12 tips to get a job as a local business blogger

First of all I tell you who is a business blogger.

He is the one who owns a business and starts a blog to support it. Or he is the one whom a business firm hires to establish a blog and manage it.

Usually businesses start their website without a blog because they don’t know the power of blogging.

Most of the businesses still don’t have any idea how a blog can play a big role for the lead generation. How it diverts the huge number of online consumers to their business.

Either they sell online or offline a blog can generate a huge number of business leads to make monumental increase in sales.

You may be thinking am I going to sell any product to make you a business blogger. Not at all. I am just telling you to hit this untapped area to sell your blogging skills.

Why local business blogging?

Global businesses do have understanding of the benefits of blogging to grow their business. But usually local businesses do not have that much clear idea about the power of blogging.

local businessA local business means the one which operates locally and sells locally within a specified region ranging from one district to one state or province or to a whole country.

Local businesses may be of products like grocery items, electronic items, comforts or luxuries including home, car, pleasure trips or a spa.

They may be of services like healthcare, education, environment, masonry, interior designing, fashion design etc.

For any type of local business a blog can be an effectively online marketing tool to increase the demand of their products and services.

What you must have to get a job as a local business blogger?

First of all it is wise to be fully qualified for the job of a local business blogger. For this purpose:

  • You must have your own blog with a professional look including attractive design, awesome contents, impressive readers’ engagement and being regularly maintained. It will prove how committed blogger you are.
  • You preferably need to be from the same area where you want to approach businesses to hire you as their blogger
  • You must have basic blogging skills including blog development, content writing, search engine optimization and social media optimization
  • You must have an impressive social media presence with a huge number of followers, friends and connects to show your power of social media
  • You should have good number of online contacts to prove your presence is organic and free from spam

Benefits to become a local business blogger

  • Usually local businesses want to expand their business and cover their maximum market. So they can be easily convinced that a blog can expand their outreach by bringing those at their blog who want to know about their products through an online source.
  • Secondly you can equally develop an offline relation with local businesses and any kind of mistrust does not have any place because they know where do you live and work.
  • For any kind of offline interaction with businesses you don’t have to face any problem and their representative can directly contact with you and you can also visit them any time you want.

It means being a blogger it is a smart move to first try to be a local business blogger instead of approaching the business giants who already have a lot of resources to exploit their source of online marketing.

Get a job as a local business blogger easily

Here are 12 tips to get a job as a local business blogger quite easily.

1. Narrow your search

First of all make your targets in your local business industry. There are three ways to create such targets.

a. Ideal size of your targeted local business

It should not be so small which can’t afford to hire a blogger to grow its business. It must be a big business with staff members and reasonable volume of sales. It should not be a small retailer or sole proprietorship but should be a business organization with huge market in local area.

b. Niche

First of all see which of them have the same niche which your blog has. In this way you can easily make them notice you through your blog. Make a list of such local businesses to influence them to hire you as their blogger.

c. Area

Also point out which businesses are in your city and if you live in a big city which businesses are near to your work place or residence. They should also be from the same niche which your blog has. For example if your niche is family health so all types of local businesses offering family care products and services are related to your niche.

local business2. Further narrow your search

You also need to examine which of them have a little tendency to move to online world for the expansion of their target market. This you can examine on the basis of two points as given below.

a. Those with no website

Many of them may not have their own website. But still they can become your employer and hire you as a blogger. You just search if they are registered in online directories of local businesses or they have any kind of online presence.

That may be an important point proving their interest in online world. They may be your potential clients if you approach them properly because first they get developed their website from you then hire you as their blogger.

b. Those with website but no blog

If a local business does have a website but no blog it can also easily be convinced to start a blog and grow its business further. So make a list of all such businesses in your area which do have a website but don’t have a blog.

3. Point out your potential client

It is not necessary that a local business within your niche and with intentions to go online can be convinced to hire you as a blogger.

You should have strong reasons to convince it why it should start a blog and grow its market. For this purpose the only criteria is to know if its products or services has online demand. You can know this with the help of keyword research. May I tell you keyword is a term which internet users write in search window to get their required information on a specific topic?

a. Those with highly searched keywords

So the first list of your potential clients should be all those local businesses which niche have highly searched local keywords. You can find the local keyword in Google Keyword Planner by narrowing your search to your country and even then to your city, state or province.

b. Those with moderately searched keywords

Your second priority list should be of those businesses of your area which may not have highly searched local keywords of their niche but a little moderately searched. After getting huge success through first type of your potential clients with your blogging skills you can easily convince them also to start a blog for their business growth.

4. Write contents with local keywords

Now write contents with highly searched local keywords to attract local visitors at your personal blog. Give them their best required info and convert them as your subscribers with an incentive of free product. Keep regular interaction with them by mailing important info of their interest on regular basis. It means you have a strong base of your blog community from your local area.

5. Follow the local business at social media

Follow all local businesses related to your niche at all social media. This will make you receive the updates they share and you can also impress them with your online presence to be included in their friends list. This will make you develop a two-way online relationship with them.

6. Stay updated on local industry of your niche

It is likely many of them don’t have already an online presence. Or they don’t share their updates as frequently as it is generally done. If it is so, then you may be unaware of what is happening in your niche industry of your local area.

So you need to exploit other resources to stay updated on your local industry of your niche. Business papers, online journals and word of mouth of industry leaders can be effective sources to stay updated on updates of your targeted local businesses.

7. Mention them in your posts

If a local business has any mentionable quality or big achievement, do mention in your blog post and also inform it about the mentioning. If the local business which you mentioned does not have online presence you can tell its marketing manager directly either through phone call, email or even directly visiting its marketing office to be more familiar with him.

8. Let them know your big achievements

Once you get yourself introduced to your potential clients in local business you can further inform them about your achievements to impress them before you send them a pitch to hire you as a blogger.

local business 9. Send them a proposal why they should start a blog

After getting fully into the contact list of the potential clients in local business, now the stage comes to convince them why they should start a blog.

The most convincing point is to tell them how to generate business leads with a blog? Tell them how a huge online market can also be included in their target market if they do proper keyword research and write contents with them to attract potential buyers at their blog.

Many businesses assume they need to pay huge extra cost if they start a blog to grow their business further. If you have all necessary blogging skills you can convince them there is no huge cost if they hire you as expert for all the blogging chores. Companies make a prompt decision to enhance their sales if no huge cost is involved in a proposal.

10. Offer fixed rates or performance based rates

To further convince a local firm to hire you as a blogger you can also charge it on per lead generation basis or on per sales basis besides the necessary expenses to start a blog including domain registration, web hosting, blog template or design and pillar content writing.

11. Seal the deal

Once you succeed to convince a local business to hire you as a blogger you have two options to be with it.

  • Either you can join it as an employee to work as a blogger
  • Or you can offer your services as a freelance blogger and may continue your already established blog as well.

12. Show the results

The task does not end here. The big challenge starts from here. You must do hard work and exploit all your blogging skills to fully support offline marketing of your employer to bring astonishing results in its sales after your induction in its team.

Now your turn

So these are 12 tips to get a job as a local business blogger easily. Those who don’t have any direct business background both qualification and experience wise may ask me any further query to clear their confusion if any.

If you have fully learnt from this post do share your views on it and let me know what you think about it. Or do you have any experience to be in contact with a local firm to sell your blogging services? Do share with me and this blog’s community in comments section below.

I am sure you will also reshare this post to let your friends read and take benefit of it.

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