20 big ideas to enjoy blogging and achieve huge success

There are millions and millions of blogs right now in blogosphere. The most distressing thing is that thousands of blogs are being created daily.

So is it possible to survive in this scenario of dog-eats-dog competition. Can one stand out in this huge crowd of newbie, struggling and successful bloggers.

Yes, it is darn possible.

It is possible not because of yours, mine, Jack’s or Simon’s will power. Nor because of hard work or consistency of any living or dead soul.

It is possible because stiff competition is good for growth and stiffer is excellent.

You need not to worry if there are millions of blogs already there.

As we know that there are billions of restaurants in the world.

Does it mean owing to stiff competition they are serving food without charging money?

There are billions of teachers in the world.

Are they teaching free of cost fearing they would otherwise die jobless.

So this is the nastiest myth linked to blogging that there are millions of blogs and how come a newbie succeed in this field.

Presence of millions of blogs means rise in supply side of blogging and supply rises when demand has the potential to receive that supply.

Supplying the right product to a right person is the main challenge of both economics and marketing.

So the main challenge is to provide blogging value to the people who really need it.

For this you need to search the right audience and then provide them value.

In another way round you need to pick the topic that is in highest demand and then supply info and products on it to people.

In any of the cases blogging accuracy is must to achieve 100 per cent success. This is possible if you follow your blogging plan without fail, without any missing and without any leniency.

20 big ideas to enjoy blogging and achieve huge success

You need to enjoy blogging and do it without any stress.

Hell will never fall on earth if you miss your targets awhile.

The minute you commit any mistake is not the last minute of your life and you can offset even your serious mistake with your more hard work and accurate targeting of things.

big ideasYou simply need to keep trying and avoiding to commit any mistake that may deviate you from following your blogging schedule.

Here are 20 big ideas to enjoy blogging and achieve iconic success.

1. Success formula is not definite

Usually people follow a routine course of action to become successful in any field. It is very correct to do that but entirely relying on it is not right.

Sometimes a sleeping pill brings sleep for a person quite earlier while someone else has to wait till morning to go into lovely valley of sleep.

Does it mean that pill is not good?

Absolutely not!

Actually no panacea, no remedy, no solution works exactly same in all situations.

So never rely on any blogging strategy with blind eyes.

Check its every aspect and link it with the situation you are facing right then.

If you are above 50, your strategy should not be so aggressive nor your goals should be much long-term.

A medium term plan with a rational strategy can work best for you.

Did you get my point?

2. Follow whims but rationally

Not biologically, but practically speaking you either follow your mind or heart.

Your mind gives you a lot of reasons to do or not to do something.

Your heart many times just insists you to follow or not follow a given course of action.

In blogging too your mind reminds you a large number of success and failure stories of bloggers.

But your heart still insists you to do something that is quite unique and never-done-before.

You need not worry on such whims of your heart and mind.

Just rationalize them reducing the element of over-enthusiasm from them by putting the element of logic and rationality.

But in any of the cases neither neglect your mind nor your heart.

Try to please both of them as you do following the search engine optimization practices by pleasing both people and search engines. Right?

3. Take your time

This is an era of internet that is faster than previous eras when there was no internet. So take a decision and act upon it without any delay. This is the rule in blogging like any other online field.

If you delay for the good it will always benefit you. So never follow the herd instinct of doing everything fast. If you have any doubt, stop there and review your decision.

4. Your plan is not a divine thing

Same is the case with a plan. If you develop a plan with a lot of research and home work it does not mean it has become any divine thing.

You can modify it or completely throw it away to make a new fully matching with the new situation.

Just recall what was the hottest product of blogging a year or two ago. It was guest posting that was done to not only bring readers on your blog but also to get high quality backlinks and ultimately to get higher page rank.

Do you remember how all of a sudden Google announced that guest posting would no more be a source of page ranking especially if it is done abundantly?

What happened then?

Many blogging giants changed their business strategy of offering courses on guest posting. They very soon introduced new courses well serving the needs of the new era of blogging.

So make a plan, follow it but never take it as last and final. Keep modifying it if it does not work and even fully replace it with the new one if you think it is not bringing your desired results.

5. No minute to minute plan

A machine can never be a super hero. It can be simply a super gadget. So remain human while working every blogging chore. Act like a human and work like a human even if you have several blogs to manage.

Do write a plan and follow it but it should not be minute to minute as many might have advised you to make like this.

Make your plan very flexible and leave maximum space to enjoy while working on it.

6. Be relaxed following your plan

It is right to act upon your plan very religiously. But this is a universal reality that in all religions of the world sins are pardoned if someone pledges to never commit them again.

Be easy while religiously following your blogging plan and if you miss something just make a pledge to never miss it again. Right?

7. Whimsical way is never a professional way

A blogger can be an artist also, but he must not act like an artist if he really has to become a successful blogger.

Artists usually follow their mood and work when they feel they should work. Being a blogger this way of doing things can never work if you blog for money.

big ideasSo be like a businessperson and act like a business person. A businessperson is the one who offers the best solution to his customers on an attractive price. There is no room for moodiness in this whole process.

People want their solution when they have a problem and do not wait for your mood to arrive and make you create their solution. They simply would switch to another businessperson.

8. Everyone can never be a geek

Keep reading the success stories of great bloggers who have done wonders in their niche. But never try to be just like them and be exactly what you are. Do the things with your own way just keeping in mind the main dos and dons of blogging which you have to follow?

Even if a person has become geek in any field he did not become in days, months or years. It takes him decades to prove he is a geek. So never aim to be a geek or extra-ordinary person in your field. Just keep following your plan to do the best in your field by serving best to your customers.

9. Exceptions means miracles

In every field exceptions are always there. So read about them, take huge inspiration from them and plan to be an exception in your field but never fully rely on your hope that you can also become an exception. It may happen but mostly it happens without any planning.

Did Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs have any plan to be like they eventually became? They were just trying to give their best for the good of humanity and that’s all.

Secondly there is only one Bill Gates, one Zuckerberg and one Jobs we have. People like them are born in centuries and remain alive in their work forever.

So read their success stories, follow their footprints but never assume one day you will also be like them. Just focus your plan to give your best to your blogging community and forget about the end result. Business means serving the people as long as you are in it.

10. Be practical instead of eying any miracle

To fully implement your plan just rely on your hard work. If you have any religious belief do pray for your success but no religion simply believes in prayers only. Every religion asks for prayers in addition to your efforts.

So first rely on your hard work and then rely on any pleasant thing to happen and make you successful.

11. Never be overambitious in your plan

The biggest mistake people make is they take their plan as the only way to their success. There are several external factors that sometimes hinder and sometimes support you.

So always remember this point and never think your plan would be the only way to make you successful. Be ambitious but never be over-ambitious with your plan.

12. Never overlook your dreams

Those who don’t watch dreams are half dead. People without any dreams and desires means either they are machines or animals.

So keep watching dreams and keep trying to make them come true. The main hustle and bustle of life is because of watching dreams and making them come true. If we delete this element from our life, it will become a collection of a few animal-like chores of eating, sleeping and drinking.

13. Step by step approach must win

Your plan should have several sub goals to achieve your main goals. First aim to get 10 visitors on your blog. Then add 5 visitors daily in number of traffic to get the thousand in 100 days. Keep doing this till you get huge number of traffic through search engines.

big ideas14. Never be rigid

Sometimes following your plan brings awesome results but many people advise you that in the long run it will not work as efficiently as it is working right then.

If many people give this kind of advice listen to them and never be rigid while following your plan. Try to improve it further to remove the shortcomings that are pointed out by your mentors or advisors.

15. Nor be much flexible

In a same way nor be so flexible to get every piece of advice from others. This is you who have to enjoy the flavor of success if you succeed or taste the bitterness of failure if you fail.

So apply your mind as well whenever someone points out any mistake in your plan. Last decision should be yours so neither be so rigid nor so flexible just stay in balance that is the real beauty of life.

16. Make a complete try then change

Sometimes you see a few signs while following your plan that you will fail eventually. If the failure is not big one and just minor one then test your present plan completely and then change it.

Yes, if the whole of your plan is going to collapse with a big failure then obviously change it in the process.

17. Wait but not for so long time

Never start following every tip as soon as you receive it. Just wait to do second check of its chances of success and then try it. But don’t wait for a long time to let your competitors try it and be ahead of you.

18. Review regularly with proper interval

Never review very frequently and do it with proper interval. Otherwise your most of time would be spent in reviewing your performance instead of improving it.

19. Improve daily

How you are following your plan. Ask this question daily but never let it ride on you to make you feel stress. Just ask this question to derive satisfaction with its answer.

20. Stay happy

Happiness means liveliness and liveliness means more struggle, more passion and more optimism. So try to stay happy while blogging with the positive thought in your mind that sooner or later you will succeed to achieve your blogging goals.

So these are the 21 big ideas to enjoy blogging and achieve huge success. How did you find them and do you think there are a few more big ideas to make the chances of your success 100% sure. Share your feedback with me in comments section below.

I am sure you would reshare this post with your friends on social media to help them follow these tips to become successful in their field.

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