7 rebellious ways to know if your contents are really good

Ours is an era of stiff competition where smart people are in big number in every field. They are truthful but they speak truth skillfully to never hurt anyone. That is why it is really hard to know how you are going in your field.

People criticize your work very politely as if it sometimes look they are appreciating it. So eventually it becomes harder to know how you are going.

In the field of blogging things are still very confusing with regard to getting feedback on your contents. People in this field are very cooperative and caring. They never want someone be disheartened after hearing their comments. That is why they first appreciate the good work and then come to any weaker area of your contents.

Secondly no one wants to irritate or hurt the feeling of the one who did a lot of hard work for writing a post. That is why, believing in “practice makes a man perfect” they just advise to keep writing and keep sharing to ultimately keep improving.

contentsBut being a struggling blogger you must know how you are going. Especially you must know how your contents are.

The most common ways to know if your blog post is really great are with the number of following things on it:

  • Visits
  • Comments
  • Reshares
  • Mentions

But you can’t judge the value of your contents on the basis of merely big number of visits to your latest blog post as it may be a reward of your massive promotion on social media and forums.

You can’t judge the quality of your post on the basis of huge number of comments as well because most of the people comment for a comment and you are also an active commenter on other blogs.

You can’t say your post is going viral also because many people reshare your post in return of resharing of their post as you are so actively resharing others posts.

How to evaluate the quality of your contents?

In view of above facts, how you should know if your contents are really good. For this purpose I explored these seven uncommon parameters to know if your contents are really great.

1. Count the number of unique comments

Returning commenters should be highly welcome as they increase value in your posts. Most of them regularly comment on your blog being your loyal readers so they give very balanced feedback both pointing out shortcomings and highly appreciating awesomeness of your blog post.

They are a great asset to you for knowing feedback of your readers but the real asset are first time or unique commenters. Maybe they comment just to get noticed by other commenters or you as well but most of the time such commenters share their opinion on your post because of its high quality.

So keep counting how many unique commenters you get on your each post and how is the quality of their comments. If they just drop a few words to being noticed or be part of the debate it’s fine. Also check if they have shared their detailed views just to let you know how your post is. If latter is true you must thank them.

2. How many direct reshare by strangers

Usually your friends on social media reshare your post or your friends of friends do this. But sometimes a person not in your active contacts or not in your friends’ contact list reshares your post on any social media with a very eye-catching description on your post. It means your post regardless of who you are has made ripples and people are noticing it.

3. So many mentions in other niche

If your post is on blogging and someone from another niche quotes your post somewhere else it means your post has a universal value. It must have value for everyone related to any field of internet. It shows your post has value for all.

4. Reference in offline world

Many great bloggers are off and on mentioned by newspapers and magazines in their print editions. Though they achieved this honor after a long struggle but you should also aim to get mentions by any media other than internet to widen your outreach.

contentsThose who watch TV or read newspaper do use internet as well and they would surely be your potential clients if you get the mentions from other media.

5. Mention by an influencer who doesn’t know you

This is the biggest achievement of your content if someone being an influencer of your niche refers your post without knowing you. It happens rarely but not an impossible task and many great bloggers cover the success story of a struggling blogger as case study and they don’t know him before.

So keep improving your contents to take them a level where influencers notice it without knowing you.

6. Any review on your post

It is also an uphill task but those who achieved this great honor were also humans like you and me. The most referred and most reviewed post I think so far is of Jon Morrow.

You may ask how one can be like Jon Morrow. The simple answer is he was also once a struggling blogger like you and me so no wonder if your post also gets this much level of response one day. Keep writing and keep sharing.

7. How long readers stay on your post?

You can judge this from your Google Analytics accounts. You can bring a huge number of visitors on your blog post by massively resharing it or smartly optimizing it but can never make readers stay on it with any trick. For this purpose the only trick is to put high value in it and make it most beneficial for your readers. If it is really beneficial your readers would read it from start to end as you are reading this post right now (should I say Lol).

So these are the seven super normal ways to know if your contents are really good. I am not saying other benchmarks are not credible but they may be a little vague or very formal in nature. While these seven will never give you any rosy picture of the quality of your contents and would tell you how your contents really are.

Have you already achieved any of these benchmarks on your any post, please share your success story with us in comments below.

I am sure you would also reshare this post on social media with your friends to let them know how to know if their contents are really good.

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