3 confusions about smart work in blogging

You may be quite clear on this topic. Everyone calls for smart work. It means doing more quality work with lesser time. It is quality work that brings desired result. But there is little confusion about it.

Can anyone do smart work from the day one?

This is the main confusion about working smart. How come a person becomes perfect from the day one? Is it possible he gives results with the very first attempts? Howsoever skilled he may be. Howsoever qualities he may be. But he will take time to be expert in a new field. Then he may make miracles but in the beginning he will be doing just hard work. Right? So don’t take it as a magic advice if someone asks you to work smart.

Is hard work not smart work?

smart workThis is the second confusion related to this fascinating debate of working smart versus working hard. Who have been the most successful people in the past? Were they hard workers? There is no doubt about it. Then how did they succeed in their field. Were they less talented than the great advisors of today who never miss a chance to give tips of working smart? It means hard work is smart work. Right?

If both are same why they are used with different meaning

Both the terms are not different in meaning. Our perception is different about them. A few marketers just to sell their digital products use the term smart work. Can someone ask them how they became successful? Did they do hard work or smart work. Why they proudly say they have spent that much lengthy period while struggling. If now they know how to work smart why they assume the same tips of theirs will work for others. Every person has different skills and abilities. Every person has quite different approach about working hard and smart. So how they believe the same tips will work for all. This is the secret of their coining this term. Otherwise whoever is doing hard work is actually working smart.

Where is the problem?

Yes this is the right question. Actually many marketers have successfully mixed the term donkey work with hard work. Donkey work means doing work without any plan. Doing work without any strategy. So do you think hard work also means doing work without any strategy? Obviously not. It does mean doing work day and night to get the desired results.

So never be confused with work smart and work hard. They have same meaning. Our perception is different about them otherwise they are same. Yes never go for donkey work. It suits to donkeys only.

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