18 shameful reasons why influencers are not noticing you

Are you desperate after your every failed attempt to be in very good terms with an influencer?

Here is good news for you

You are not alone in this journey to desperation.

Just tell me if anyone happily shares his failures.

People do share their failures but after getting huge success eventually.

What I mean to say is many people fail to be noticed by the influencers but they don’t share their failure.

So don’t worry you are not alone being ignored by top experts of your niche whenever you attempt to impress them.

Just saying hello or doing exaggerated praise is no more a trick for building good relations with experts.

Wring a few formal or informal words with your keyboard to woo an influencer is not sufficient to achieve your goal.

It takes time to be in good terms with them. Just be acquainted with them is not a big task. The main task is to be in their memory – if not in their heart at least – so that they refer you somewhere.

Your relationship with big fries should be so stronger enough that you need not to ask them for a favor. They support you before you ask them to help you. This stage does come in every struggler’s life but it takes time.

Meanwhile you need to avoid any kind of despair if someone never notices you. They are not arrogant, cruel or snobbish people. Their fault is just one. They are damn busy people with sticky focus on their goals.

why influencers are noticing youSo diverting the attention of that much focused people is really a gigantic task. For this purpose you need to be a dazzling being to win their attention.

You should also try to analyze very professionally if influencers have not been noticing you since long time.

Why influencers are not noticing you?

I am sure you never ever stole their any valuable thing so why they are ignoring you consistently. These are the reasons not all of them applicable to your case but may be a few of them are genuine for your being neglected by super heroes of your field.

1. Just started a blog

This is an era of information explosion. Now a newbie blogger just after starting his blog already knows what is influencer marketing and what are its mouth-watering benefits. So he tries his level best to grab the attention of influencers of his niche after publishing a few posts.

A person may be damn good in blogging but the tangible proof to assess one’s excellence is his work. Influencers are not aliens to know what awesomeness you have in your heart and mind by touching your hands. (Watch the Indian movie “PK” where from I got this idea J ).

So be patient and first deserve then desire instead of going vice a versa. Once you prove your worth on your blog and with your presence on social media may be many influencers would notice you without your any poking to them.

2. Irrelevant niche

This is an era of specialization. Now “blogging” itself is no more a niche. It is the head of the family of various sub niches like content writing, search engine optimization, money blogging, business blogging and affiliate marketing.

why influencers are not noticing youSo instead of trying to build relations with the influencers of your main niche just focus on those who are directly related to your sub niche because they too have not much time to listen to all beginners from all closely or remotely related niches. They are focused and would prefer to pay attention to those first who are directly related to their niche.

3. Meaningless views

While trying to be connected with them, try to avoid saying oft-repeated words and ideas like “I am big fan of yours” or “you are a big inspiration to me”.

These are catch phrases and no one pays attention to them. Try to mention a unique quality of your target influencer that no one has earlier noticed or a very few people noticed that.

4. Exaggeration

Do express your feelings which you have for them but that should not be so exaggerated like “you made my life by resharing this post”. Just be confined to “you made my day” and that’s the appropriate way of saying thanks to an influencer.

5. Being chummy with them

You have the right to develop personal relations with them but don’t make haste for doing so. They won’t object if you be chummy with them but they would try to avoid you because they don’t have much time to reply so much personal questions.

Once you fully impress them professionally then you can ask them about their any personal thing if they don’t mind.

6. Undue decorum

In a same way if you are so formal with them and give them bombastic titles like Respected Sir or Highly Respected Madam it may be a little embarrassing for them.

why influencers are noticing youProfessional people don’t like any suffix or prefix with their name and just want someone calls them with their name only. Usually Sir or Madam is an appropriate title for teachers and influencers should not be your teacher else they may charge fee to teach you. J

7. Repeated praise

If you still want to praise them with oft-repeated words do this once and never repeat phrases like “you are a great blogger” or “I am much impressed by your way of blogging”.

 Do convey them your feelings but never bore them by expressing same kind of feelings again and again. This is fine with someone special but for influencers this style will suck.

8. Stereotyped communication

Many struggling bloggers very sincerely tell an influencer that they regularly follow his blog. It is good but doing is better than telling. Instead of just telling this fact to them simply reshare their every latest post and also comment purposefully and after sometime they would notice you being their regular follower.

The best reward for the influencers is one that isn’t necessarily money or tangible perks — often, being seen as influential by their peers will be enough motivation. – Tonia Ries

Just glancing on someone’s blog is not as much impressive as getting involved in it by participating in it with your comments and resharing its post. So do something practical instead of just claiming to be regular follower of an influencer.

9. Telling more doing lesser

If you are a newbie or struggling blogger try to avoid making hollow promises with influencers. If they are inviting people in a webinar, decide very carefully if you would really attend it or not and don’t go for the option of “Maybe” every time just to be noticed by them.

10. Challenging their authority

Very professional people never mind if someone points any mistake in their work. Mostly they be thankful to such person and also notice him.

On the other hand if someone tries to point any mistake incorrectly it is equal to wrongly challenging their authority. It may prove counterproductive and they become extra cautious while talking to him next time.

So be very careful while trying this tip and confirm from so many sources if an influencer really made a mistake to point it out.

11. Me factor dominant on You factor

Your communication with an influencer should be quite balanced. It should neither be dominated with Me factor nor with the You factor.

why influencers are not noticing youTry to focus on topic and equally be personal while talking to them. In short your talking to them should neither be much impersonal nor so much personal.

12. Asking for more

Once you get closer with an expert still try to avoid asking for more than just a reshare or a few positive words about you. If you do this maybe he avoids you because sometimes a person does not have that much resources to generously help any struggling or newbie in his field. So stay limited to the things which an expert can happily give you.

13. Over-excitement

Show your happiness if an influencer notices you and refers your work to somewhere or in his new blog post but never be over excited on his generosity.

If someone notices you it shows you deserve this. Professionally speaking no one gives undue favor to anyone. So stay humble but never be as if you didn’t deserve that support.

14. Too much personal

A typical example of getting too much personal is sharing birthday wishes to an influencer so many times on social media.

This is a kind of abnormal attitude and in professional life it does not work well. This method could be quite good to win the heart of someone special to you but may not work well to impress a professional person.

15. Undue interruption in their conversation

I personally observed if an expert shares something or comments on a post of a little grown blogger another quite newbie blogger interrupts their communication and irritates both of them.

To work with influencers requires engagement and creativity from you. Once you find your influencers, you will need a plan to engage them. –Evy Wilkins

A little grown blogger would obviously take it adversely but the expert may also not like someone’s directly interrupting just to be noticed by him.

16. Focus on just relations and not creating value

Your objective should obviously be to make good relations with an influencer but you should not be so crazy about it. Your ultimate objective should be veiled in your attempt to getting connected for learning from him. Else your attitude maybe quite irritating for him and he instead of be kind to you be so impersonal with you.

17. Non-professional attitude

Non-professional attitude means talking much and doing less. Your attitude should be vice versa and instead of declaring how great blogger you want to be just prove it with your commitment to blogging and many great bloggers would themselves notice you after sometime.

18. Fear of being ignored

If no one notices you still it is fine because it is not a sin to be not noticed by anyone. Your task is to keep trying and never be disheartened if no one or very few experts notice you. Fear of rejection is the worst enemy of struggle so must overcome it with the thought that being rejected is not your fault alone. Maybe the one who rejected you could not have rightly evaluated you.

How to Identify and Engage with Your Influencers

The video below on “How to Identify and Engage with Your Influencers” is a little lengthy but offers all solutions to do influencer marketing for the very success of your business.

So these are the 18 reasons why influencers are not noticing you. Maybe a few of them are quite true in your case or maybe you are one of the lucky souls who already are quite successfully winning the attention of so many influencers. In any of the cases share your experiment with us to let us learn more on this subject.

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