5 widely-followed methods to make a successful blog


make a successful blogWhy most of the bloggers fail to make a successful blog.

Its reasons are many but the main reason is they don’t know that they can make a successful blog with several ways.

But they blindly follow the way which they get to know in their first attempt to learn blogging. Ultimately they do attract visitors to their blog but they still wonder how to make a successful blog.

  • They publish very cool contents on their blog
  • They fully optimize and promote their contents
  • They bring so many visitors at their blog

But they don’t do this with a clear plan. They just follow a stereo-typed method and once they get traffic they get confused what to do then. They in panic try to monetize their blog to earn money with it but here again they feel a lot of embarrassment.

  • Sometimes they do get huge traffic but that traffic is not fit for selling their digital and affiliate products
  • Sometimes they have very awesome products to sell but they don’t have relevant traffic to sell
  • Sometimes they have very good products and they do have huge traffic at their blog but they fail to convince their readers to buy their products
  • Sometimes they try their level best to sell their products but visitors are not ready to believe in their features or benefits

Do we call any of the above situations a hard luck of a blogger? No it’s because most of them don’t follow a proper method.

That is why they just receive the advice from a little senior bloggers and do whatever they listen from others.

As a result instead of following a proper method they follow a hotchpotch of tips, tricks and advice. Sometimes they even don’t know what will be the result of their action but they keep doing this.

So it is necessary to follow a proper course of action to make a successful blog and earn huge money with it.  You need a proper way to do the following three main activities at your blog:

  • Creating a blog
  • Managing (publishing and optimizing contents) a blog
  • Earning money (monetizing) with a blog

These are very broad activities which should be further clarified as under:

  • Create a blog as a tool to sell products and services on it.
  • Publish interesting contents on it to bring your targeted visitors
  • Sell your and affiliate products at it to make money online

To do these activities you need to follow technical and conceptual guidelines to do blogging and make money online. This you can’t do without an appropriate method.

You can ask why not just one method to make all this work. This is right question. But every person who wants to do blogging has different skills and qualities.

  • Some people are very sharp to learn technical blogging skills like web designing, coding and graphic designing
  • Some people impressively express their ideas with words, images and graphs
  • Some people know how to promote their work and get appreciation from others
  • Some people are “people of the people” and easily make huge circle of friendship
  • Some people have very vast knowledge of a subject.

From which group you are? May be you are from one group or several groups. That is why you need a particular method to make a successful blog and earn money with it.

5 methods to make a successful blog

After doing extensive research and online surveys, I compiled these 5 methods for you to pick the best one and make huge money with your blog.

Don’t worry for following any of these 5 methods you need not to have any gadget or to know any technical skills. It is simply a step by step process to create a blog, bring visitors on it and then sell your and affiliate products on it.

It sounds very simple to follow any of these methods and achieve your blogging goals. But you cannot achieve your blogging targets in short time. You need to follow patience and consistency to make a given method work successfully and make you earn huge money with your blog.

So just read thoroughly each of the methods and then decide which one is the best for you. Don’t worry if you read each one very carefully you also get to know which one is made perfectly for you.

Conventional method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Contents + SEO + SMO + Networking + Monetization)

To follow this method you need to:

  • Select a niche that must be your most favorite and also marketable to earn money
  • Buy domain, hosting and template to start your blog seriously
  • Do keyword research and write contents
  • Do search engine optimization (SEO) of your contents
  • Share you contents at social media
  • Do strong networking with fellow bloggers to get resharing of your contents
  • Get huge traffic at your blog as a result of SEO, SMO and networking with other bloggers
  • Monetize your blog with different methods to earn huge money with it.

For whom it is best

This is the most common way of blogging. This is most fit method for:

  • Hobby and amateur bloggers
  • Those who want to learn blogging while managing their blog
  • Those who simply want to make a try first and then decide if they can do blogging
  • Those who already have a job and just want to see if they can replace blogging with their day job
  • Those who don’t want to do much experimentation and just follow a simple method to do blogging

So this method is suitable for the above five types of people. If someone else also feels it fit for him no problem because there is no rule for whom it is most fit.

Advance method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Landing Page + Product for Email Subscription + Guest Post + SMO + Networking + Contents + + SEO + Monetization + Own Product)

It is recently introduced method. People with long-term blogging plan mostly follow this method. Under this method you need to:

  • Select more than one niche after doing research of your previous interests and activities
  • Again do the research to check which ones from the list of selected niches are marketable that means which ones have a lot of products, sponsors, and advertisers so you can easily earn money from that niche
  • Pick the best niche that must be equally most fit for you and marketable to make money with it.
  • Buy domain, hosting and template of high quality and establish your blog
  • Create a digital product for those who arrive at your blog to give it to them free for their email subscription
  • Create a landing page as home page of your blog and put email subscription offer at it with your free product
  • Start massive campaign to publish guest posts at same niche blogs to divert more and more traffic at your blog
  • Promote your guest posts at social media
  • Make strong networking with your fellow bloggers of same niche
  • Create a huge list of subscribers by offering free digital product to email subscribers
  • Do keyword research, create and publish contents at your blog
  • Fully do SEO of your contents
  • Monetize your blog as you already have a decent number of regular visitors at your blog from your email list
  • Sell your own product at your blog and through email marketing to your email subscribers and earn money easily

This is a recently developed method where you don’t wait for organic traffic because you already create a list of email subscribers by bringing visitors from the blogs where you guest posts are published. You monetize your blog from the very beginning and sell your own product. Meanwhile you also get organic traffic because of SEO of your contents.

For whom it is best

This method is most fit for

  • Those who are very serious to adopt blogging as their full-time profession
  • Bloggers who already have one blog and now want to start another blog
  • Those who already have sound knowledge of blogging and now want to apply it at their own blog
  • Those who are highly educated and are not in haste to make a successful blog in short time and have patience to achieve success
  • Those who understand it is not possible to make a successful blog with conventional method because of lot of changes in search engines rules in terms of quality and quantity

Popular method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

 (Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Landing Page + Social Media Fans Base + Contents + SEO + Monetization)

Under this method the unique selling point (USP) is your online popularity. Under this way of blogging you need to:

  • Pick a niche perfect for earning money and you too have deep interest in it
  • Buy domain, hosting and template and establish your blog
  • Create a landing page with email subscription offer to send your each new post directly into their inbox
  • Actively participate at social media to let your friends know you have a blog
  • Make your email subscribers to those who visit your blog coming from social media
  • Publish contents with fully doing their SEO
  • Monetize your blog with PPC ads, affiliate marketing and get product review

Under this method your main task is to initially attract traffic from social media and meanwhile also get higher PR of your several blog posts to get organic traffic.

For whom this is best

This method is most fit for

  • Those who are already so popular at social media
  • Those who have strong fan following because of their authority in another field
  • Those who know how to optimize social media to promote their blog

PS: To follow this method to make a successful blog, you need to be fully confident of your contact making skills.

Freelancing method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Learn Blogging Skills + Freelancing + Social Media Base + Response Assessment + Niche + Domain & Hosting + Contents + SEO + SMO + Monetization)

  • Learn blogging skills by joining any blogging course or buying any blogging tutorial
  • Sell your blogging services through various freelancing websites
  • Work for a while as freelance blogger and create your identity in online world
  • Develop strong base of your profile at social media by sharing your freelance work there
  • Minutely analyze how is feedback of your freelance work at social media
  • Select your niche on the basis of your most successful freelance projects
  • Buy domain, hosting and start your own blog
  • Create and publish contents, fully optimize them, share them at social media
  • Monetize your blog as you will get visitors from social media who already know your previous freelance work

For whom it is best

This is most fit for:

  • Those who already learnt blogging during their student life but did not make their own blog because of studies load and soon after finishing studies have easily started working as freelance blogger because of their blogging knowledge.
  • Those who know blogging is a profession like other professions and want to formally learn blogging by joining a course and then start working as freelance blogger
  • Those who first want to know if blogging is very interesting for them and then adopt it as their own business

Expert method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Interesting Contents + SMO + Social Subscriptions + SEO based Contents + SEO + SMO + Monetization)

To follow this method you need to:

  • Select your area of expertise as your niche
  • Buy domain, hosting, blogging template and start a blog
  • Write interesting contents (ignoring their SEO) which are your forte and others can’t create like them
  • Fully optimize your contents at social media
  • Increase your social media followers to get maximum traffic at your blog from there
  • After writing maximum contents of your expertise then create SEO-based contents
  • After making your blog popular with your personal expertise, do full SEO of your SEO-based contents
  • Do social media optimization of your SEO based contents
  • Now you have huge traffic at your blog mainly from social media and a little from search engines
  • Monetize your blog to earn money

For whom it is best

This is most fit for

  • Scholarly people who already have vast knowledge of at least one subject which they pick as niche of their blog
  • People who have spent their whole life in one field and now want to enjoy blogging after retirement
  • Those who want to transfer their knowledge through online media to learners living in whole world

Which one is the best for you?

Now I think you have a clear understanding of these five methods to make a successful blog. I have mentioned these five methods to make huge money with your blog to help you adopt the best one for you. For every struggling blogger one of them is the best one depending upon his skills, aptitude, previous background and blogging goals.

So do tell me which one is the best for you and why? I am eagerly waiting to hear your awesome views.


  1. says

    Such an awesome post again Mi Muba. Now I understood the methods of blogging. Through your last blog post where I commented, I was about to know the types of visitors and now, different blogging methods. I am wondering with your uniqueness and it makes me to visit your blog posts.

    I am happy to say that I feel comfortable while reading your post with interest. I wanna perform the first method of blogging like John Chow. Keep writing Mi Muba

    • says

      Hi Nirmala
      It is heartening to note that you inaugurated the comments section of this post. This is a good beginning which obviously means half done. :-)
      I am glad you also referred my previous post; which shows your level of interest in blogging and your habit of promoting struggling bloggers.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. :-)

  2. says

    Hey Mi Muba,
    Awesome Post. This includes so much of great tricks to apply in blogging. I know the some best methods John and Neil use on their blog to boost traffic. But other Influencers methods are also great to follow.
    Thanks buddy to share this great post with us. Keep posting about such a great post… :)

    • says

      Hi Nikhil
      Great to see you here at BeAMoneyBlogger.
      You pointed well many great bloggers are following a proper method to make their blog successful. Everyone needs to follow a proper strategy and then get his share from the market.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your great views. Do keep coming. :-)

  3. Erik Emanuelli says

    Hello Mi Muba,
    informative post!

    You listed some very popular and successful bloggers.
    Even if there are “conventional” methods to make money blogging,
    what can work for me, should not work for you.

    In any case, you must find what it really works for you and concentrate on it!
    Also, I could advise to find more than one sources of income, in order to diversify the risks.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great week!

    • says

      Hi Erik
      You pointed well; every method has its own perculiarities and may be best for you but worst for someone else. That is why I mentioned in this post five methods to pick the best one for you.
      Exactly; diversity in earning money is equally important but the most effective two monetization methods are selling your own products and of affiliate products.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your views and adding value in this post. It is good to see you off and on here with your great opinion. Have a very productive week.

  4. says

    Resourceful article, few things stand out in almost all the contributions. Content, SEO, SMO, Monetization, Hosting and Domain etc.

    The success of a blog starts right from the choice of your domain name and hosting company you choose. The quality of content is not negotiable as only sites with quality content will succeed.

    You have shared quite a great article here, and i agree with all the points you raised that could lead to the success of a blog.

    • says

      Hi Nwosu Mavtrevor
      You pointed very valid stpes to make a successful blog; contents, SEO, SMO, monetization, hosting and domain etc
      Exactly to lay the strong foundation of your blog you first need to buy a good domain and very high quality hosting. Then you can move ahead to take your blog to the next level.
      Thanks for sharing your awesome views and adding value in this post. Hope to see you around. :-)

  5. says

    Hey Mi Mub,m

    Well you definitely have your opinion on all of these but I don’t necessarily agree with what you shared about some, especially about my blog.

    First off, were you aware that Jon didn’t even have a blog but he concentrated on building his list first by doing guest posts? He got the attention from his audience in that way and only after he had 1,000 people on his list did he create his blog? He was an expert in writing content so he started providing courses that taught people to do the same along with consulting!

    As for me and you did state that clearly, I don’t do SEO. But then you came back and said “after writing maximum contents of your expertise then create SEO-based contents” and “after making your blog popular with your personal expertise, do full SEO of your SEO-based contents.” I’m assuming that you’re just giving people options of how this can be done but this isn’t what I’m doing so in a way I do find that misleading.

    I can appreciate your view though and helping people with the different ways to move forward having success with their blogs. It just depends on the direction you want to go and how you want to go about it. I admire every single one of these people you mentioned and I do appreciate it as well.

    Have a great week.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne
      Thanks for fully reading the post and then giving very honest comments on it. I really appreciate your way of differing with my points. So first I would explain what I said about you.
      I mean to say that a few people have that much knowledge and experience of life that they can create posts without caring of SEO and these posts do go viral because of lot of value and quality in them. This is the prowess very few people have that their posts go viral even if there is no any keyword in it. You are the perfect example of it though you have fully took care of SEO in your each post.
      Secondly I also mentioned Jon Morrow in same way as you pointed out that due to his fame and power as a pro blogger people subscribed his blog in thousands before he published his first post.
      Yes I do have reservation of your terming a part of my views as misleading. In the entire post I never mentioned anyone as role model for any method and just mentioned in images the top qualities of a few bloggers who I think can follow one of these methods to make a successful blog.
      If any of my points – because of communication issue – hurt you I do apologize for it.
      Thanks for sharing your knowledgeable views and adding value and spice in this post. Hope to see you again and again. :-)

      • says

        Hey Mi Muba,

        I finally made it, it’s been another busy few days mainly because I was still kind of behind from last week. Sorry for my lateness in getting back by here.

        I think maybe it’s just the way you worded it that I read that to mean that I ignore SEO but then come back and create SEO-based content. Knowing that’s not what I do I just thought it was a little misleading that’s all. I just don’t want people to get the wrong impression.

        I understand though what you mean by Jon Morrow gets the attention because of who he is and not necessarily how he may optimize his content. Gosh, I can only wish I can get to that level and I do have a great following but I don’t have that kind of reach, not yet anyway.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that and wanted to get back by here to see your reply.

        Enjoy your week.


        • says

          Hi Adrienne
          It is wonderful to see you again here though you have a busy blogging schedule and not that much time to give a second visit to any blog.
          It is the beauty of every type of communication that it can be interpreted in several ways but its ultimate purpose is to affect response and continue sharing of knowledge and experiences.
          It is interesting to note many commentators here did declare that they also followed initially expert method and simply shared their posts without doing any SEO and after awhile followed all the requirements of SEO for their posts. I am happy things are cleared now and you got my point.
          Obviously it was already established authority of Jon Morrow which made him a successful blogger though he did not much cared about SEO for his several initial posts.
          Once again thanks a lot for coming back and adding more value in this post.
          You do enjoy your week and stay blessed.

          • says

            Hey Mi Muba,

            I certainly do not mind coming back and responding to comments when it’s been replied to but the issue with yours and many is that I don’t know that there has been a reply. I get no notification in my inbox that you replied to my blog and because I do have a busy schedule I don’t have time to stop back by every blog I have commented on to see if there has been one since my last visit. I’m spoiled, what can I tell you.

            Well I’m one of those who still to this day just does basic on-page SEO at the time I write it and nothing else.

            Appreciate the response and have a great day.


          • says

            Hi Adrienne
            Thanks a lot for you coming back despite busy schedule. You few words in response to Angela’ comments well concluded the conversation. You do have a great day :-)

        • says

          Hi Adrienne,

          Pardon me for jumping into the conversation. Although I admired Jon for being an Authority, I am not his follower. And so I really don’t know his story. So are you saying that Jon started his blog only after he got 1000 subscribers in his list? Right?

          I just want to confirm what I read is what I understood. So he didn’t have a blog yet when he was guest posting ONLY after he collected 1000 subscribers in his email list, that’s when he did start a blog. Right?


          • says

            That’s right Angela, he guest posted first and sent them to a squeeze page offering them still something for free to entice them into opting in and then after he had 1,000 subscribers on his list he started his blog. He already had willing people who wanted what he had to offer.


  6. swapnadip chakraborty says

    Hi Mi Muba thanks for writing such a beautiful post. Your post will be perfect for those who really want to step into this field.

  7. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    Really great post you put together. I like the detail that you put into it, specifying what a person needs to do to follow that particular method. Very cleaver.

    Also, I like what you wrote for each about who it best fits.

    All in all great post.

    I think I’m trying to identify more and be more like a cross between a popular method and the expert method. They’re good methods to follow and certainly two inspirational bloggers to follow in the footsteps of.

    I’ll definitely be sharing this out with people so hopefully it’ll help them decide what method they’re going to use.

    Have a great week.

    – Andrew

    • says

      Hi Andrew
      You noted well that we not only need to give several options but equally have to point out which one is the best for whom. This I tried to do in this post.
      It is wonderful to mix two methods to make a new one with features of both of them. It can work well if we mix them properly.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. I hope you are enjoying your week.

  8. says

    Hello Mi,

    I do think things are changing and taking on a different level now. With respect to building a successful blog, many of us find ourselves in the conventional mode but the most interesting thing is that the likes of John Chow has made it so what makes us different?
    This of course is a food thought for us all.

    Thanks for the insight and don’t forget I found this post shared on Kingged.com!

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel
      Yes you are right; in blogosphere things are changing. Benchmarks of yesterday are no more and many standards have changed. Earlier conventional method was quite common but not new and innovative methods have been devised to make sure success in blogging.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. :-)

  9. sherman smith says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    You have once again broke down a specific topic in regards to blogging. This was certainly a lot of information but i can clearly see that it’s there to give people some type of guide to figure out a method that will work best for them!

    As for me, I would have to say that I’m following the expert method. I do SEO (not on every post) and I make sure that I post my latest post on Social Media for everyone to see! I specifically target certain blogging groups which is really where I get traffic.

    Thanks for sharing this break down! I hope you’re having a great week!

    • says

      Hi Sherman
      It is good to learn you follow expert method. It shows you do have confidence to attract visitors at your blog through social media by adding your expertise in your contents. That’s really great.
      You are right; it ups to people which method they find best one for them and eventually make a successful blog.
      I do appreciate your coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you again.

  10. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    What a wonderful post about the various methods used to make a blog successful, and thanks so much for the kind mention :)

    I wouldn’t say my blog is successful as yet, though it surely is doing well, thanks to wonderful friends like you and so many others, so it’s always my readers I need to thank for that.

    Honestly speaking, I never picked up any specific niche when I started my blog, nor do earn money in the real sense from my blog as yet, though I plan to. Also, I still have to create a landing page and start with affiliate marketing or product reviews – so those are all things yet to be done – if I start with them of course, as you mentioned them with my blog above.

    Ah…I wish I knew the right way to do SEO, MiMuba! And though I try my best, I am not all that good at it. I feel that it’s always been my readers and social media that’s helped my blog reach where it is today. I guess people like what I write and they come looking for more, and yes, building connections and relationships with fellow bloggers always helps, so one should keep doing that.

    It’s wonderful to see other blogging friends like Adrienne and Jon Morrow mentioned here too – great blogs to learn from.

    Thanks once again for sharing all of this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hi Harleena
      I just gone through various image-based inspiration quotes you shared at social media and got myself reenergized, more motivated and willing to work harder.
      I think you don’t fully know what a wonderful job you are doing at social media to keep the online marketers morale up and buck up them to work harder. In this age of chaos and anxiety such services for free are hardly available either online or offline.
      It has always been very greatness of you that you neither accept yourself a pro blogger nor term your blog successful. Obviously your ideals are quite higher but for those who have yet to make it you are a symbol of success.
      Whenever any very newbie blogger asks me to give him a magic wand to boost his blog traffic I quickly think about you and how you deal with several types of people at social media so patiently and try to serve as much as you can.
      So I can say proudly I take you as my role model at social media more particularly.
      Exactly people visit your blog to read your awesome contents but your just sharing your contents at social media is enought to flood visitors at your blog because of your fame and authority over there.
      Yes they do get value in your contents and then keep coming back again and again.
      Thanks a lot once again for adding value at this page with your full-of-authority presence and your guiding views to make me and this blog’s visitors learn more. You too have a great week.:-)

    • says

      Hi Harish
      You added Jon Morrow to your reading list; now you will get more great contents to learn blogging and get lot of inspiration from his posts.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again.

  11. says

    Hi Muba,

    Awesome information you shared with us because it is not only informative but also inspirational for those who trying to make money from their blog.

    These 5 ways precisely highlighted great points which are really useful to monetize your blog. Specifically creation of your own blog with SEO optimized content which really effective.

    Thanks for sharing great stuff about money blogging..!!!

    I found this post on kingged.com

    • says

      Hi Gangadhar
      It is right that the basic method to make a blog successful is obviously SEO optimized contents but now competition has stiffened fiercely at blogosphere. Now people don’t want to try something new to excell in the field and achieve success shortly.
      Thanka a lot for your great words. Hope to see you around.

  12. Sunday says

    Hi Mubi,
    This is an epic article! It readily reveals different blogging methods. I am more a conventional blogger 😀 because I do it out of passion 😉 I am impressed with the details put in to create this post. John Morrow’s method is worth trying because it embodies lots of technical and conventional strategies!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for Internet marketers.

    • says

      Hi Sunday
      It is great to see you here again as your thoughts have always encouraged me to do blogging with full dedication.
      It is good to learn you are a conventional blogger but do understand rest of the methods.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your awesome views.

  13. says

    Hi muba Sir,
    Awesome article. A must read article for every blogger how to be a successful blogger. Blogging is not bounded by just buy a domain and start posting. You have to do all this things right to become a successful blogger. Niche to monetization every portion is important.
    Again thanks for sharing such an awesome article to help newbie like me.

    PS – I did find your article on Kingged.com

    • says

      Hi Hamim
      Thanks for your great words to admire this post. You pointed well blogging is not simply buying a domain and hosting. These are the basic requirements while the real job starts after you optimize your blog with contents and products.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your great views. Hope to see you around.

  14. says

    H Mi Muba,

    What a great share is this!!!

    I am really benefited by the reading of this educative post.

    The different methods used in the blogging to get noticed and to be successful in the field is really noteworthy. I just visited some of the connected links too which are also very valuable in this regard. I am bookmarking this for my further read and application.

    The personalities you introduced in this post are really amazing people.
    I have been there to these wonderful people’s pages except one.

    Thanks for sharing such a lot of information to the blogging community here.
    Keep up the good work my dear friend.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards

    ~ Philip
    PS: Hey Muba, I found this informative piece at Kingged.com pages and I kingged it and shared this comment there.
    What an important post to read by all bloggers!!
    Keep sharing

    • says

      Hi Philip
      It is good to know you liked this post. This is the biggest reward of our hard labor when we hear great words about our post which we developed after doing lot of hard work.
      Yes, you noted right people are becoming successful bloggers not by just following one method and they are trying different methods to get huge success in lesser time.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you around.

  15. says

    Hi MUba,

    Another thing i noticed here is that, when I click on the pic of the bloggers given here in this post, its not taking us to their page instead the picture appears in another page as the same picture.

    Hey why don’t you provide the direct link to their pages, i tried all the pics and the below given links all are going back to your posts, hey, how come this, where is the links to their pages. Of course you have given their link in the picture but copying too is not possible from the picture. So please provide their links just at the bottom of the pics or at a visible place. This is really confusing and the real purpose of this post is not fully served my dear Brother!! :-(

    Please provide their links.
    Thanks :-)

    Best Reagards

    ~ Phil
    I am again from Kingged.com

    • says

      Hi P V Ariel
      It is good to see you again just to give a suggestion that does have lot of value for me. I have noted it and will be implementing it in awhile after finishing here.
      Thanks a lot for contributing to add value in this post. I am so thankful. Hope to see you again with same type of wonderful suggestions. After all it is your blog. :-)

  16. says

    Great post. Individual assessment of several bloggers is perfect. I liked your method of defining each methodology so descriptively. Will try to implement some for my own blog.
    Great write-up once again. Aha-now owner – Harleena Singh is also one of my personal favorites. I admire the amount of social flares she gets.

    • says

      Hi Kaustav
      I am glad you liked this post and also appreciated a case study for each method.
      I do agree with you. Harleena Singh is an awesome blogger and quite popular at social media because of her active participation there and also because of her ever support to newbie and struggling bloggers.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your valuable views here. Hope to see you around. :-)

  17. says

    It is always inspiring to see what others are doing with their blogs and the journey’s they are taking. I would like to say that I am taking the expert method, although I am certainly not there yet. Still lots more to do and lots more to learn. Especially so on focusing on SEO, but that will also come with more experience.

    • says

      Hi Catherine
      It is good to learn you are following expert method. Obviously you are confident of your expertise that is why you are following this method.
      You pointed right; initially most of the bloggers simply express their thoughts by just sharing their posts. After awhile they get to know how to publish a post in any online media and follow all its requirements.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your great views here. Hope to see you again. :-)

  18. says

    Hi Mi,

    I like how you show there is not just one path to blogging success. Sure, all of these paths require hard work. You’ve got to put forth the effort and be diligent. But, with hard work powering you, there are multiple methods a blogger can take to achieve success.

    I’m not sure one of these methods define me more than the others. I think I’m a mix of all five. :-)

    Hope you have an awesome day!

    • says

      Hi Kevin
      You pointed very right that whatever method we pick to make a successful blog we have to work hard. None of them is any guarantee of success if we simply pick it. This is an important point everyone must remember while going with any of these methods.
      It is good to see you follow a mix of all methods which shows how careful you are in your blogging strategy.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your great views. You do have an awesome day.

  19. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Great and Informative Post as always.

    You really did a great job explaining each and every one of the five methods and they are all awesome. Thanks for the effort and time you put into this.

    Everyone is different in the blogosphere and every blogger has his/her own voice that will make him/her known to their audience.

    For me, I think the best method is expert method. Everyone of us is unique in some way and everyone has different experience that can bring value to the table. It is very important to brand yourself in an area you know best and create a Unique selling preposition to let the world know what you are about and then build a Marketing Funnel to monetize your blog, starting with a free offer, preferably created by the blogger him/herself to offer in exchange for the subscriber’s information and through email marketing you can sell affiliate products and/or your product or business opportunity. That’s what I am trying to achieve with my blog. It all takes time, consistency and persistence.

    Thanks Mi Muba for sharing your knowledge with all of us here. Have a great day.

    Be Blessed,


    • says

      Hi Neamat
      It is very great to learn you think expert method is the best one. Many awesome commentators also liked it. I think those who already have at least one expertise in any subject do like this method. Obviously they feel it quite easy to write articles on their area of expertise and make a big fan following at their blog.
      I do agree with your point for creating a marketing funnel to monetize a blog. Yes one has to pick the method best one for him according to his skills, niche, expertise and target audience. If he fails to fully consider all these factors maybe he picks a method not fit for any or many of these factors.
      Thanks a lot for your coming by and sharing your awesome views here. Your opinion added lot of value in this post.
      You do have a great day. :-)

  20. says

    Hey Muba,

    You know in the starting days of blogging beginners try to drive more and more traffic to their blog but somehow fail. It is because they don’t follow some essential steps mentioned in your post.

    Starting a blog with the niche which has it’s demand on the internet is good. There are many other factors including good domain name, web hosting and all other mentioned in this post are necessary to focus on.

    Writing a blog post SEO friendly is really important and for beginners it’s the key to increase their value to come in search engines results.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    Have a nice weekend.:)


    • says

      Hi Ravi
      You might have also observed failure rate in blogging was higher in the beginning but now it is shrinkig. The reason is in earlier days every new thing in blogging was tried on trial and error basis. While now everything is already tested; you just need to adopt a complete method to become a successful blogger.
      Things have been changed now that is why it becomes so easy to make a successful blog if someone has clear strategy to achieve his blogging goals. These 5 methods are the best ways to implement your blogging plan with a proper vision.
      Thanks a lot for your great words as always. Hope to see you around.
      You too have a nice weekend ahead.

  21. says

    One of the most difficult things in life is how easy it’s to succeed in a competitive community. Blogging as a miniature community on the internet needs a certain percentage of uniqueness to stand out in blogging world. You leave no stone unturn and it’s indeed an epic guide for all bloggers either professional or amateur who have the passion of succeeding in blogging world.

    • says

      Hi Adesanmi
      Surviving in a competitive environment is itself a biggest challenge. A slight mistak of yours can send you at the last position. So a proper method is must to compete in such an environment to excel others.
      If we follow a method from the beginning it becomes so easy to achieve our goals without any missing.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again.

  22. says

    Hey Muba,

    Great post there. You are doing a really good job by helping newbies like me and as well as pros. Yea, Selecting a good niche is the first challenge for a newbie blogger. If you select the wrong niche and you’re not passionate about it then you are likely going to fail and gonna quit soon. I appreciate your efforts.

    – Rohit

    • says

      Hi VirtuoRohit
      Your observation is right; selecting of right niche is the first step to lay rock solid foundation of your blog. Otherwise one can’t make it with a wrong niche.
      Thanks a lot for your great words. Hope to see you again.

  23. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    You have given fine examples on how to make a successful blog. The people you have mentioned here I know and they are all very successful bloggers.

    Every time I come and visit you I know I’m going to receive so much value and I want to thank you for that!

    There are many ways to make your blog successful. We cannot expect to just put it up there and people will flock to us. Rather, at the beginning, we must put our first foot forward and go to other blogs, read comment and share. Of course we ourselves must provide good content.

    To get more new people coming in, we can always rely on the social media platforms to build relationships there. And giving them the call to action to come on over and visit our blog in a polite way. We must follow the rules of etiquette.

    Now, once we are out there a bit and have formed some relationships, we do want to make money online, so there are so many techniques to drive traffic to our blog to do so. Creating an opt-in is one. Funny, I have people who never comment on my blog, but follow my CTA from various places and opt in to my product.

    It is all about keeping up with the current trends of marketing. It is a constant learning curve out there for serious marketers and we do have to drive our traffic to our blog…our “home” The place where we own that real estate.

    Thanks for these tips and those wonderful people you have in this post.


    • says

      Hi Donna
      You raised a valid point that instead of just opting for one of the methods people should first start a blog, observe others what they are doing and then follow the best way to make a successful blog. This approach is really great and brings marvellous results if one follows it in its real spirit.
      But the problem is when someone starts a blog he gets advice and counselling more than he wants. He already invested his money for buying domain, hosting and template so he gets a little confused who to follow and who to not. So it is advisable before putting his money he first fully researched various ways and styles to establish a blog and then make it successful.
      I mentioned five methods in this post after thoroughly reviewing the blogging style of so many successful bloggers. Many of them are following a broad mix of these methods but ultimately the exact course of action to make a successful blog can be with any of these methods.
      Thanks a lot as always for stopping by and sharing your awesome views which added a lot of value in this post.
      I will also put your suggestion to make a successful blog at social media to get further feedback of other blogs. It’s really awesome.
      Hope to see you around.
      Have a great weekend ahead. :-)

  24. Moumita Ghosh says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Thanks for sharing such an informative article. I have learned to so many things from this article, also rectify my mistake what I have done in my blogging journey. Thank you very much for helping me by sharing this article. :)

  25. says

    Hii Muba sir,

    You know i am a big fan of your supper writing style. I have experienced that you always come with something new and extra detailed information on beamoneyblogger dot com.

    People usually share several tips and tricks to make a successful blog but you share the best methods and most of the bloggers going to thank you for this lovely info.

    In this article you included the 5 most active and popular expert and their view which is mind – blowing. Thanks for adding my favourite blogger Harleena madam and Adrienne madam.

    I found this great article on kingged.com

    • says

      Hi Amit
      IT is very encouraging to note you not only visit this blog but also remember what I shared here and I am so glad you liked it.
      I think instead of giving to your readers in piecemeal it is better to give them in one-go and search more to keep benefitting them in your each post.
      I am also huge fan of these wonderful ladies Harleena Singh and Adrienne Smith.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Extremely informative post. I like the way you laid out several of the most effective methods of creating a successful blog.

    The journey is different for everyone. The system that works well for one will not necessarily work well for the other. That is part of the beauty of blogging to me. The challenge of finding that successful formula is very interesting to me.

    Our journey changes all the time. If not we may not be adapting to what our readers are craving or testing what actually work best for our situation.

    Thanks for this Mi Muba!

    • says

      Hi Steven
      Thanks a lot for regularly visiting BeAMoneyBlogger and adding value with your great views. I am so glad to see you here.
      Exactly, for every blogger a different method works better. A few years ago simply conventional method was the most tested one. But now after emergence of social media as an effective way to boost blog traffic “popular method” is also doing wonders for those who already have sound standing at various social media platforms.
      It is now a great benefit to all bloggers they can change the method if they find any one of them is not bringing desired results.
      Hope to see you again.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  27. says

    Hi Mi Muba,
    You have written a nice synopsis of several successful bloggers and how they each achieved results through different methods.
    It goes to show us that we each need our own unique formula for success.
    Your post also introduced me to a few bloggers that I was not previously familiar with, so thank you for that. :-)

    • says

      Hi Neena
      A warm welcome to you here at BeAMoneyBlogger :-)
      You got my point very clearly that we need a proper method to make our blog successful. Else by just following a huge mess of tips and tricks we won’t be able to lead it towards success.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your great views. Hope to see you around.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

  28. Don Purdum says

    Hi Mi,

    You hit so many points that are critical in this article for a successful blog. I found myself sitting with pad and paper taking notes and outlining your article.

    The familiar theme for me across the board, and it comes from experience, is that most have no idea who they are or what business they are really in. It’s really hard to figure that out for many but if you do, it changes everything in a business and is critical for ones success both online and offline.

    The second problem I see is they don’t know what problems they “really” solve so therefore they don’t know who their target audience is and they are left trying to reach everyone; while reaching no one.

    One point you bring up that I really, really, really value (did I say I really value this point?) is that too many are following “supposed” experts. You didn’t say it this way, but the truth is if you’re following people who are only offering tips and tricks you are doomed to fail. For one, you will end up just sounding and looking like everyone else out there. That will not help you!!!! I could go on but I won’t, lol…

    A big key I took and I’ve really been focusing on the last few months is to just be yourself. Don’t try to force it. Discover your own voice and be you. That will attract the people who identify with you and want to do business with you because they get you.

    I loved your five profiles. Very well thought out and I am going to apply those to my thought processes and training (with the appropriate credits of course).

    I find myself fitting into the “Expert Method”. I thought it was interesting you used Adrienne Smith because she and I have a very similar philosophy and approach. Funny thing is we just connected in the last 4-5 weeks.

    I really loved your post Mi!!!!

    I can’t wait to share it today via “Rewind Saturday” on my blog and throughout social media.

    Don Purdum

    • says

      Hi Don
      What a coincidence; you had to sit with pad to take notes of this post and I had to sit with pad to take notes of your semi-post comments to reply and appreciate your commenting here. :-)
      I got a huge response of this post here and at several social media and many people did accept that they were just following a herd-instinct to make their blog successful.
      Almost all of them admitted they are just following a stereotyped method of flooding contents, trumpeting them at social media, overcooking them for search engine optimization and then finally worrying why they are not earning money.
      Yes a thin minority in their first sentence declared which method they are following because they started blogging with a proper plan and are in no mood to find any magic wand for successful blogging.
      You know Don it is very easy to advice “know your audience first” but how to know it this is heck of the task. You can simply get a glimpse of your audience with the help of comments, list of subscribers or followers at social media.
      Almost 70 per cent visitors at an average blog just come, get what they want and go away. They even don’t have time to like the post while reshare or comment is so big thing for them.
      That is why the most lethal advice to start a blog and become successful is to dive into this field with a proper plan.
      Yes those were the golden days of recent past when no one was pro blogger and several were trying to be; during that time it was so cool to dive into blogging and then learn it properly. But now it is unwise to first start a blog then learn it. Now it has become a proper subject and those who want to be blogger first learn blogging formally and professionally then join this field.
      It is great to know you find yourself in expert method; it means you not only have clear concept of what you are doing but you are equally confident of your expertise to first influence the readers and make a huge following then try SEO to bring traffic from search engines. It is equally a wonderful strategy.
      Thanks a lot for including this post in your Weekly Roundup and also at social media.
      I am so blessed to see this much applause from you.
      Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  29. says

    Adrienne, I hope you see this message. I was trying to make this comment fall underneath your reply button but it looks like this fell on its own window, this is a respond under your comment here.

  30. says

    Hi Mi,

    I know you worked hard on segregating each of these method mentioned above. I’m not sure what method I fall in but I do respect and trust Adrienne’s advice to me when I was just a beginner blogger. Like Adrienne, I don’t rrallynwrite for SEO but I do pay attention the the SEO per se because whether we like it or not, Google still emphasize its importance because that’s how you get your organic search. People have to enter their keywords or “long tail keyword” to find you. And so I have bought the paid plugin of “SEO Pressor” to craft my SEO to its finest without over optimizing my blog.

    Anyhoo, wishing you a happy weekend. God bless…


    • says

      Hi Angela
      Good to see you here after awhile.
      Exactly; SEO is the most effective tool to bring organic traffic to your blog. But if someone is very popular at social media or already is a big name in industry she needs not to look at SEO from the beginning. She can first deliver the best of her expertise to attract visitors and meanwhile can also apply SEO on her regular posts.
      I must say it depends upon person to person which method is best fit for her. You are right some SEO plugins do wonderful job to optimize your blog and bring awesome boost in traffic.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.
      Have a great weekend. :-)

  31. Mohammed Saimon says

    Hi Muba
    Once again a great post. Now I’ve learned all the methods that used to make a blog successful. However creating great content that add value to the readers is must to be successful.

    • says

      Hi Mohammed Saimon
      Yes; you are right; whichever method we follow we must create great contents to make it successful.
      Thanks for your veiws. Hope to see you again.

  32. naveen Rajput says

    Hi Mi Muba
    Thanks for providing us these awesome and very helpful methods.I am also a follower of Harleena singh she is awesome .I read all steps and guide provided by you very carefully .Blogging is not bounded by just buy a domain and start posting. You have to do all this things right to become a successful blogger. Niche to monetization every portion is important
    Feeling very glad on being here

    • says

      Hi Naveen
      It is good to see you here.
      I am glad you liked this post. Exactly Harleena Singh is a great blogger and she is also called commenting queen.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your valuable views. Hope to see you again.

  33. Shameem says

    Hi Muba

    Good informative post!

    Moreover you have listed great bloggers I have been follower of them too

    I agree with the point listed under Harleena you need to pick the right niche where you can make money and first of all you must be interest on it.But you can’t see the money immediately you have to be patience and give your effort money will start filling your pocket.Enjoyed reading your post!

    • says

      Hi Shameem
      It is good to know you follow all the bloggers I mentioned in this post.

      You noted a valid point of Harleena Singh that to make a successful blog it is must to pick the best niche which you love a lot.

      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views.
      Hope to see you again.

  34. Rudd says

    To be honest, I like the way you categorize all the methods into 5 different methods. While some of them might have a overlap, this shows that there’s more than 1 way to have a very successful blog

    • says

      Hi Atish
      I do agree with you; both these ladies are great bloggers and I am also regular visitor of their blogs.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

  35. says

    every blogger will try to increase traffic to his site by doing lot of hardworking you post your way of explanation regarding how to make a blog how to get traffic to tat blog by tat making money is nice .i learn some new points here ,thank you for your post..

  36. says

    Hello Mi Muba,

    Your title intrigued me, and I had to check it out.

    I agree with your statement wholeheartedly that most bloggers do not have a plan and a definite method they use to blog which causes a lot of trouble for them.

    Many bloggers are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, Busy with activity but not really focusing on conversions.

    While I think the Advanced method and Expert method are likely to be a mixture of each other, I can relate to what you’re saying. Not sure I follow the blue lists in parenthesis under each one and what each means, but I get the gist of it but doesn’t mean I agree completely… :)

    Thanks for sharing this very interesting article!

    Carol Amato

    • says

      Hi Carol
      I am happy your curiosity brought you here and title of this post did not disappoint you once you read this post. You little disagreed with my points and I have highest regards on your differing.
      This is the beauty of blogging and every publication both online and offline that each one has the right to express his viewpoints and others do have all the rights to differ or agree with it.
      Debate must go on every topic either someone agree or not with us. This will help us learn more. As you said the two methods look a like and it made me review both of them again.
      In expert method the authority of a blogger on his niche plays the main role while in advance method developing an email list is the stepping stone for success. I think both these points are quite different.
      Thanks a lot for very positively expressing your viewpoint for improvement and I do respct your way of commenting for a purpose.
      Hope to see you again for adding more value here at BeAMoneyBlogger.
      Have a productive week ahead. :-)

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