5 Effective Ways to Keep the Conversation Alive on Your Blog

One of the best ways to earn money at home is through blogging. On the outside, it seems that blogging is pretty easy. It’s easy to start typing up words on your word processor. It’s even easier to hit that publish button in your blog platform.

You know what the hard part is? It’s getting your visitors to actually read your content.

Let’s say you manage to drive visitors into your blog. Congratulations for a job well done, but do you know what happens after people lands on your site? Right after a person lands on you site, they only have a few seconds to decide whether to stay or jump another blog. Those few minutes are going to decide whether the traffic that you worked so hard to dive to your side is going to be turned into conversions or into a bounce rate.

You see, it’s all about the art of conversation. It’s easy to write a blog, but writing a blog that’s actually going to bear fruit is a different story. Yes, blogging is a way to earn money from home, but if you want your efforts to bear fruit then you have to learn all about keeping your conversations alive.

conversationYes, in order for conversions to happen then you have to create content, lots and lots of it, but the whole conversion process only occurs when the blog is already live. The magic only happens if the blog is already being interacted with.

What do you get from fostering conversations in your blog?

First of all, it adds depth to your posts. Second, it helps you build a community of loyal subscribers.

As a blogger, you’re a huge expert in whatever field you’re blogging about but in order for other people to take interest in what you do, people have to understand what you’re blogging about.

By fostering conversations, you’ll allow your visitors to easily understand your ideas.

But how does one foster conversation?

1. Write your blog in a playful tone

What does playful tone even mean? It means that you’re writing in a conversational tone. Writing in a playful tone means that you’re writing in a language readers understand.

Why do you have to write in a playful tone?

You do it because it’s the only way to grab the reader’s attention. If you talk about all the things that are interesting for you, then you’re going to wound up only one reader in your blog: you.

But if you want other people to actually read your blog, then you better go for the playful tone.

Using a playful tone eradicates the boring sensation that comes with reading. By making use of a playful tone, even though your readers are already half way through an article, they’ll feel as if they weren’t reading at all. With that, you’ll be encouraging them to read more of your content.

2. Encourage your readers to comment on your posts

It’s like I said, the whole conversion process only happens once your post is already live and about.

Even so, the magic is not going to happen if you just intend to sit there and wait for the miracle to happen.

The key for conversions to happen is to foster conversations but there won’t be any conversations to foster if you don’t initiate conversation.

So, you have to encourage your readers to comment on your post. You can do so by writing a call-to-action statement that’s going to urge them to comment.

3. Answer your reader’s questions

You’ve gotten exactly what you want. You’re now one step away from actually earning the conversions you’ve been meaning to get all along. There’s only one thing left to do.

You have to dive into your reader’s conversations. They’ve been asking pretty good questions lately. They’ve taken an interest in the topic you just blogged about, and now your comment section is flooding with questions.

Is this where your journey to conversions? No it’s not. The heat has been turned on and it’s your job to make it hotter.

conversationYour readers are waiting for answer so you better start giving them the answers right away. You can fire up the conversation by answering their questions.

4. Ask them questions

The point of fostering the conversation is so that you can build a community. With that, you shouldn’t just stop with answering their questions. You should also make the conversation deeper.

Get personal with them. Ask them questions. Get to know them.

5. Moderate the comments

It’s important to converse with your readers but conversations can only be useful as long as they are positive.

Know that negative comments exist in the internet world. There is no escape from it. There are people who will see faults in your blog and it is going to show by the way they comment about your post.

Opinions are contagious. One bad opinion about your post can invite loads of other negative opinions. Arguments aren’t good for blog PR too. With that, the best that you can do is to moderate comments. Only approve comments that can contribute to a healthy conversation between you and your readers.

Final thoughts

The most important part in fostering comments is finding the time for it. A blogger’s life is a busy life. You’ve got loads of planning to do, tons of writing to do, plenty of editorials scheduling too.

In the future, you might even be planning for guests posts too. Well, the point is, as a blogger, you’re pretty occupied.

There’s more to fostering comments than simply replying to comments. It’s not about showing other people that your readers are so interested in your post that they actually commented about it.

It’s about building a community of loyal readers. With that, your comment efforts should lead you to getting your readers more. After all, traffic won’t mean anything if they’re all bouncing from your site to another.

The people who lands on you site are only going to be of use to you if they visit your site often. They are going to be of use to you if they click and read your content, and most importantly, if they bring you conversions.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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