18 brutally professional tips to be a pro blogger from day one

You are not alone in your dreams to be a pro blogger as early as possible!

Every second blogger wants to be perfect in every blogging chore. But he misses so many things.

Sometimes distractions play havoc with his blogging schedule. Some other times trivial things become a big obstacle in his blogging success. So he presumes he is not a pro blogger that is why he off and on stumbles to do well.

He tries to follow the path of patience to become a pro blogger one day. But the question is how long he will have to toil to become a pro blogger.

Here pro means a professional blogger who with his smart working achieves his goals quite easily.

Usually it is said that nearly one to three years are required to be a pro blogger. But it was said a few years ago when the field of blogging was not as much clear as it is today. Now nothing is ambiguous and one can adopt any blogging style.

He has free info on every blogging secret and needs not to do a lot of practice to do something. Other than content writing he can master every blogging skill in quite short time. Even he can learn content writing in a few months by joining any premium course.

You may ask despite this much free info on blogging and day-light clarity on blogging concepts why there are a few pro bloggers in every niche.

This is a right question.

Actually bloggers are learning fast the skills of blogging by joining free and premium courses but they are not working like pro bloggers. They just assume that learning the art of blogging is sufficient to be a pro blogger. This is absolutely wrong.

be a pro bloggerThe real blogging is perfectly implementing your learning to achieve blogging success. For this purpose you need to act like a pro blogger apart from delivering like a fully trained blogger.

18 tips to be a pro blogger very fast

These are the 18 tips that would make you professional and you would do full justice with your each blogging chore to do it very professionally.

1. Make your habit to use an Excel sheet

I know you love blogging a lot. You are very passionate about it. It is your first love. You never get tired while blogging.

But this is not sufficient to assume you would make it in this field one day. You need to be professional and should never rely on your memory. Make your habit to write everything you want to do and create an excel sheet to writing whatever you have to do daily, weekly and monthly for doing blogging effectively.

2. Religiously note down things-to-do

Not only your regular blogging chores but write on paper or note down in any app like Evernote what you have to do to make your blog a big success. Be it an idea, a suggestion of someone or advice of a pro blogger.

We read so many things daily and if we simply nod on reading any great advice it is not likely we retain everything in our mind. Being human we may forget many points and may be many of forgotten points could have been of great help to our blogging success.

So from today create an excel sheet and note down everything worth-noting in it and review it on every weekend to check what you already have done and what you should do in coming week(s).

3. Also note down things-not-to-do

There are several things that you should not do or at least avoid doing them. Once you write all such things you would recall your list whenever any temptation invites you to do any time-wasting work. It may be going to sites irrelevant to your niche or just browsing anything that may make you billionaire in days.

There is no shortcut to success and in same way not shortcut is available online that makes you successful in days or even in months. Success has its own cost and you must pay to achieve it.

4. Never forget to write things-to-do at any cost

For example, to me writing one thousand words daily is a must-do chore I do daily. Be it by writing ten comments of one hundred words each or writing a post of one thousand words. I write one thousand words in any form daily to keep improving my writing skills and become a fast writer to write anything at anytime without waiting for an appropriate mood to write.

So you should also pick a task or several tasks that you must do daily and keep doing them without any break. I also send one email to any of my blogging friend daily appreciating his work and never ask for anything in return. So you can also make it must to write one comment on any post at social media to be familiar with the admin of that post.

5. Also write things-not-to-do at any cost

In blogging there are several things you must not do to manage your reputation as a trust worthy blogger. For example whenever you give any credit in your post let him or her know why you mentioned that person in your post.

be a pro bloggerAlso if you copied someone else idea in your post or any other blogging chore, declare it publicly that where from you borrowed that idea. In short make a list of things you must not do to build your reputation as a responsible and trust worthy blogger. Putting unreliable info in your post is also a must-not-do chore before publishing your post.

6. Stop counting and start evaluating

Numbers do not fully represent quality. Many of the great people in this world were quite poor in their scores. So do manage the numbers at higher positions but never take them as the only criteria to be a successful blogger.

Sometime a few visitors trust you more than thousands of visitors who simply visit a blog and try to get everything for free. Conversion is more important. If you convert one visitor out of five it means your conversion rate is 1 to 5 or 20 per cent. That is far better than converting ten visitors out of 100 that stands at 10 per cent only.

7. Stop worrying of things out of your control

Just manage those things which you can manage be it your time, your energies or your creative ideas. Never worry about external factors be it sudden change in Google algorithm or massive success of your competitor.

If you unnecessarily worry about things out of your control you would eventually be unable to do effectively the things that are under your control. Ultimately many more things may get out of your control.

8. Stay focused on things which you can do

If you don’t have money to buy a premium product forget about it and search a free product that can work best for you.

You can improve your blogging skills as much as you can by regular practice so keep doing it instead of just planning to subscribe any high priced blogging course you don’t afford right now.

9. Blogging is not a burden

If your mind refreshes whenever you think about blogging it means you really love it. So stick to it even if you are far away from success. If you feel a little perturbed on thinking any blogging chore to do, it means that’s burden for you and you need to plan switchover to any other profession which you like more than blogging.

10. Blogging is not a mission

Exactly, if you don’t enjoy it and do blogging chores like a military drill it means you are taking it as a mission.

Avoid working on your blog if you are very tired or not feeling well and give your best when you are fresh and quite well to offset the time when you were away or taking rest.

11. Blogging is not an ideology

Many bloggers have this mindset that they try to find every solution in blogging. If someone is not doing great in a local business where his clients don’t use internet, his solution never lies in blogging.

be a pro bloggerTry to avoid seeking every remedy from blogging and take it simply an effective tool of online marketing to sell the right product to right person without spending much and without doing any physical exertion like door-to-door canvassing.

12. Blogging is a business

This is the biggest secret of money blogging more particularly. If you take blogging as a way to sell your products or promote your products nobody can stop you to become a pro blogger. Take it as a business and do it as a business instead of taking it as a prompt solution to solve your financial problems.

13. Blogging business should be your passion

You must have observed many people start a business but eventually fail in it. Maybe they fail because of wrong strategy but most of the time they pick a wrong business for a right audience. So pick the one that you really enjoy and showcase your business to those who really can become your clients. Else a few people would be coming to your blog with their mind-blowing ideas but never buy your products.

14. If you stay focused it will become your passion

It is likely that sometime you enter in a field that is not your passion but with your perseverance and hard work you become authority in this field.

For example you might have observed many doctors in addition to being a successful doctor are good writers, poets or political leaders as well. Actually their latter job is their passion and they take it as a hobby to seek pleasure from it and offset the boredom which they get from their main profession.

So staying focused in your blogging chores would eventually create passion in you to keep doing it. Maybe it is not as much intense as the natural passion is but somehow you would achieve success with your hard work and consistency into it.

15. Let the time to decide several things

Yes, you are right, I mean patience here. A genius may be a born genius but world accepts his quality once he fully proves it. So let the time decide how wonderful blogger you are and you should simply keep displaying your blogging genius to achieve your objectives.

16. Meanwhile keep struggling

Following the above tips doesn’t mean you wait to see their results. Just keep struggling while following these tips and you would achieve your goals quite earlier. Strugglers never wait for results and keep struggling to get still better results.

17. Struggle is the fuel for hope

You can never be hopeless unless you keep struggling. You have at least one reason to be successful if you are struggling. So never quit and keep struggling to be a pro blogger by following the above tips.

18. Power of hope turns the defeat into victory

It is the power of hope that convinces you to struggle more and more. So actual failure is quitting and not failing itself. Never lose hope and one day you will become a pro blogger quite earlier than the average time usually required to be the one.

Do you think one can become a pro blogger quite earlier than the average time usually required for it? Share your views to add more value in this post.

I am sure you would reshare this post on social media with your friends to help them become a pro blogger from the day one.

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