5 easy steps to start an infographics business thru your blog

For techie bloggers it is quite easy to create an infographics. They can create with any designing software or with any online tool.

Everyone in techie niche knows very well that there are several free online tools to create wonderful graphical information. Premium tools are also available with one-time fee or nominal monthly fee.

What is infographics business?

infographicsIt means selling of graphical information of your selected niche to your target audience at your blog. After reading this post you will fully learn its concept and how to manage it for earning money online.

Where is the market for your business?

Did you ever think that out of millions of bloggers in blogosphere how many can create their own infographics either by themselves or with an online tool.

If we make a very liberal estimate hardly 20 per cent bloggers have complete technical knowledge of how to create an infographics. While rest of the 80 per cent just see posts with graphical information at other blogs and hardly imagine creating the one at their own blog.

So we can say that from these 80 per cent of bloggers:

  • Most of them don’t know how to create an infographics
  • Many of them think it is so difficult to create the one
  • Many of them are not fully aware of free and premium infographic tools
  • Many of them think one needs to be a professional graphic designer to create it
  • Many of them do want to create it but don’t want to spend much time for doing that

Focus their main problem to solve it

It means the main problems of majority of bloggers are:

  • No skills to create graphical information by themselves
  • No proper knowledge where from to get it created

Is it really a profitable business?

So it is profitable to start an infographics business thru your blog to solve this problem of majority of the bloggers.

Again you may ask is it a feasible idea when hundreds of fully fledged websites are already offering very cheap infographic tools. Most of them are offering free tools and their advance versions as premium ones.

You are right but what they are offering. They are simply offering a solution to create the design and not the info that is the foundation of its entire design.

Unique selling point

So the unique selling point of this idea is to sell both info and design of an infographics to offer a complete solution.

Here again you may ask why to venture into this idea when several bloggers offer to embed their inforgaphic-based stuff for free. For example, in his each post of this type Neil Patel puts the option of embedding without any fee in your blog post.

You are right that very amazing pieces of graphics-based information are available online for free but they all are branded. It is a candid fact that borrowed stuff can’t impress your readers as your branded stuff can do.

Secondly most of them relate to techie niche. Very rarely you can find a piece of graphical information on health, environment, relationship or self-development. Most of such posts are found at blogs of blogging, web development, money making and content writing niche.

Your ideal target market

So your target market of your infographics business can be:

Those bloggers from other than techie niche who don’t have graphics knowledge nor most of them are much aware of where from free and premium infographic tools are available. Nor they have much time or skills to first create a piece of info for their next blog post and then convert it into an infographic-based post.

If still you have doubt just visit a few top blogs related to mainstream niche and check if they have published several posts like this.

infographics5 steps to start an infographics business thru your blog

There are five steps to establish an infographics business thru your blog?

  • Selection of raw material including selection of topics, collection of info and their proper formatting
  • Creation of products to sell including choice of online graphics tool or creating with any famous software like Photoshop.
  • Showcasing of products at your blog including its category, landing page, e-commerce plugin, banner ad at home page
  • Promotion with both free and premium methods
  • Selling of your products including selection of payment method

1. Selection of raw material

The raw material means the basic info to convert it into several infographics. For this purpose first you need to research:

  • Other than your own techie niche which techie and non-techie niche you equally like but don’t have a blog on it
  • Either you can cover multiple niche or the just one

Keyword research

Once you decide for which niches you can easily create graphic-based posts then do the keyword research to get highly searched keywords to use them for search engine optimization. The best free tool for this purpose is obviously Google Keyword Planner.

You can also expand your idea into multiple phrases with the help of Ubber Suggest that is completely free. Also by visiting the top blogs of your selected niche you can get the post ideas from the list of top posts at their sidebars.

The main task of collecting info

It is the easiest task. Simply go to the top blogs of your selected niche and find the post related to a highly searched keyword you got with your research. I think here I need not to tell you just put that highly searched keyword into the search window of that top blog and you will get the list of its all posts related to it.

Now extract the info from the post. Info in any post comprises of:

  • Data that tell the numbers, percentage, ratios etc related to a topic
  • Problems that show how people are failing to achieve their objectives in a specific topic
  • Suggestions to solve the problems of readers related to a topic
  • Findings that tell how people are taking benefits of the given solutions or being affected by the given problems
  • Trends that show how people are behaving or things are moving with regard to a given topic
  • Opinions that tell how people are thinking about a topic

Once you collect your required info from a post now you need to convert it into small phrases to put each with the image or graph you will create in your next phase.

So pick as much SEO-rich topics as you can to create a huge inventory of raw material and save info on each topic to later create infographics with them.

The Importance of infographics

2. Create the products

Here you have two options. If you have a little know how to use Photoshop or any other designing software you can create your infographic-based post quite easily.

Required designing skills

You just need to know or learn:

  • How to create a new file?
  • How to make the size of the file depending upon the volume of info you have created in previous step on a given topic?
  • How to create the background of the file including its color, border, texture etc?
  • How to create different shapes like circle, rectangle, square etc to put the info them? (It’s a matter of just one click)
  • How to work on layers if you want to work on Photoshop?
  • How to import pictures and resize them to put into your infographic-based post?
  • How to merge all layers into one and save a copy of it?
  • How to convert the file into JPEG or PNG?

So what do you say? Where in the whole process you need to be a great graphic designer?

This is typically a basic level skill and you can learn it with one week’s practice. Yes for perfection you need to keep working on it. As a result you will learn a new skill and also start a new type of business at your blog to earn more money online.

Other designing tools

Also there are a few other graphic designing software. You can learn how to use them quite easily. They are Corel Draw, Freehand, PowerPoint and even you can display the info with graphics with the help of MS Paint but its results are not as better to sell them at your blog. Each of these software has help section and also tutorial to learn them easily.

Online designing tools

The other option is to avail a free or premium online tool to create infographics without having any knowledge of graphic designing.

Everything is usually already built-in them and you need to just pick the image, place it at the background of the file and then put the info inside or beside it one by one.

Always remember free solution never serves all your needs so you should pick the premium tool to start your infographics business professionally.

Here is the list of free and premium online tools to create your infographic-based posts.

After creating all infographic-based posts on your selected topics with the software or online tool you need to convert each one into embed file to offer it to your buyer. Here is the complete solution to create the option of embed for free.

You can create a few sample infographics with your brand to distribute them free to your target market to promote your business. All your infographic-based products which you want to sell should be free from any logo or your brand. Once a customer buys it you can put his logo and brand on his request before delivering the product to him. Also you can offer your client to make minor changes in it to make it completely as per his requirements.

3. Showcasing of your infographics products

This so simple. You can open a new category and place it with the other categories you are showing at the home page of your blog.

Landing page

It is also great idea to convert the home page of that category as your landing page. Here are a few free and premium landing page designs to pick the one.

Banner ad

If you want to skip the option of landing page then show your infographics category with a banner ad at the side bar or in the header of your blog to catch the attention of visitors and making them click on the category to view your products.  Name the category to fully reflect what it is and why it offers to visitors.

Manual showcasing

To place all infographics at the front page of the category put each product one by one at it with its link that takes visitors to its sales page showing its details including what info it contains, how it will make them create a great post and also option of payment to buy it then and there.

E-commerce plugin

Or use an e-commerce plugin to fully establish your infographics business as an online store. Here again it is wise to use a premium plugin for the sake of safety and high quality customer service.

A cheap plugin is not reliable especially for the work related to making money.

4. Promotion of your business

The task of promotion should not be new to you if you are running a blog. The same methods of promotion you can apply which you are using to promote your blog.

  • With SEO: Write SEO based articles to attract real buyers of your infographics by searching keywords which likely buyers may use including “how to create an infographics”, “where to buy an infographics”, “free infographics website” etc etc In each SEO based article must put the banner of your business and also put text links to take the readers to the category of your business.
  • With SMO: Promote you category, products and SEO based articles at social media, forums, designers forums and main stream blogger communities including health bloggers, fitness bloggers, green bloggers etc
  • With Email Marketing: Send an announcement email to your email subscribers and tell them the link of your category and a few sample products to bring them at your online shop. Send an email once in a month to tell them about new arrivals.
  • Premium Campaign: Create a premium campaign with Google AdWords if you have created a huge number of products. It is must to sell them early and create more products to flourish your business.

5. Selling your products

This option is built-in in all the main e-commerce facilities. It includes:

  • Add to cart
  • Payment method
  • Email submission to provide after sale service and promote new arrivals
  • Thank you email after receiving the payment
  • Updating the info of an infographic product if the need arises

You can also put the WP payment option in your category for the sake of security and high quality service.

So this is the whole process of establishing an infographics business thru your blog. No big investment is required for it. You can try it free purely as your model project to convert it completely on premium options once you are sure you can do it to earn money online.

How did you find this tutorial and do you think still it needs some more details. Do share your views with me to make me learn from your views.

I hope you also reshare this post with your friends to make them take its benefit.

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