6 popular strategies to make money blogging

I am sure after reading a lot of tutorials to make money blogging now you must have stopped dreaming to have a magic wand. You must have learnt that you can earn with your blog by doing smart work. But still you are a little confused.

Your mouth is watered after reading success stories of bloggers who earn big with Google Adsense. Sometimes you again get into dream land when an affiliate marketer shares his latest fascinating income report with you. You take a big sigh with envying hmmmmmmmmmmmm when you see a full-time blogger enjoying a lavish dinner with his family at a five-star hotel.

I am sure you don’t burn your heart in jealousy after watching all this. You just think how you can also become like them. But you get confused when you make up your mind to finally monetize your blog professionally.

Maybe a few blinking ads are already being displayed at your blog. Some of them may be for free and a few purely on cost per action (CPA) basis.

A few squire-shaped images at your sidebar are simply promotion stunts for your posts but your simple readers take them also as ads. In short there are so many do-for-nothing ads at your blog. As a result overall it falsely looks you have a lot of ads and you are earning huge money with your blog. I won’t end this paragraph with hahahahaha.

So you are still double-minded on what to do and what not to do to monetize your blog. Even you are not fully clear on how to monetize your blog.

make money bloggingYou do believe in famous, oft-repeated, several-times-swallowed and always-buzzing piece of advice “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

But you are still confused which eggs to select first and which to later.

If monetization means putting Adsense ads at your blog you already have placed them soon after one week of starting your blog. Yes it does mean monetization but once you start earning an amount which you can tell to your friends at Facebook timeline “vow I earned $17 today from Adsense”. But you don’t want to tell them a few pennies you earn daily from Adsense. Nor do you want to tell a lie because you are a good human being apart from being a struggling blogger.

How to make money blogging literally?

Don’t worry, I will tell you six most popular strategies to make money blogging in its real terms. I am sure after reading them you will forget about looking at others and enjoy your own success.

Earlier I told you 5 methods to do successful blogging in which I did not cover the monetizing aspect of blogging. After getting huge response of awesome readers of this blog on that post now I am covering how to monetize your blog with different strategies.

I personally observed many successful bloggers are following them successfully.

So it is a way-forward to my previous post as linked above.

Here are six popular strategies to make money blogging.

1. Common strategy to make money blogging

Keywords + Contents + Promotion + Traffic + Monetizing

This is the most followed but quite risky strategy to make money blogging. It’s risky because a mistake at one of its stages (as pointed above within +s) spoils all the subsequent stages. If you do a mistake in promoting your contents obviously you will not get traffic.

This strategy is done by:

2. Erratic strategy

Earn + Earn + Earn + Earn

This is the second most popular strategy to make money blogging. Most of the younger lot is following it without thinking its adverse effects. They guys just grab every offer to earn money without giving it a second thought. They usually:

  • Sell backlinks
  • Publish paid posts regardless of the nature of do-follow outbound links they put in them
  • Put banner ads of all types without putting any disclaimer with it
  • Apply whatever monetizing methods they get to know from others
  • They eventually make their blog an hotchpotch of money making frenzy

It is not a viable strategy because you fail to create a viable source of income on long-term basis. Your blog becomes just like a laborer who works on daily wages basis.

You can earn with this strategy but in a limit. That is why many bloggers quit blogging or sell their blog despite earning money from it. They earn but a static amount of up to $100 or $200 maximum. That is why they easily sell such blog of limited income but don’t want to make gamble of putting their whole life to grow it. For those who dream high this strategy is rubbish.

make money blogging3. Business strategy

Best Seller Products + Keywords + Contents + Promotion + Target Audience

This strategy is followed from the day one while planning to start a blog. A blog is built as an online spot to sell products. Under a business strategy a blog is taken as online shop to sell products. E-commerce websites typically follow this strategy. To follow it you need to:

  • First Google the best seller products of your niche to sell online
  • Develop your own products after fully confirming they will be sold like hot cakes
  • Brainstorm their related keywords (benefits and features) and then search which ones are the highly searched
  • Create contents with the highly searched keywords of your niche
  • Promote your contents with both SEO and SMO
  • Ultimately the most targeted traffic comes to your blog
  • Sell the best seller products with reviews, putting their links in your contents and putting their CPA ads at the sidebar and within contents of your blog

4. Brand-base strategy

Branding + Authority + Readership + Monetizing

This is an advance strategy to make money blogging. Here branding of your blog plays a vital role to make you successful money blogger.

What do you think if you hear the word Phillips? Obviously electrical and electronic products come to your mind. This is called brand image.

What would you think if I say Lisa Irby? She is one of the pioneers of blogging and widely famous because of her video tutorials on blogging. This is her branding which she created after a lot of hard work.

So once your blog gets an image reflecting a specific field you becomes an authority and people visit your blog to find value and they do this very frequently to never miss each update.

Having been branded fully you can monetize your blog by selling your and affiliate products. Your just showcasing of your products will be sufficient to sell them massively. It needs a lot of hard work to fully adopt this strategy. You must have sound background of your niche.

Will you think twice to buy your required product from Chris Borgan’s blog?

5. Long-term monetizing strategy

Contents + Authority + Monetizing

This is the most-fit for those bloggers who are not in haste to earn money with their blog. They already are earning huge money from their main profession. They just start a blog as their side business or they are a few years away from their retirement.

make money bloggingThey don’t have much need of money because they are already at the final stage of their career where they earn huge already

They have vast experience of their field and can develop their image as an authority without much effort

Once they create their image as an authority in a field they simply need to recommend a product to buy and it sells like hot cakes.

6. Inbound strategy

Offers + Monetizing

To follow this strategy you require a blog with most targeted regular visitors at it. Obviously it is possible if you already have posted several high quality contents with highly searched keywords in them. You simply need to search the best offers related to your niche and write their reviews on your blog to sell them. You can also sell your own products to make money blogging with this strategy. Event-based blogs fondly follow this strategy.

So these are the six strategies to make money blogging. I am not specifying here who is following which strategy because this is the matter of money. I don’t want to perturb my senior bloggers by referring here how they are earning money at their blogs.

I minutely observe more than several money bloggers how they are making money. I am a learner and avidly to do this just to make myself a better money blogger.

Now your turn

Which strategy you like most or which one you are following right now. Are you planning to change your strategy? Or are you quite happy with your present strategy. How did you find all these 6 strategies? Are these strategies really kick-ass or just different angles of the same Regular Strategy? Do share your views and arguments to add value in this post.

I eagerly hope you will share this post at social media to let your friends know these six strategies to make money blogging.

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