money. Is it a wise step or one should go for it if he can really create a unique product and not just another product of common type?

91. In your point of view what is the best affiliate program for making money with a blog and why?

92. Which type of product can be easily sold like a text-based product or a mix of different contents including text, videos, podcast and infographics?

93. What is the best way to monetize a blog for beginners to earn money initially?

94. How to monetize a blog on long-term basis for regular stream of money without frequent modifications into it?

95. Do you think one should monetize his blog from the very beginning or wait for a while till generating a good amount of traffic on it?

Blogging Products

96. In your opinion which one is the best email list builder and why?

97. Which one is the best email marketing service for a blog to sell by directly sending the sales pitch into the inbox of subscribers?

98. Which products’ premium versions one must buy to professionally manage his blog, like SEO tool, commenting system, email marketing service etc?

99. Which one is the best premium commenting system and why?

100. blogging products one should avoid using their free versions for the better results and why?

101. What are the three must-have premium blogging products for better results?

102. Is it wise to initially go for free products and then buy the premium ones or one should buy from the day one to be a serious-minded blogger?

103. Which premium products one should avoid buying before being confirmed to do blogging seriously and professionally?

104. Is it still right to start building email list from the day one or a blogger should first establish his authority and then go for it?

105. Is there any secret product which you use to make huge success in blogging?

Your Message

106. What is your advice to those who could not have succeeded so far despite struggling for a long time in the field of blogging?

107. What is your message for those who just want to start their blog?

108. What is your take for starting a second blog if someone fails to earn money with his first blog?

109. What is your message for those who have several blogs and yet to decide which ones to shut and which ones to continue?

110. What is your message to newbie bloggers?

So these are 110 sample interview questions to create blog interview posts as much as you can. If you simple pick one question from each category you can create at least 10 posts and with random selection from each category you can create even 100 posts if you apply your mind a little.

How did you find these 110 sample interview questions and do you think still some questions are missing in the list. Do mention such missed questions in your awesome comments below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post to help your friends bookmark this post to visit it as and when they plan to create a blog interview post.

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