5 golden tips to easily get BuySellAds approval

get buysellads approvalBuySellAds is an online advertising agency. It receives the ads from business and issues them on blogs and websites for display.

It charges commission from both. From publishers, that means bloggers and website owners. It charges 25% commission on every ad placement.

But it is not so easy to get BuySellAds account approved for your blog. You need to have:

  • A decent quantity of monthly page impressions of your blog. A page impression means how many times your blog appear on web pages per month
  • Fresh and regularly updated contents. No porn and even remotely questionable contents
  • A clean blog design and easy navigation
  • Preferably related to popular niches like blogging, technology, money-making

How to sign up and get BuySellAds approval?

First go to its site and put your blog information in sign up form.

Apart from basic details it asks you to describe your blog. This is the main point to increase likelihood of getting BuySellAds approval for your blog.

4 golden rules to get BuySellAds approval

So describe your blog very carefully by following the tips give below.

  • Define your blog in exact terms, no rhetoric, no non-serious language
  • Your description should reflect how much expert you are in blogging
  • Your each word must show how much passionate you are with your blog
  • Describe it as precisely as possible, they have not much time to read details
  • Also it asks you the places on your blog available for the placement of ads. Clearly inform all the places on your blog with their sizes in pixels. If a place is on top never forget to specify its position also.

How to earn money with BuySellAds?

After getting BuySellAds approval for you blog you will have regular stream of income from their ads. It offers various types of ads. They include text ads, banners and text-image. I recommend selecting image based ads as they enhance the beauty of your blog. So many text ads create a mess on it.

BuySellAds is the most popular online advertising agency that selects the publishers on the basis of monthly impressions on their blog. Remember impressions do not increase in days and even months. So keep doing hard work to increase traffic on your blog. For this quality contents and their regular promotion through SEO and social media is must.

The ideal number of impressions usually begins with the figure of 50,000 per month. If you have this level just attempt to get BuySellAds approval for you blog and start earning money.

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