3 maddening puzzles in blogging and their safest way out

To get married and enjoy family life or to remain bachelor and have oceans of fun forever?

It is a maddening puzzle of life but most of the people go for the first option because they are average people like me.

What to do and what not to do?

This is the most common dilemma everyone faces several times in his life.

Some options are not so competitive and you get the one perfectly of your choice easily.

Some others have one very compulsive option like marrying eventually and most people go for it.

But in some stages in your life you remain in dilemma because it becomes a matter of make or break of your career.

In blogging too, things were not so competitive in the beginning and there was one straight way to reach the blogging success.

bloggingBut after massive rise in competition people have more than several choices in every blogging chore and they just keep changing their options.

But a few choices are so basic and your entire success depends upon picking the best option from them.

Here I give 3 maddening blogging dilemmas that I find everywhere with very confusing views on them. So it is better to be very clear on them and pick the best option and never repent in your life.


Everyone advises to never quite blogging. Never give up is the tag line of every field that requires sweating struggle for success. Blogging is no exception to it.

But the question is how long you should not give up. Should you keep blogging even if you remain far away from success? This is debatable. Here just emotions won’t guide you properly. You need to use logic here.

How long one should keep trying?

It is widely said a blog takes three years to become a fully fledge business. It means you can earn a handsome amount of money after three years’ hard work. Meanwhile you can earn but three years has become a benchmark to be a well-established successful blogger.

But it doesn’t mean you must wait for that much. Just your initial six months are sufficient to hint that will you be successful in this field or not.

Beginning is always pleasant

Initially you enjoy every activity. The real test doesn’t begin till you do with whatever you know and then you need to learn more for further work. This is the point where you can judge how much passionate you still are for blogging.

Check the direction of your passion

You may have lots of passion but maybe it is for another field. So just check the direction of your passion. It doesn’t mean you lack passion.

bloggingIf you enjoy blogging forget about the end result. One day you must succeed if you really love it. You may achieve success a little lately but it will be enviable for others.

Success by chance may blow out after a while

But success by the dint of your passion can become nothing but more and more success. So passionate bloggers in real sense should not worry if they are yet to succeed. Success is their ultimately destiny.

Real passion never dies

On flip side if you start feeling frustration after a few months’ blogging it means something is wrong here. Maybe you picked a wrong niche. Or blogging as a whole is not your cup of tea. In either of the cases you need to seriously analyze where problem lies. If it is so, you should not blindly follow the sermon of never quit blogging.

You need to be flexible in your approach. Maybe success in another field is eagerly awaiting to welcome you. So try to know with your introspection if blogging is your real passion or you just started it after getting impressed by so many successful blogger.

Destination, not the path

Path is not important, it is destination that makes you satisfied on your achievement.

You need to be a successful person and not necessarily as a successful blogger

So stay focused on your goals and evaluate what you really are. A successful blogger doesn’t mean an end of the world. Yes if you really love blogging then it does mean beginning and end of world both for you. So never give up but stay cool and rational in your blogging struggle.


This is another heated debate going on in blogosphere. Many people now advise to go for freelance blogging instead of trying to earn big from your own blog.

In their income report many bloggers proudly declare freelance income as their major chunk of earning. It shows people have accepted the fact that now it is not so easy to earn money with blogging.

But there is a huge lot of pro bloggers that still believe money can be made with your own blog. The only difference is now you don’t have to chase the quantity. You should forget about huge number of back links. A huge number of published guest posts won’t shoot up your blog’s ranking now. A huge number of small posts won’t increase traffic on your blog. Now quality is the only rule for success in blogging.

Days of easy blogging gone

A few years ago blogging meant money making. With a few months’ efforts you could have earned a handsome amount of money with your blog.

During those old good days competition was very low in this field. Google was not as cruel (smart) as it is now. It used to rank a blog higher on the basis of its simply skillfully written contents and massively promoted posts.

bloggingOnline buyers were not so huge those days as compare to today. Yes online sellers were a few. So it was not so difficult to sell online if you had a good product.

The only challenge was to bring traffic to your blog. The tricks of SEO were also not so difficult and you could have brought huge traffic with them. But now things are quite changed.

It’s a hard time for bloggers

Nowadays articles are being written on how to avoid blogging stress. It means problems, hurdles and challenges have arrived in this field. Obviously we feel stress if we face a lot of difficulties while doing a task.

Blogging is still a smart choice

But I would say blogging is still a smart choice to earn money. Simply you must have very clear vision of blogging. The time has gone when people became bloggers after doing a lot of mistakes.

Now experts are available online with different fee packages to teach you blogging. So many newbie bloggers with clear vision are now moving to them for learning blogging as a subject.

Now blogging is no more adventurous activity where you rise and fall equally. It has become business now. Business can’t be an adventurous activity. It is a commercial activity where you invest and then get back your investment with profit.

No guesstimates now

So blogging won’t work now with simply on trial and error basis. You need to invest first and learn it properly with a mentor or with a premium course.

Just imagine if someone tell you a place where free training is given on a business what you would think. Maybe you run there to avail it but you must have in your mind it won’t be of value. It will be just like charity.

Does anyone give diamonds in charity?

Only leftover or unusable stuff is usually given as charity. So what you are thinking. Will you run to get any freebie just because it is a freebie?


It means you can still make full-time earning with your blog if you take it as business. If you try to make it a shrewd mix of a lot of freemiums and a few premiums then obviously you need to search a few more sources to earn money online in addition to your blog.


You can blog successfully till you keep learning the art of blogging. So you should keep learning how to write a great blog post. You should know updates on social media. You must have info of latest development on blogosphere. This you can do while blogging.

But how much you should learn before starting a blog this is a debatable question.

Your mistakes are your teachers

A group of bloggers advises just to jump into blogging. Commit mistakes and learn from them. One day you will become a pro blogger. It sounds good. It can be true. We have so many examples of pro bloggers. They first started their blog then became pro.

But this all happened in late 90s or early 2000s. When competition was not stiffer as it is today. Consistency was the main criteria to become a successful blogger. That is why in those golden days of blogging it was good to start a blog and then learn blogging.

Money blogging is not free

But now competition has already stiffened a lot. You cannot start a blog without spending a dime. For serious blogging you must invest initially to buy a hosting, blog template and domain name. If you have long-term blogging goals it is still wise to buy some premium plug-ins to make the foundation of your blog stronger.

bloggingYou don’t invest money in a business which you don’t understand properly. That is why now it is not wise to just jump into blogging. You need to learn the basics of blogging. After that you need to do research to select a niche, to identify your audience and develop your blogging goals. For all this you should have basic training of blogging.

Keep learning

Even after receiving basic training on blogging you should not stop there. You should keep learning new things. You need to grab every new tip to become more effective blogger. So you must continue learning blogging after starting your blog. Otherwise you will be just hoping a miracle that makes you a successful blogger.

Way out is balanced approach

The balanced approach is to learn blogging initially by yourself. After that if you think you can do it professionally then join any online blogging academy to become a trained blogger.

There are several online courses available. Even many free online course you can find easily. First subscribe any free online course and on the basis of its results decide if you can go ahead or revise your decision to become a professional blogger.

I badly need your take on all these three puzzles to know your view on these issues. I hope you will add value in this post by sharing your valuable thoughts here.

Hope you would also reshare this post on social media to make more and more people take part in this debate.

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