20 stinging questions to ask before creating a roundup post

You are fed up of frequently receiving a million-dollar free advice to create a roundup post and eventually become talk of the town.

You might have tried this idea and have published one such post on your blog?

You surely had massive traffic on it apart from huge number of social media shares and comments on it.

But what you got ultimately.

Just a little fanfare on your blog till it remained the latest post of your blog.

After that you again have same number of daily visitors which you had earlier.

You have almost same number of email subscribers with a few additions in it.

Are you satisfied with all that number that you achieved after this whole exercise?

Obviously not and being a smart blogger your strategy is to make visitors come back and become your subscribers.

roundup postNow after reading this post you would create a roundup post that would grab the attention of your readers. It will also bring huge number of visitors and they would become your loyal visitors.

It is very easy to advice how to bring millions of visitors on your blog with a roundup post. But to make it really happen is not an easy job.

Just creating a roundup post is not sufficient to bring massive traffic on your blog. It requires a proper strategy to create this kind of post that really influences your readers to notice your overall blog contents.  They would do this if your roundup post really impresses them.

Key questions to ask before creating a roundup

To create a roundup post that your readers really need, you simply have to ask all the questions given here in this post below before creating it.

1. Am I following a herd instinct?

You must have observed a mushrooming growth in creation of roundup posts in every niche. Bloggers are either creating it or hiring an amazing roundup creator to outsource this gigantic task.

roundup postTheir main focus is to include more and more wonderful experts in their roundup to grab the massive attention. As a result they do receive flock of visitors but fail to convert them as their loyal visitors. Actually they create a roundup to bring visitors and fail to go beyond this step.

2. Will my roundup post suggest a few best solutions?

You also might have observed so many roundup posts where huge number of experts share their valuable input on a given topic. People get impressed with hundreds of experts in a post.

No doubt quantity still matters a lot. But what is the use of such abundance where people instead of getting a few solutions receive hundreds of options to solve their problem. They eventually get confused on what to select and what to skip. .

3. Will it offer easy choices?

Most of the roundup posts offer multiple choices. Many such posts actually invite experts of varied stature who suggest an option according to their own level. So the readers have to do the detailed analysis of variety of proposals to pick the one best fit for them.

So instead of saving their time and energies readers have to spend more time to pick the best option. This should never be the aim of a roundup post to confuse the readers instead of clearing their confusion.

4. Or will it offer multiple choices of equal worth?

People don’t want to do experimentation. They want us being their mentor first we test the different options to recommend the best one for them. So they expect from a roundup a few very relevant solutions instead of variety of solutions from variety of experts.

It means a roundup post should have a much focused topic to offer a few very relevant choices to make readers pick the best one according to their requirement.

5. Will it be able to end a dilemma?

“Still you can make money with blogging” is the reply of the question of those who are in dilemma to continue blogging or quit it. Or it’s a dilemma of those who want to start a blog or to look at some other money making activity.

roundup postFor them a roundup post with opinion of a few most successful money bloggers does have huge importance. If reply is “YES still you can earn money with a blog” so readers would ask how.

So with YES option it should also have a few well-tested ways to earn money with a blog. If some experts reply is in negative so they should also suggest what another online business your readers should do to earn money online.

Your roundup post must aim to end a dilemma of your readers either to do something or not to do something with powerful reasoning related to the topic.

6. Will it introduce a unique thing?

Your roundup post should also aim to offer a unique thing for the solution of a major problem of your readers. Most of the available solutions have already been tried and tested so many times by thousands of people.

People now want something new and unique that requires least investment and least energy to solve their main problem in a field.

So try to explore an idea that offers a new solution to a key problem of your readers. For this purpose you need to minutely observe what problems are quite common in your field and how your competitors are offering their solutions.

roundup postBy observing them you can go for a solution quite unique by inviting experts who you believe mostly think out of box. Also your question should be created in a way to make experts offer quite unique solution for a common problem of your readers.

7. Will it clear any confusion?

Confusion is the main problem and you can sell an idea to clear the confusion of your readers about a topic.

People are confused if they really can establish their online business with simply a computer and an internet connection.

Here you can tell them that they need to hire a professional coach to train them how to start an online business and earn money easily.

8. Can my common question bring uncommon reply?

If you want to create just another roundup post then ask a stereotyped question to your experts like:

All such questions have very common answers. We should remember that experts don’t come from Mars. They share their experiences of this world.

Never expect your common question could bring a unique reply. It is right that exceptions are always there but we should never run after them.

roundup postSo your question should be quite unique and must cover all aspects of the topic to make experts share their unique view on it. Your question should not have any query that may refer the already available options.

So do an extensive research to know what options are already available. Then try to pick a topic that offers a quite unique option.

9. Will my post point best options from the popular ones?

Also check if a problem has several solutions which ones are quite popular in your blog community. This you can check by reading their comments on your blog and on social media about a topic.

So try to pick a topic that makes experts point the best options from quite popular options to make it easy for your readers to finally pick the best solution.

10. Which options your readers already have rejected?

If you observe a few options are already rejected by so many people so narrow your topic to those options which are still in use.

Otherwise a few of your experts may refer an option that is not in range of your readers or they already have rejected it because of the cost factor or something else.

11. Are readers really looking at something new?

If your readers are crazy to go for a new thing try to pick the topic that brings a few new things for them. For this purpose you need to examine what about your readers are talking while commenting on your posts and on social media.

roundup post12. If my roundup post repeats something

Once you pick the topic to best serve your readers now do extensive research to know what already has been shared on it.

If much has been shared on it, try to pick the second best topic to create a worthwhile roundup post for your readers.

13. Will my question make experts say something new?

Now make a list of ideas, solutions, suggestions that already have been shared online on your selected topic.

It will help you to create your question that would aim to make your experts share something other than that already has been shared.

14. Is the public response same on different options?

Also check the response level of people on different solutions. Is their response level same to all options or a few of them are more popular.

roundup post15. Can my question bring best three options?

If all already available options are quite popular then create a question that seeks best three from the available options with justification of each option.

16. Can my question bring the best option from most popular?

If out of so many options a few are the most popular then aim to make your experts suggest the best one from the popular ones with strong reasoning as well.

17. How is the field test of my roundup post?

Before finally developing the question(s) for your experts first discuss the idea of your roundup post with a few experts to get their feedback.

You will have very good relations with a few experts so take their input on your topic before creating the campaign to contact all the experts.

If they appreciate just go for it. If they suggest a few changes in it do amend your topic before creating your roundup post on it.

roundup post18. Will it grab massive attention?

Select the topic after doing the entire exercise as pointed above to create a roundup post that grabs attention massively and help you bring huge traffic on your blog.

19. Is my question clear and easy to understand?

Now the most challenging task of creating your roundup post is to convert the topic into a question by giving a little detail to help experts give their best input on your question.

For example if the topic of your roundup post is: “Two-hour daily agenda to make money blogging”. So your question should be:

What is your best advice to must make money with a blog by sparing two hours daily?

20. Is its headline quite appealing?

The headline of your roundup post must give a clear hint what benefits it is going to offer. So create its headline that fully describes the main benefits.

For the above example its headline should be: 20 money bloggers on 2-hour daily agenda to make money blogging

To create your campaign, follow the process as given here

After picking the best topic and coining an all-covering question now it’s time to start your campaign for creating your roundup. Here is the step by step guideline to create your campaign.

Did you have created your first roundup post or still planning to create it? How did you find these questions to make you create a roundup post that must go viral? Share your views to let me know what more I can share on this topic.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media to let your friends and colleagues know about this topic.

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