5 widely-followed methods to make a successful blog

Why most of the bloggers fail to make a successful blog.

Its reasons are many but the main reason is they don’t know that they can make a successful blog with several ways.

But they blindly follow the way which they get to know in their first attempt to learn blogging. Ultimately they do attract visitors to their blog but they still wonder how to make a successful blog.

  • They publish very cool contents on their blog
  • They fully optimize and promote their contents
  • They bring so many visitors at their blog

But they don’t do this with a clear plan. They just follow a stereo-typed method and once they get traffic they get confused what to do then. They in panic try to monetize their blog to earn money with it but here again they feel a lot of embarrassment.

  • Sometimes they do get huge traffic but that traffic is not fit for selling their digital and affiliate products
  • Sometimes they have very awesome products to sell but they don’t have relevant traffic to sell
  • Sometimes they have very good products and they do have huge traffic at their blog but they fail to convince their readers to buy their products
  • Sometimes they try their level best to sell their products but visitors are not ready to believe in their features or benefits

make a successful blogDo we call any of the above situations a hard luck of a blogger? No it’s because most of them don’t follow a proper method.

That is why they just receive the advice from a little senior bloggers and do whatever they listen from others.

As a result instead of following a proper method they follow a hotchpotch of tips, tricks and advice. Sometimes they even don’t know what will be the result of their action but they keep doing this.

So it is necessary to follow a proper course of action to make a successful blog and earn huge money with it.  You need a proper way to do the following three main activities at your blog:

  • Creating a blog
  • Managing (publishing and optimizing contents) a blog
  • Earning money (monetizing) with a blog

These are very broad activities which should be further clarified as under:

  • Create a blog as a tool to sell products and services on it.
  • Publish interesting contents on it to bring your targeted visitors
  • Sell your and affiliate products at it to make money online

To do these activities you need to follow technical and conceptual guidelines to do blogging and make money online. This you can’t do without an appropriate method.

You can ask why not just one method to make all this work. This is right question. But every person who wants to do blogging has different skills and qualities.

  • Some people are very sharp to learn technical blogging skills like web designing, coding and graphic designing
  • Some people impressively express their ideas with words, images and graphs
  • Some people know how to promote their work and get appreciation from others
  • Some people are “people of the people” and easily make huge circle of friendship
  • Some people have very vast knowledge of a subject.

From which group you are? May be you are from one group or several groups. That is why you need a particular method to make a successful blog and earn money with it.

5 methods to make a successful blog

After doing extensive research and online surveys, I compiled these 5 methods for you to pick the best one and make huge money with your blog.

Don’t worry for following any of these 5 methods you need not to have any gadget or to know any technical skills. It is simply a step by step process to create a blog, bring visitors on it and then sell your and affiliate products on it.

It sounds very simple to follow any of these methods and achieve your blogging goals. But you cannot achieve your blogging targets in short time. You need to follow patience and consistency to make a given method work successfully and make you earn huge money with your blog.

So just read thoroughly each of the methods and then decide which one is the best for you. Don’t worry if you read each one very carefully you also get to know which one is made perfectly for you.

Conventional method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Contents + SEO + SMO + Networking + Monetization)

To follow this method you need to:

  • Select a niche that must be your most favorite and also marketable to earn money
  • Buy domain, hosting and template to start your blog seriously
  • Do keyword research and write contents
  • Do search engine optimization (SEO) of your contents
  • Share you contents at social media
  • Do strong networking with fellow bloggers to get resharing of your contents
  • Get huge traffic at your blog as a result of SEO, SMO and networking with other bloggers
  • Monetize your blog with different methods to earn huge money with it.

For whom it is best

This is the most common way of blogging. This is most fit method for:

  • Hobby and amateur bloggers
  • Those who want to learn blogging while managing their blog
  • Those who simply want to make a try first and then decide if they can do blogging
  • Those who already have a job and just want to see if they can replace blogging with their day job
  • Those who don’t want to do much experimentation and just follow a simple method to do blogging

So this method is suitable for the above five types of people. If someone else also feels it fit for him no problem because there is no rule for whom it is most fit.

Advance method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Landing Page + Product for Email Subscription + Guest Post + SMO + Networking + Contents + + SEO + Monetization + Own Product)

It is recently introduced method. People with long-term blogging plan mostly follow this method. Under this method you need to:

  • Select more than one niche after doing research of your previous interests and activities
  • Again do the research to check which ones from the list of selected niches are marketable that means which ones have a lot of products, sponsors, and advertisers so you can easily earn money from that niche
  • Pick the best niche that must be equally most fit for you and marketable to make money with it.
  • Buy domain, hosting and template of high quality and establish your blog
  • Create a digital product for those who arrive at your blog to give it to them free for their email subscription
  • Create a landing page as home page of your blog and put email subscription offer at it with your free product
  • Start massive campaign to publish guest posts at same niche blogs to divert more and more traffic at your blog
  • Promote your guest posts at social media
  • Make strong networking with your fellow bloggers of same niche
  • Create a huge list of subscribers by offering free digital product to email subscribers
  • Do keyword research, create and publish contents at your blog
  • Fully do SEO of your contents
  • Monetize your blog as you already have a decent number of regular visitors at your blog from your email list
  • Sell your own product at your blog and through email marketing to your email subscribers and earn money easily

This is a recently developed method where you don’t wait for organic traffic because you already create a list of email subscribers by bringing visitors from the blogs where you guest posts are published. You monetize your blog from the very beginning and sell your own product. Meanwhile you also get organic traffic because of SEO of your contents.

For whom it is best

This method is most fit for

  • Those who are very serious to adopt blogging as their full-time profession
  • Bloggers who already have one blog and now want to start another blog
  • Those who already have sound knowledge of blogging and now want to apply it at their own blog
  • Those who are highly educated and are not in haste to make a successful blog in short time and have patience to achieve success
  • Those who understand it is not possible to make a successful blog with conventional method because of lot of changes in search engines rules in terms of quality and quantity

Popular method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

 (Niche + Domain & Hosting + Template + Landing Page + Social Media Fans Base + Contents + SEO + Monetization)

Under this method the unique selling point (USP) is your online popularity. Under this way of blogging you need to:

  • Pick a niche perfect for earning money and you too have deep interest in it
  • Buy domain, hosting and template and establish your blog
  • Create a landing page with email subscription offer to send your each new post directly into their inbox
  • Actively participate at social media to let your friends know you have a blog
  • Make your email subscribers to those who visit your blog coming from social media
  • Publish contents with fully doing their SEO
  • Monetize your blog with PPC ads, affiliate marketing and get product review

Under this method your main task is to initially attract traffic from social media and meanwhile also get higher PR of your several blog posts to get organic traffic.

For whom this is best

This method is most fit for

  • Those who are already so popular at social media
  • Those who have strong fan following because of their authority in another field
  • Those who know how to optimize social media to promote their blog

PS: To follow this method to make a successful blog, you need to be fully confident of your contact making skills.

Freelancing method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Learn Blogging Skills + Freelancing + Social Media Base + Response Assessment + Niche + Domain & Hosting + Contents + SEO + SMO + Monetization)

  • Learn blogging skills by joining any blogging course or buying any blogging tutorial
  • Sell your blogging services through various freelancing websites
  • Work for a while as freelance blogger and create your identity in online world
  • Develop strong base of your profile at social media by sharing your freelance work there
  • Minutely analyze how is feedback of your freelance work at social media
  • Select your niche on the basis of your most successful freelance projects
  • Buy domain, hosting and start your own blog
  • Create and publish contents, fully optimize them, share them at social media
  • Monetize your blog as you will get visitors from social media who already know your previous freelance work

For whom it is best

This is most fit for:

  • Those who already learnt blogging during their student life but did not make their own blog because of studies load and soon after finishing studies have easily started working as freelance blogger because of their blogging knowledge.
  • Those who know blogging is a profession like other professions and want to formally learn blogging by joining a course and then start working as freelance blogger
  • Those who first want to know if blogging is very interesting for them and then adopt it as their own business

Expert method to make a successful blog

make a successful blog

(Niche + Domain & Hosting + Interesting Contents + SMO + Social Subscriptions + SEO based Contents + SEO + SMO + Monetization)

To follow this method you need to:

  • Select your area of expertise as your niche
  • Buy domain, hosting, blogging template and start a blog
  • Write interesting contents (ignoring their SEO) which are your forte and others can’t create like them
  • Fully optimize your contents at social media
  • Increase your social media followers to get maximum traffic at your blog from there
  • After writing maximum contents of your expertise then create SEO-based contents
  • After making your blog popular with your personal expertise, do full SEO of your SEO-based contents
  • Do social media optimization of your SEO based contents
  • Now you have huge traffic at your blog mainly from social media and a little from search engines
  • Monetize your blog to earn money

For whom it is best

This is most fit for

  • Scholarly people who already have vast knowledge of at least one subject which they pick as niche of their blog
  • People who have spent their whole life in one field and now want to enjoy blogging after retirement
  • Those who want to transfer their knowledge through online media to learners living in whole world

Which one is the best for you?

Now I think you have a clear understanding of these five methods to make a successful blog. I have mentioned these five methods to make huge money with your blog to help you adopt the best one for you. For every struggling blogger one of them is the best one depending upon his skills, aptitude, previous background and blogging goals.

So do tell me which one is the best for you and why? I am eagerly waiting to hear your awesome views.

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