7 Foolproof Ways To Make Money With A Blog In 2017 And Beyond

There are still so many most effective ways to make money with a blog in 2017. Bloggers have been utilizing some of them for years.

We all know that the internet has changed the way we interact and engage with people. Instead of business being a local thing, it’s now transformed into a global marketplace because the concept of “www” has connected all the countries together.

For example, someone in India can now purchase a product from the United States by browsing online. It’s open the playing field allowing some people to become very rich by creating informative content, videos, tutorials, and by providing services to everyone.

There is a lot more competition around too because it’s so easy for you to start a business online.

make money with a blogA blog which used to take several months to start can now be up and running within a minute. If you do a quick search on YouTube.com, you’ll find so many walk-through videos showing you how to start a blog in under 4 minutes. It’s amazing!

I decided to do some research and come up with the top 7 creative resource guides to make money with a blog. Let’s get started and you can leave your thoughts below.

But first let’s know what a blog is?

What is a blog?

This is an online platform on WordPress.com or blogger.com which streamlines your creative process.

For example, WordPress is very easy to install, add a theme, and start writing content. You can also customize it by adding cool plugins and other themes to fit your personally and/or brand.

The main purpose of blogging platforms is to make it easy for you to start a website so you can spend more time writing high-quality content.

The less time you spend designing your website, the more time you’ll spend networking, and writing informative content.

Get detail info on what is blogging and what you need to know about it.

7 most effective ways to make money with a blog in 2017

Now, let’s get into my 7 creative resources that are the most effective ways to make money with a blog in 2017.

1. Selling Advertising Space

This has always been a very popular way to make money with a blog. However, to fully benefit from this monetization method, you need to build your blog and have lots of traffic.

Only when you have niche targeted traffic, you’ll have a lot of opportunities present themselves from other people in your niche. They’ll want to market products, services, or even build brand awareness.

To get started, you’ll need your own blog, and need to write content on a particular niche. I would suggest following your passion because this way you’ll continue to write even when your blog isn’t generating any money during the beginning stages.

Google tutorials on how to start selling advertising space to others within your niche. You will find loads of information to get it done easily.

make money with a blog2. Freelancing

Another great way to make money with a blog is by offering freelance services. This means writing content, designing websites, video editing, etc.

If you have a skill, then you might want to start looking for ways to freelance and promote yourself through your website.

You can always start on Fiverr.com or Freelance.com, but then refer people who you have worked for to your own personal website.

This is an awesome way for students to make money from their personal blogs. Here’s a great resource providing some steps on how college students can start freelancing.

3. CPA Offers

CPA stands for cost-per-action and many people make money through zip offers, email submits, and others.

Some of the top bloggers in the world have made thousands of dollars each month by getting visitors to fill out some sort of offer.

If you want to start displaying CPA offers on your blog, then you’ll have to join some of the popular networks online.

Do a search in Google for “CPA networks” and start joining the most popular platforms.

You can visit other sites like Luke Peerfly where you’ll find case studies done on CPA offers. He discusses amazing traffic sources, the right types of offers, and how to make money through CPA offers correctly.

4. Amazon Affiliate

This affiliate network has been around for several years and pays out millions of dollars each month to associates.

Many people have made money by promoting Amazon products on their blog, and this is an option you have too.

For example, you can start a blog where you review products and books then link out to the appropriate item.

make money with a blogWhen someone purchases the product, you’ll make anywhere from 4%-6% for driving the sale. I recommend before you get started, you do the following –

  • Create a blog
  • Build your brand and increase traffic
  • Find the right products to add to your website
  • And continue to tweak to optimize the amount of money your making

You can search online to find case studies on the Amazon affiliate product. These case studies are great because they provide you with a walk-through on how to build an Amazon affiliate blog. They also show you the common mistakes you should avoid too.

5. Coaching/Mentoring

Once you’ve established you’re as a major player within your niche, you can start to provide private coaching and mentoring.

There are many people who will pay a lot of money to gain the type of knowledge you have, and what you’ve done to create a blog which generates money.

One thing you’ll notice with the top bloggers within the industry, they’ll all offer private coaching to their readers.

But, for you to provide this to your readers, you’ll have to first build credibility and establish yourself as a major player within your niche.

To learn more about how to successful establish yourself as an expert, be sure to read through these seven authoritative tips.

6. Create a Product

A very powerful way to make money with a blog. Here’s a great example of how to create a product and generate enormous income.

The concept is very easy because by now you know what type of content your visitors like to read.

You also know what products they are looking for which will help them solve the problem they are having.

Your experience should allow you to create the product they are looking for and sell it to them directly. This means you’ll earn 100% commission and depending on your readership, this can be a lot of money coming into your pocket.

Here are a few things to ask yourself before getting started –

  • What’s the common problem people have in your niche?
  • What product will solve this problem?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How will you market your product?
  • How much will your charge for your product?
  • How much will it cost you to create your product?

make money with a blog7. Solo Advertising (Email advertising)

Not much know way to make money with a blog, but very effective. If you have a huge readership and have been collecting email subscribers, then consider selling space on your newsletter.

Other bloggers will pay a lot of money for you to shoot out a message to your subscribers about them. This helps them build brand awareness quickly, and they are willing to pay a lot of money if you have a targeted list.

For this method to work, you’ll need a lot of subscribers because this makes your solo ad more enticing.

I’ve always recommended to my clients to start building an email list from day one because you’ll be surprised how any people want to join.

The number becomes higher if you’re producing content consistently, and it offers quality at the same time.

But, be very careful when selling space on your newsletter because you don’t want to send your subscribers an offer which is low quality and provides no substance. This can hurt your brand and credibility.

I hope you would share this post on social media to let your friends and colleagues know these amazing ways to earn money online.

Editor’s Note: This article is a contribution by Brandon Johnston, who writes about the latest findings in business and marketing at BlogReign.com.

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Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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