14 wisest ways to work smart and be a super successful blogger

I bet you never thought about it especially while blogging the way I am going to tell you in this post.

People either take it as a big idea or just give a tall nod on hearing this phrase.

Yes, I am talking about smart work.

We appreciate it, say bravo to it and do pledge to follow it but never make it part of our strategy.

That is why ultimately we have to do hard work and forget to work smart.

We need to work smart from the beginning. Shouldn’t we?

And for doing so we first need to understand what does it mean.

It doesn’t mean giving your best and leaving the rest on luck.

Nor does it mean to do whatever you can and be confident on it.

It means to put minimum input be it money, labor or energy to get the maximum output.

This is the strategy of every business to earn maximum with minimum investment.

Every businessperson follows this rule.

So being blogger why doesn’t us?

Are we on any big mission to change this world and that is why we very proudly do hard work and also widely propagate it.

We equally follow those who have done a lot of hard work and now are giant bloggers like John Chow and Darren Rowse.

Frankly speaking, they had to do hard work to become successful blogger because they didn’t have any prior example to follow.

work smartThey had to do everything on experiment basis and once they succeeded by following a given path they eventually followed it permanently.

How many paths they earlier rejected because of their finally noticing the one going to the right destination? Let it remain a fairy tale.

Maybe they didn’t have shared their exact number of failures before becoming successful just to never let our morale goes down.

But now we are the lucky souls having so many success stories in every blogging niche and could follow the best one to be successful with minimum labor and in minimum time.

So the exact definition of smart work is: Doing any kind of work in view of others experience or your own to avoid any kind of wastage and achieve your goal in shorter period of time more successfully.

To become a successful blogger in your niche follow the strategy of working smart instead of just working hard and wrongly assuming you would compete with others and excel in your field. It could be your desire but the practical approach calls for doing what is the best for you and achieving your level best with your available resources be it money, time, energy or intelligence.

work smart14 ways to work smart in blogging

Here I am giving you 14 ways to work smart to become a super successful blogger and save your lot of time which you could have wasted by working hard and tasting many bitter flavors of failures to eventually be successful.

1. Do focused research

Doing focused research means knowing what already has been done that leads to success and what already been rejected because that did not lead to success.

It is so simple to do focused research. Always aim to become a successful blogger and not merely a great scholar while researching.

Read the success stories of successful bloggers of your niche. Read dos and dons and how-to posts of your niche to learn what you need to do and what you should avoid to stay safe from the jaws of failure.

It is not sufficient just to read them simply. Make a list of:

  • Things to must do,
  • Things to preferably do and
  • Things must not do

Your aim should be to be clear with your research what has taken people to the path of success and what has wasted their time which you must not do.

2. Strong homework

Doing research and fully keeping in mind the mistakes people committed and met with failures or right things that made them successful is not sufficient.

work smartAfter that create a plan with what could be the best for you in your situation. Obviously you can’t follow John Chow from his very beginning of struggle because at that time he didn’t have more than a few competitors.

Now you have a huge number of competitors and may be in millions so make your strategy to stand out from the crowd and become a successful blogger with the least possible time.

3. Select your niche wisely

Let me explain this point with an example. Just a few years ago money making niche was the hot favorite of many and writing a few hundred posts was enough to bring handsome amount of traffic to your blog.

But now you can pick this niche if you have a long-term plan to make something big in this niche. Or you are a living genius of this niche and you are sure that people will swarm to your blog soon after starting it.

So while picking the niche must do its complete examination in terms of your interest into it; its market demand and its level of competition to pick the best one for you.

If you already have picked the one and now you feel it is not possible to work smart to make something big in it, still you need not worry. You can very slowly transform your niche to the one that can make you successful with your smart work.

4. Never compromise on quality of hosting

Smart work means making the best possible decision while picking a resource; be it free or premium. Frequent change of resources also wastes your time and you have to revise your strategy after every change.

So select the hosting that is in your range but it equally has quality and never compromise on quality just to save a few bucks. Being a business person you should equally aim to earn more eventually in addition to saving more. So never try to save more at the cost of your future earnings.

5. Don’t try a blogging platform, just pick it

It was the advice of bygone era to first start blogging on an easy platform like Blogger and then switch to WordPress. It was the time when WordPress did not have as much plugins as it has today; it did not have that much advance level as it has today.

work smartSo to start blogging either to earn money or to boost your earning pick the platform that should be permanent base of your blog.

In the beginning of my blogging career I started all my blogs on Blogger and now my entire knowledge of that platform is good for nothing to me soon after my migration to WordPress.

6. Free theme means you are not serious

This was also a very popular advice just a year ago of picking the free theme first and then go for the premium one. If you already have researched and did your strong homework it means you are serious to make blogging as your key profession or side profession to boost your income.

It is an old saying that buyer of costly thing cries once while paying its huge price and buyer of a cheap thing weeps every time when he pays for its repair because of its poor quality.

So be a smart buyer and not try to be over-smart while doing any investing decision in your business. Now a lot of themes are available as cheap as $19 with search engine and speed optimizations.

7. Create contents with both your heart and mind

It was also quite common not far ago to advice for creating contents on topics you love a lot and then go for the topics that search engines and people love a lot.

Now being a smart worker your best strategy is to make your favorite topic equally favorite for search engines and people both. This you can do with a lot of free and premium resources available to exactly know what is in hot demand by both search engines and people.

8. SEO is a reality, never ignore it

Earlier everything was search engine optimization to get huge traffic on your blog. And then an era came when people advised that forget about SEO and create the contents that people love.

work smartBut now a balanced approach has come that says do create contents good for people but you can’t fully ignore the search engines because they have the role of middleman in the world of internet.

The wisest way is to still follow the basics of search engine optimization but never try to do over-optimization of any kind be it keyword stuffing or publishing guest post on every second blog.

9. Which social media is most-fit for you?

The days of going crazy in any area of blog promotion have gone. There are hundreds and hundreds of social media and trying to exploit each one could be nothing but your waste of time.

So pick the best one for your niche and be stick to a schedule to optimize your contents on them. Also never follow the ones that are widely followed and just examine which could be the best to convey your message to your niche market.

For example, a blog on photography can never nail its social media marketing strategy without being on Pinterest.

10. Do influencer marketing seriously

I personally observe that still the concept of influencer marketing is taken just an add-on to promote your blog. It is many times taken as a part of overall marketing though it could be called the mother of all marketing types.

In direct and online marketing your each effort is divided by the number of people you approached while in influencer marketing your every effort is multiplied by the number of followers of each influencer you contact with your campaign.

So take influencer marketing as an important part of your overall marketing strategy and spare your time regularly to take its benefits.

11. Regular monitoring from the day one

Just glancing casually on your overall performance and waiting to achieve a milestone to judge it thoroughly could be a good strategy in sports or showbiz but in business the amount of income is not the only yardstick to gauge how you are doing.

Many times you earn your first dollar after a few months of starting your blog so never wait till then and review your performance from the day one by comparing what you have done and what you should have done.

12. Just consistency is not sufficient

Being consistent is good but it is good if you are really a smart worker. With your hard work you can grind a big rock manually but by putting dynamite into it you can do this job in a few moments.

work smartSo be consistent but never take it as first and foremost thing to do. If you don’t have a smart strategy you can never succeed even if you are consistent for decades.

This video would help you understand the basic concept of smart work as you would be advised in it to do every day your hardest task first.

13. Patience alone can’t work

It is also good to follow patience but after doing smart work and putting a good mix of what you have to get the best results. Else you would just be following patience and become a case study for following patience.

14. Success means keep struggling

Never take success in definite terms. Once you become successful it doesn’t mean now your journey has no more travel ahead. Success is the beginning of more success and there is no end of it.

So these are the 14 wisest ways to work smart and become a super successful blogger without wasting your time, resources and become a great example for others.

What do you think of smart working? Do you already know it well and follow it or in enthusiasm you mostly do hard work. Share your views in comments section below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media with your friends to help them become successful blogger by following these tips to do smart work.

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