4 tested methods to monetize your blog

monetize your blogMonetize your blog means placing advertisements on it to earn money. Advertisers pay you on the basis of any of the four methods.

Four methods to monetize your blog

  • Cost Per Action or CPA; it means if someone buys the product after clicking on an ad at your blog you receive a percentage of sale as commission
  • Cost Per Click or CPC; it means you receive a small amount whenever someone clicks on an ad at your blog
  • Cost Per Million CPM; it means if a certain amount of visitors view an ad on your blog you receive a monthly amount
  • Banner Ads: You earn money be placing an ad. You receive a fixed amount per month as agreed by you and the advertiser

Media to monetize your blog

  • Banner ads of various sizes at various places on your blog. You earn with them by any of the four methods as pointed above.
  • Text ads it means insertion of a link within the text contents of your blog. You earn on either someone click on it or someone buy a product or service as put in the link
  • Review means writing a full review on a product to convince readers buy it. You earn a fixed amount for writing a review
  • Paid post; you simply publish a post of an advertiser and receive an amount in return of it
  • Selling your own products. This is the most reliable methods. You make your own product and keep promoting it on your blog and keep earning by selling it.

How to monetize your blog? The Right Way

To monetize your blog first of all you have a clear understanding of;

Your audience

You must have a clear understanding of your readers. Their age, gender, geographical background and income level; you must know all about it. This you can know with the help of Google analytics and reading their comments on your blog. You need not to know each and every visitor. By examining a few visitors you can have overall impression about all your visitors.

On Facebook fan page of your blog you can check page insight and there you have info about age and gender of your visitors. In Google analytics you can know where from your visitors come on your blog. With the help of them you can draw the overall picture of your blog audience.

What problems your readers face?

Now you need to link your niche with all information you got about your blog audience. For example if your blog niche is career and your blog audience is from UK between the age group of 25 to 35, it means they want lift in their career. People of this age group are already in a job. They need to improve their career. So your focus should be on selling on-job courses, tips and methods to improve the career. Right?

What are the options to solve their problems?

There are several ways to help people improve their career. There are hundreds of online courses to get a high-salary job. So first you have information about all the courses on career advancement. We stick to career niche example just to clarify this topic with the help of an example.

Which options you can sell on your blog?

You can’t sell all the options available online to advance the career. Many career counselors sell such courses by themselves. Many others award contract to online publishers to sell their products and earn on cost per action basis. So you need to collect information about all career advancement online products which you can sell.

Which options they will buy from your blog?

Your task does not end here. Now you need to check from the products you can sell on your blog which ones your readers can buy. Can they afford them to buy? Do they really need them? All these things you need to know first.

After complete understanding of how to monetize your blog now you pick any of the monetization method as agreed between you and your advertiser. Which media of monetization you need to select this also depends upon the mutual agreement between you and your advertiser.

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