6 popular strategies to make money blogging


make money bloggingI am sure after reading a lot of tutorials to make money blogging now you must have stopped dreaming to have a magic wand. You must have learnt that you can earn with your blog by doing smart work. But still you are a little confused.

Your mouth is watered after reading success stories of bloggers who earn big with Google Adsense. Sometimes you again get into dream land when an affiliate marketer shares his latest fascinating income report with you. You take a big sigh with envying hmmmmmmmmmmmm when you see a full-time blogger enjoying a lavish dinner with his family at a five-star hotel.

I am sure you don’t burn your heart in jealousy after watching all this. You just think how you can also become like them. But you get confused when you make up your mind to finally monetize your blog professionally.

Maybe a few blinking ads are already being displayed at your blog. Some of them may be for free and a few purely on cost per action (CPA) basis.

A few squire-shaped images at your sidebar are simply promotion stunts for your posts but your simple readers take them also as ads. In short there are so many do-for-nothing ads at your blog. As a result overall it falsely looks you have a lot of ads and you are earning huge money with your blog. I won’t end this paragraph with hahahahaha.

So you are still double-minded on what to do and what not to do to monetize your blog. Even you are not fully clear on how to monetize your blog.

You do believe in famous, oft-repeated, several-times-swallowed and always-buzzing piece of advice “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

But you are still confused which eggs to select first and which to later.

If monetization means putting Adsense ads at your blog you already have placed them soon after one week of starting your blog. Yes it does mean monetization but once you start earning an amount which you can tell to your friends at Facebook timeline “vow I earned $17 today from Adsense”. But you don’t want to tell them a few pennies you earn daily from Adsense. Nor do you want to tell a lie because you are a good human being apart from being a struggling blogger.

How to make money blogging literally?

Don’t worry, I will tell you six most popular strategies to make money blogging in its real terms. I am sure after reading them you will forget about looking at others and enjoy your own success.

Earlier I told you 5 methods to do successful blogging in which I did not cover the monetizing aspect of blogging. After getting huge response of awesome readers of this blog on that post now I am covering how to monetize your blog with different strategies.

I personally observed many successful bloggers are following them successfully.

So it is a way-forward to my previous post as linked above.

Here are six popular strategies to make money blogging.

1. Common strategy to make money blogging

Keywords + Contents + Promotion + Traffic + Monetizing

This is the most followed but quite risky strategy to make money blogging. It’s risky because a mistake at one of its stages (as pointed above within +s) spoils all the subsequent stages. If you do a mistake in promoting your contents obviously you will not get traffic.

This strategy is done by:

2. Erratic strategy

Earn + Earn + Earn + Earn

This is the second most popular strategy to make money blogging. Most of the younger lot is following it without thinking its adverse effects. They guys just grab every offer to earn money without giving it a second thought. They usually:

  • Sell backlinks
  • Publish paid posts regardless of the nature of do-follow outbound links they put in them
  • Put banner ads of all types without putting any disclaimer with it
  • Apply whatever monetizing methods they get to know from others
  • They eventually make their blog an hotchpotch of money making frenzy

It is not a viable strategy because you fail to create a viable source of income on long-term basis. Your blog becomes just like a laborer who works on daily wages basis.

You can earn with this strategy but in a limit. That is why many bloggers quit blogging or sell their blog despite earning money from it. They earn but a static amount of up to $100 or $200 maximum. That is why they easily sell such blog of limited income but don’t want to make gamble of putting their whole life to grow it. For those who dream high this strategy is rubbish.

make money blogging3. Business strategy

Best Seller Products + Keywords + Contents + Promotion + Target Audience

This strategy is followed from the day one while planning to start a blog. A blog is built as an online spot to sell products. Under a business strategy a blog is taken as online shop to sell products. E-commerce websites typically follow this strategy. To follow it you need to:

  • First Google the best seller products of your niche to sell online
  • Develop your own products after fully confirming they will be sold like hot cakes
  • Brainstorm their related keywords (benefits and features) and then search which ones are the highly searched
  • Create contents with the highly searched keywords of your niche
  • Promote your contents with both SEO and SMO
  • Ultimately the most targeted traffic comes to your blog
  • Sell the best seller products with reviews, putting their links in your contents and putting their CPA ads at the sidebar and within contents of your blog

4. Brand-base strategy

Branding + Authority + Readership + Monetizing

This is an advance strategy to make money blogging. Here branding of your blog plays a vital role to make you successful money blogger.

What do you think if you hear the word Phillips? Obviously electrical and electronic products come to your mind. This is called brand image.

What would you think if I say Lisa Irby? She is one of the pioneers of blogging and widely famous because of her video tutorials on blogging. This is her branding which she created after a lot of hard work.

So once your blog gets an image reflecting a specific field you becomes an authority and people visit your blog to find value and they do this very frequently to never miss each update.

Having been branded fully you can monetize your blog by selling your and affiliate products. Your just showcasing of your products will be sufficient to sell them massively. It needs a lot of hard work to fully adopt this strategy. You must have sound background of your niche.

Will you think twice to buy your required product from Chris Borgan’s blog?

5. Long-term monetizing strategy

Contents + Authority + Monetizing

This is the most-fit for those bloggers who are not in haste to earn money with their blog. They already are earning huge money from their main profession. They just start a blog as their side business or they are a few years away from their retirement.

make money bloggingThey don’t have much need of money because they are already at the final stage of their career where they earn huge already

They have vast experience of their field and can develop their image as an authority without much effort

Once they create their image as an authority in a field they simply need to recommend a product to buy and it sells like hot cakes.

6. Inbound strategy

Offers + Monetizing

To follow this strategy you require a blog with most targeted regular visitors at it. Obviously it is possible if you already have posted several high quality contents with highly searched keywords in them. You simply need to search the best offers related to your niche and write their reviews on your blog to sell them. You can also sell your own products to make money blogging with this strategy. Event-based blogs fondly follow this strategy.

So these are the six strategies to make money blogging. I am not specifying here who is following which strategy because this is the matter of money. I don’t want to perturb my senior bloggers by referring here how they are earning money at their blogs.

I minutely observe more than several money bloggers how they are making money. I am a learner and avidly to do this just to make myself a better money blogger.

Now your turn

Which strategy you like most or which one you are following right now. Are you planning to change your strategy? Or are you quite happy with your present strategy. How did you find all these 6 strategies? Are these strategies really kick-ass or just different angles of the same Regular Strategy? Do share your views and arguments to add value in this post.

I eagerly hope you will share this post at social media to let your friends know these six strategies to make money blogging.


  1. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    Good post. I’m not following ANY of these strategies on my main blog right now because I’m not trying to make money from it just yet. However, if I were going to start, I would guess that my strategy would be a cross between 4 and 5. You always have to plan and strategize for the long term and that’s where those that follow strategy #2 always seem to fail.

    Trying to make money every which way foolishly isn’t the answer – but many of them still do it.

    Very good article and I hope people that read this realize that they shouldn’t focus on one method to make money because as quickly as it came, that method could go away. So spread out various ways to make money if possible.

    Good post. Hope you have a great week.

    – Andrew

    • says

      Hi Andrew
      Your observation is perfect; a mix of these strategies will work greatly as compare to picking one of them. This is called consolidating several best options to make a super best.

      Yes many bloggers initially follow strategy no2 and try to earn with every option they can avail but ultimately they fail to put good impression on their readers.

      Thanks a lot for your great words for this post as you always share your wonderful views here and add value for readers of this blog.
      Have a great week. :-)

  2. says

    Hello; I think you did a solid job of outlining the different monitising strategies and pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each. I have been working to crate authority with the plan being to sell products my own and some affiliate ones when they agree with my brand. as the blind blogger my thing is inspiration and motivation and teaching people how they can also improve their lives. I also want to do coaching and public speaking. I don’t see myself doing adcents or a similar program. thanks for sharing, Max

    • says

      Hi Maxwell
      A warm welcome to you here at BeAMoneyBlogger. :-)

      I am so thankful to Harleena that I got a wonderful friend as you from her blog. I am much impressed by your guest post over there.

      It is height of your humility that you said you are trying to create your authority. No my dear; you have created your authority and that I am not saying because you are here but I did visit your blog and found each post there awesome.

      Your plan is so cool; exactly inspiration and movtivation is really your niche or I would say it’s your forte and you must keep delivering to help people like me to improve our lives and follow you.

      Caoching and public speaking also have big potential to offer value to your audience.

      Thanks a lot for you coming by and sharing your great great views.

      Hope you will keep visiting to guide me further by adding value here. :-)

      Have a productive week.

  3. DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] says

    Hello Muba !!

    It was amazing how you started the post, I was really caught up in that web when I started blogging as a newbie, like you said after reading those big success stories, They only thing I ever wished for myself too was success at their level or even beyond that. hahahaha

    But, there is one thing so important and true, that behind those successive stories there is an amazing strategy, plan and hard work and that is exactly what makes them successful. and you have them stated out here.

    You have clearly stated the “how to” of this particular problem and i enjoyed your maths beneath every point. It really signifies and summarize the whole point.

    I enjoy every bit and couldn’t stop myself from laughing at the beginning of the article. Thanks Muba for sharing this wonderful strategy !!

    Blogging Engage

    • says

      Hi DOK
      Lolz; your story is also like mine and I did have same curiosity of how they were earning big money and I was just running after peanuts those days. Thanks those difficult but equally so instructive days are over and we have a little clear idea about money blogging.

      Exactly, all the pro bloggers still very religiously follow a strategy and what I observed they still do blogging as if they just started their blog. Speed and quality are the two most important requirements for successful blogging.

      Your comments show you thoroughly read this post and it is very encouraging for me that I am getting reward of my hard work to create my blog posts.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views as always.

      Hope to see you again.

      Have a great and productive week. :-)

  4. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Again you’ve presented an excellent post for the bloggers. Yeah, they are following different strategies to make money with blog. I never follow erratic strategy to earn money but I’m trying to follow the brand-base strategy. I think that it is a reliable method to make some dough with our blog and thus working to improve my blog’s brand name through social media and by presenting some helpful articles for my visitors.

    I’m quite impressed with your blogging topics and this makes me to often visit your blog. Keep writing :)

    • says

      Hi Nirmala
      It is very heartening for me you not only appreciate my posts at social media but do visit them and also add value with your wonderful comments.

      The quality of posts at your blog do show you are following a well-developed strategy and consistently moving towards achieving your blogging goals. This is the sign of mature bloggers.

      It is always good to see you here and also big thank you for resharing this post at Google+.

      Have a great week.:-)

  5. Moumita Ghosh says

    Hello Mi Muba,

    Earning money from the blog, it’s a dream to a blogger. But sometime we see some bloggers stop their blogging journey just because not to get their desire result. Some Online Money Making Steps are mentioned here. Those steps can be helpful to those bloggers who are struggling to make money from their blog but not yet get success. Thanks Mi for sharing this useful article.

    • says

      Hi Moumita
      You are right; every blogger’s biggest dream is to earn money with his blog. A few lucky of them make their dream comes true by following a strategy while many others just wander to get a magic wand for this purpose.

      Thanks a lot for being regular visitor of this blog and sharing your wonderful views.

      Have a great week. :-)

  6. says

    Hi Mi,

    I love what your doing here in offering different ways to understand how someone can monetize their blog.

    It’s interesting that since my blog is so new, I have a strategy but that strategy is different for my business right now where I’m growing business opportunities for web design, development, and coaching and consulting for website strategies, overall online strategies and business.

    Since I focus so much on the coaching and consulting as the core of my business, I’ve wondered in the future if I should offer an affiliate or if I should just stay with the content marketing. Right now, almost all my business comes from the offline world. That makes sense because my blog is only 2 or 3 months old and has a way to go to reach maturity.

    Nonetheless, what my blog does do with all of the comments is offer me valediction and credibility right now with my offline audience who wants to know and understand if all this really works.

    I’m talking with a few big companies in Maryland right now and they see what I’m doing and want it, lol… I have an education process to take them through.

    Great post and lots for me to think about here.

    Thanks for challenging me to think differently Mi!
    ~ Don Purdum

    • says

      Hi Don
      In a three months time whatever you have done so far at your blog is a big feat and not the job of any ordinary guy. In this slight span of time you have developed your unique voice which can be heard so clearly.

      In this post I tried to mention the most effective strategies to make money blogging and these are the tested one by many bloggers. I did not mention their names just for the sake of confidentiality because no one likes someone other tells about him how he is earning money. This is their own right to tell their readers how they are making big money with their blogs.

      It is good to know your hard work in online world is also about to pay you as you mentioned you are in talks with big companies to offer them your online services. This is the amazing benefit of online world where you get results quicker than the offline world.

      Thanks a lot for your wonderful comments and also your resharing of my posts at social media.

      Have another successful week.

  7. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Informative post indeed, though I am a total stranger and a no one to speak on this topic :)

    You already know that making money has never been my aim so far, though I’ve just started off with it in my latest post, which again happened as I received Berry’s email with his offer and it was something I was wanting to do since a long time, become a life coach. That again, happened because people somehow have the faith and trust that I’d make a good one, something like Maxwell mentioned above. I know I am not good enough, but if you learn about it and can help yourself and others, then why not.

    I honestly have NO idea about your various ways, though I know Lisa is awesome, and so is Chris, both very focused, targeted, and ones who reach out and connect with people. I know a lot of bloggers would be able to better relate to this post as money making is something each one tries to do as it’s their way or earning and perhaps the reason they ventured into blogging, which for me has come through my writing work, and because blogging happened much later, it isn’t something I’ve yet ventured deep into, but I will, some day soon.

    Nevertheless, I am not the person to write reviews about things I won’t try or try to sell something just for money, without having tried it, or learnt about it’s authenticity – never. That’s because with time, people begin to trust you, and they have faith that whatever you write, share, or sell, will be true and authentic, and that trust and goodwill will always be my foremost priority. I guess I need to be answerable to my conscious more than anything else, so I’d be very careful about what I sell or the affiliate I choose in the near future too.

    Thanks for sharing these ways with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hi Harleena
      It’s height of your modesty; otherwise you do have sound grasp over each aspect of blogging including money blogging. I still remember how wonderfully you explained in one of your posts “how to increase speed of your blog”.

      You are not formally in the business of being life coach but many of your posts for improving our life do prove you have equally expertise in this field. These are the facts and even I narrate them or not they will be there.

      We equally need to think with our readers mind if they are happy to get everything for free from our blog or they are also ready to pay us for our services. It is the nature of every type of person he gives more value to a thing for which he had to pay.

      It is good to know Berry’s interview was a paid post and I found a little more value in it because you must have tried to put maximum value in it to fully serve the info needs of your audience and also to satisfy your client as well.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your very wonderful views and also supporting my posts and social media.

      You are a great addition in the list of my blogger friends.

      You too have a great week. :-)

      • says

        Sorry for the confusion Mi Muba. No, Berry’s interview wasn’t a paid post, but I became his affiliate as he offered the maximum discount to all those who would take the course through my link…as such my first affiliate or way to make money and it was something that I wanted to do for a long time, so both things clicked.

        The interview was a gesture to introduce him to everyone and talk about his course, and as I take the course further, I’d be writing more about it too.

        Yes, the knowledge one does have, but I’ve yet to learn more about the money making aspect through blogging and be very authentic about it, because of the trust factor :)

        It’s always a pleasure to share your posts and many of my blogging friends too. Thanks once again :)

        • says

          Thanks for clarifying a confusion.

          It is equally great to learn you are affiliate of his products. Surely it will be a great experience for you to formally work as affiliate marketer at your blog.

          IT sounds an impressive strategy to take interview of the company CEO of whom you just became an affiliate. When Harleena Singh do this people must believe in all credentials of that company.

          Thanks a lot for coming again to clear a point and help me and this blog readers understand better.

  8. minakshiblogger says

    Hello Muba Sir,

    Your given methods will help to get the new ideas and learn them for the new bloggers like us…Bloggers want to make their blog as a brand but it’s not easy as it seems because of competition..only few number of bloggers make their blog as a brand..Your these 6 golden strategies will be helpful for those who don’t know how to present the blog in front of people.

    • says

      Hi Minakshi

      It is always good to see you here at BeAMoneyBlogger.

      You are right, it is not so easy to make your blog as a brand. It really needs a lot of hard work and a proper strategy to achieve this goal.

      I am glad you liked this post and got value in it.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your worthwhile views.

      Hope to see you again.

      Have a great week.

  9. says

    Hi Mi,

    I’m not sure what strategy I fit right now. But I am making money on my offline business.

    As far as affiliate marketing is concerned, though I am affiliated with Share-a-Sale, Chitika, Amazon, and Genesis…I am not heavily promoting them either.

    I’m concentrating more in networking offline. Hoping to blog more what can help my clients instead. Coz I know in the future they’ll be back asking me for more questions. And so I concentrate on targeting them more nowadays.

    I think the best way to create passive income is develop your own product instead of relying on AdSense or other affiliate stuff. I think affiliates are just icing on the cake once you develop good traffic. However, the main course meal is in your own products. This is something you own nobody can take away from you!


    • says

      Hi Angela; my good friend
      It is good to know you are already registered with several affiliates. Now it ups to you anytime you can take ride on them to sell and earn money.

      The most amazing thing is you are in blogging business either you support your offline products with it or want to sell online.

      This is the great benefit of blogging it does support both online and offline businesses that is why it has become the most essential tool to promote every type of business. Just think what you can’t promote with it?

      This is the best strategy to make money blogging. Instead of relying on others products it is better to develop your own and eventually create your own product chain to be a brand online.

      Thanks a lot for your coming by and sharing your most valuable views for me and my blog readers.

      Hope to see you again.

      Have a great and productive week. :-)

  10. says

    Hello Mi sir,
    congratz on a awesome post. You have very well explained the categories of monetization and as well given your views on which method can take you how far. I really hate the erratic word and true to my hatred it is the worst method that you could apply on your blog. Though you might see the enthralling results in a short span of time but this will surely dump a blogger in the long run.

    My favorite method is number five at least for my current blog and in my personal opinion is by far the best as long as you are a writer and don’t still have your own products to sell. But I would soon be tasting a piece of the fourth type where I would be monetizing by selling my own eBook on the health niche. but that is gonna take a month or two so fingers crossed.

    • says

      Hi Swadhin
      It is always good to see you promoting my posts at social media and never miss to drop a few wonderful words here and around to appreciate my posts. This is a great blessing we all have because of being connected to each other in this awesome blogging community.

      Your choice is perfect; erratic method is equally bad for both short term and long term. Those who just want to earn money regardless of its source they can adopt it otherwise anyone having the basics of blogging will never opt for this.

      It is very great to learn your ebook on health is on anvil. IT means you have a long-term strategy to make money blogging and that is why I never observed any kind of haste in your overall blogging attitude. I must appreciate it.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your very valuable views here and being with me around.

      Have a great and productive week.:-)

  11. says

    H! Muba,

    This is insanely valuable. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to put this together! My only qualm is I wish I had seen this stuff earlier.

    Congratulations on your massive success so far, and I wish you even more going forward. You deserve it!


    • says

      Hi Waqas

      I am so happy to read such wonderful comments; this is the reward I get by doing hard work on my each post.

      Thanks a lot for your great words.

      Hope to see you again.
      Have a great week. :-)

  12. Sunday says

    Hi Muba,
    Its important to state that when it comes to the best strategy of making money by bloggers, different scenario applies to different folks.

    Thankfully you have demarcated the common strategies of business success with different online formulas.

    Some are meant for newbies, others are meant for advanced bloggers. More so, we have strategies that can help us earn in the now or in the future.

    What needs to be done in each of the strategies shared are the key takeaway points for just about any category of bloggers – i.e newbie or expert!

    This post “kingged” or upvoted in kingged.com where it was shared for bloggers,social marketers,and online marketers.

    • says

      Hi Sunday

      I get so happy after reading your thought-provoking comments everyt time and after reading them I must learn a new point about blogging. You are an awesome guy, really.

      You noted perfectly that a few of these strategies are most-fit for newbie and a few for struggling bloggers. I do agree with you. This is what I meant to mention them here.

      The success of each of these strategies depends upon how devotedly you follow them and achieve your blogging goals to make money blogging.

      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views to lift the worth of this post.

      Hope to see you around.

      Have a great week.

  13. says

    These are such a great & awesome Strategies ! I’m sure if these strategies are followed steps by steps so defiantly Bloggers can earn Much Money By Blogging ! I’m Happy with this post than told me better Strategies to earn Much Money !

    • says

      Hi Disha
      A warm welcome to you here at BeAMoneyBlogger
      I am glad you like this post. Please keep visiting to get more posts and be happy. :-)
      Thanks a lot for your great words.

  14. says

    Hello Muba Sir,
    I have read your article completely and i have gained a lot from it. Nice article with a great explanation. All information is very helpful.

    Excellent blog, Thanks so much for sharing

  15. says

    Thanks Muba, this is really good.

    To be honest, strategy number one is what I’m using at the moment. I use Google keyword planner to find profitable keywords and then, look for better affiliate program that can fit in to monetize the content along with aggressively promotion.

    So far, it has being a good experience and I don’t regret it.

    I don’t have adsense on my blog and don’t even plan on having it. I’m better with affiliate marketing and in the future, selling my own products.

    I believe the future of my blog is more secure and better with both of these monetization methods than running an advertisement base blog.

    Thanks Mi Muba, good reading your post this morning.

    • says

      Hi Adeshokan

      It is good to learn you follow strategy No1. It is the most common strategy to make money blogging. Many top bloggers are following it. Though it worked well in past when competition was not stiff. Now following it, is a big challenge because everyone is just writing great contents with highly searched keywords.

      As you pointed you are getting good results with it so you must have followed it with its true spirit and that is why you are ahead. It is the sign of being a good blogger. :-)

      Yes, affiliate sales is one of the most profitable money making ways and putting Adsense means relying more on others action.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views with lot of value in them.

      Do keep visiting to get more interaction and sharing your worthwhile views.

      Hope to see you around.

      Have a great week.

  16. says

    Hello Mi Muba,

    Everyone is interested in this topic! :) Also left you a comment in the Kingged community.

    Yeah, most people realize there is no magic bullet, but their actions are still groping in the darkness because they don’t know who to follow.

    It’s easy for some folks to get caught up with the hype of fancy and flashy pictures of so called successful marketers flaunts their riches.

    Lack of a plan is a huge problem, you’re spot on there.

    I agree that we should diversify and not put all our eggs in one basket.

    I don’t care for Adsense, never have because in my opinion it feels and looks spammy.

    Regarding number one, Most of the blogs I visit utilize selling their own products or other marketers’ products ( affiliate marketing ), but not Adsense, at least not that I’ve seen lately.

    I definitely agree that number two has very limited opportunities to earn, and would not be advisable at all, in my opinion. I agree with you– the strategy is rubbish. :-)

    Love and practice brand-base strategy. I think there are combinations of strategies that work like inbound and brand.

    Thanks for your thought-provoking article, I really appreciate it.

    Hope you have an awesome Tuesday.

    – Carol Amato

    • says

      Hi Carol
      Your observation is right; now many many newbie bloggers come to know there is really no any magic wand to earn money with their blog. It is a lengthy process which requires a lot of patience and consistency apart from following a proper strategy.

      Not only you but many proactive bloggers don’t like to put adsense at their blog :-) but I would say it also depends upon the niche of your blog. If a blog has silent niche like go green or spirituality then it works otherwise for a vocal niche like technology or blogging it has least potential to give you desired results.

      I am so impressed to see your deep insight into these make money strategies as you very well defined with your perspective to each of them and really added value in this blog post. I am so thankful to you for this. :-)

      Once again thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here and at Kingged.

      Hope to see you again.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  17. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    The strategy that closely resembles what I’m doing is #4.

    I don’t really go after the keywords and I’m not monetizing my blog in any way. But I am building my brand, getting plenty of readers, building those relationships and then right now I have my consulting clients but will be releasing my own product in a few months.

    There are just so many different things you can do to make money online and I believe you’ve covered them quite well here actually.

    I wish people would realize the work involved if you want to build a good reputable business that will last over time. Trying to make a quick buck or thinking they’ll become rich off Google Adsense still is just such a joke to me. I don’t quite understand their thinking behind that but I guess we all have to do what we think is best and then learn along the way right!

    Great share Mi Muba and thanks for putting this together. Hope your week is going well.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne
      It is great to learn you are following brand-based strategy; that shows your prowess in brand management to create ripples in blogosphere which you already have done with your outstanding blogging performance in previous five years. This I am saying because I am an avid reader of your blog.

      It is a proven fact you are one of the few of those bloggers who are icon of relationship building in online marketing and many bloggers like me are following your footprints to successfully expand their networking.

      I do 100 times agree with you haste is a big sin in money blogging and even those who look at others earning statement actually show their own impatience to make money quickly. Yes just to get inspiration from them is fine.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable comments on this post.
      I too hope your week is getting great.

  18. Rahul Kashyap says

    hello Mi Muba sir,

    really they are most informative case strategies to make money from blogging. i visit your blog first time and you give me first impression :)

  19. says

    Hi Mi Muba,
    Thanks for this detailed look at the subject. I have the most experience with #5, the long-term approach. I’ve used this approach in a few different niches/industries over the years and I’ve found it to work very well, although it does take some time and patience.

    • says

      Hi Marc
      You are a senior blogger and your words to endorse strategy No5 means a lot of newbies will follow it. This is the benefit of having a pro blogger at your blog to not only get motivation but also a lot of guidance. :-)
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your awesome views.

  20. says

    Hello Mi,

    I think the most common option is of course blogging but one thing which ought to be understood is the fact that making money online in general involves a lot hard work and working smart in general but most importantly one needs to have lots of PATIENCE.

    Thanks for this lovely piece of yours.
    PS: I found this shared on kingged.com. Do have a great day!

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel

      Thank God your comments don’t have that much satire as your blog posts usually have. Otherwise we should have waken up our retorting skills to face you. :-)

      I think patience is the most essential requirement while following any of these strategies; so thanks for pointing at this important thing.

      Thanks a lot for your coming by and sharing your great views. Hope to see you again.

  21. says

    Hi Mi

    You have done a great job here of categorizing the strategies. After having a good read through I realized that I am probably following a number of the strategies, so this is something I need to refine.

    I guess if I had to pick ONE, it would be the brand based strategy. I have been working on building my brand, so that my blog can be a source for easy to follow tricks (particularly for new bloggers to follow). This coincides with the product that I have to sell. My posts are not trying to be too technical and confuse newbie bloggers, because that would contradict the resources which I am advertising.

    It’s good to make us stop and think about what we are doing!

    • says

      Hi Catherine

      It is good to know you are following a mix of these strategies to make money blogging. It is equally a smart move to minimize the risk and maximize the returns.

      I observed consistent bloggers like to pick the brand strategy because they know with their consistency and focussed struggle they can easily make it work.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your great views here. Hope to see you again.

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. says

    Hi Mi Muba,
    I am following the slow and steady pace – the way of the tortoise.
    It takes a bit longer, but with all of the Google penalties and such – well, playing games is risky. I’d rather just be transparent.
    Your article presents an interesting twist on monetizing. I like the way you detailed the different strategies that people follow.
    Excellent post!

    • says

      Hi Neena

      The wisest way is to be slow and steady to win the race. Your choice is great. :-)

      The reward of patience is always sweet. That is why patience is one of the most essential requirements to do money blogging successfully.

      I am glad you liked this post.
      Hope to see you again.
      Have a great weekend.

  23. adetechblog says

    Hi Mi,

    Great list here. It’s not really easy for beginners to start making 3 digits from blogging month but the second strategy suit some the more yet static in come and at times Google may frown eye on blog that sells link often and such blog may suffer from Google Panda update anytime

    • says

      Hi adetechblog

      It is a candit reality earning bit with your blog is not possible in months. You observation is very right.

      Yes if someone follow the Strategy 2 maybe he earn a few bucks with it but Google may take not of selling backlinks. So people should be so carefuly while following this strategy.

      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your great views.

      Have a great weekend. :-)

  24. says

    Great article Muba. The best method? Personally, selling ad space. You can easily sell one around 50 to 200 bucks a month without much effort.

    Just sharing :)

    • says

      Hi Reginald

      It is good to see you here again after a long time. I get a lot of inspiration from your posts.

      You are right banner ads are also a wonderful way of monetizing but we should not overlook other methods as well.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your authority views to help readers of this blog.

      Have a great day. :-)

  25. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Whenever i visited your blog i always found unique, different and detailed articles there which are very helpful. Specially in this post your strategy # 4 is i think the best way to earn money for every one. No doubt if some one want to make much money through blogging they should have fully concentrate on their blog to make it Brand- Based.

    Thanks for sharing such informative and obviously nice article.

    • says

      Hi Mairaj

      You pointed here the most professional strategy to monetize a blog; through branding. This is the favorite one of those who do have full understanding of internet marketing and know well how to exploit your brand to earn more.

      I am glad you like this and other posts of this blog. This is so encouraging to know.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

      Hope to see you again.

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