7 styles of blogging for money and which one is yours

You may be wondering what is a style of blogging for money and why it’s so many types.

Or is it necessary to know about blogging styles since I already shared with you 6 popular strategies to make money blogging.

You are right if you’re blogging for money so well without knowing its types, so why you should know about it.

Don’t worry I am not discovering any new idea or theory here to make you follow it. I am simply trying to help you stand out from the crowd as a blogger.

I am just telling you:

  • Which style of blogging for money you are following?
  • Is it suitable for you?
  • Should you change it?
  • How to change your blogging style?

So, one point is clear here that you have your own blogging style. Maybe you know it or don’t know but after reading this post you will have answers of all the above questions. Their answers won’t simply increase your knowledge. It will help you improve your style or correct it if you are following a wrong style.

At the end of this post I would tell you what is the best style of blogging for money to help you earn big money online from the day one.

Don’t go fast to the end of this post to find the best style because without reading the whole post you won’t be able to understand it properly.

So stay with me to first read different styles and then you will fully understand what is the best style which I will tell you at the end of this post.

First of all I cover the basic questions to make you know what is style of blogging for money and what are its types to pick the best one for you.

blogging for moneyWhat is style of blogging for money?

Everyone has different types of styles, like personal style, living style and professional style. So bloggers do have a blogging style many of them know their style and many don’t know.

But after reading this post you will know about it and may change it to make it most fit for the achievement of your goals. Then you need not follow all popular blogs to earn money and stay with your own style.

What is the key objective of blogging for money?

Before reading different blogging styles to make money it is better to know the strategic objective of make money blogging.

Obviously the ultimate objective of blogging for money is to make money. But its strategic objective is to bring more and more targeted visitors to sell them your products and services.

7 styles of blogging for money

After thoroughly examining several successful, struggling and newbie money bloggers I got these seven blogging styles everyone is following to bring targeted visitors at his blog.

1. Quality-centric style

Bloggers with already vast experience of professional life follow this style. They already have deep insight into what to produce and how to produce at their blog without investing a lot both money and time.

So, on the basis of their previous knowledge they can create contents of high quality without much hard work and become well-known for the quality of their work.

They are well aware of how to turn a stereotyped post into an amazing piece of writing by putting a lot of new points on the basis of their past experience.

They don’t take much effort for the promotion and presentation of their posts and simply try to create value in each post. Their contents have the power to solve the biggest problem of their readers.

Owning to their vast vision of customer care they come to know easily what their readers want and how to give them the best solution for their problem.

They believe if they create quality contents and products they don’t have to promote a lot and after a little promotion they can get a huge response. They do believe the quality of a product itself acts as their marketing manager to promote their brand.

Can you pick it?

If you have a vast professional background either in offline or online world you can follow this style. If you are a young blood just completed your formal education or awhile ago then you need to wait and keep learning to reach at this stage.

You can create quality but not with as much depth as experienced people can do. Its only solution is to be patient and you will be more than them just because of your focused and consistent learning.

blogging for money2. Promotion-based style

This style is most suited for very lively and proactive type of people. They can create contents and products so well but they by their nature love to promote them massively. This kind of people never forgets to tell others what they have done and what they are doing nowadays.

You might have met such people in your life. They are so amazing and do this very positively. They don’t show off. They just want to share the joy of their every achievement. They by nature are habitual of doing something and promoting it everywhere.

If it is good for you

Just assess yourself if you love to meet people, talk to them and not much choosy in making friends so this style is yours. Otherwise you simply have to follow the rule of 20:80 to promote your post.

If you are not fond of sharing the joy of your achievements with others, you can’t follow promotion-based style of blogging and promote your work taking it as simply one of your blogging chores.

3. PR-focused style

For recruitment of public relation (PR) staff companies declare that they want a person must be a people’s person. Such people achieve success on the basis of their public relation. They do create quality but the quality of their PR is quite higher than the quality of their contents and products.

So they get a big boost from influencers, experts and professionals whom they have good PR and get huge response to their products with their help.

Can you follow this style?

If you love to meet people and everyone becomes your friend, you can follow this style.

4. Numbers-crazy style

The younger lot mostly follows this style. They get huge traffic at their blog by doing whatever they can do to attract people visit their newly published post.

Every time they share their post at hundreds of places and even while commenting at social media they never miss a chance to share their new post. They send direct messages; put the link of their post wherever they are allowed to do so.

They don’t get tired of doing this exercise regularly and eventually they improve their contents and easily retain a lot of unique visitors as their loyal visitors by offering value.

Is it suitable for you?

If you are so energetic and don’t have any big financial or family responsibility this is most suited for you. You just need to keep improving your contents and products to ultimately develop a huge base of loyal visitors at your blog.

5. Uniqueness-hungry style

This is most fit for creative people. They don’t compromise on uniqueness and if an idea was shared a little earlier they drop it and keep digging unique ideas to offer their readers something new.

They become famous as unique bloggers and people having visited once their blog do come back to check what new in literal terms is published at their blog.

How it is for you?

If you feel you are creative so never be afraid of huge publications of posts by your competitors. Just stick to your way of creating unique posts even if you post less frequently. One day it will become your brand image and people don’t forget to visit your blog to get something unique every time.

blogging for money6. Personal style

This relates to story telling way in content writing. Many people love to talk about themselves, about their past, about people related to them and about people they are talking to. So they write a post with a lot of small stories in them.

This style is most engaging and people who follow it get huge number of comments and their readers don’t take any burden reading such posts. They teach a lot of things while narrating stories and referring people around them.

Is it for you?

Simply recall the whole happening of your today. Who did you talk to and what about you talked to them. Just recall was it so formal and to the point or simply gossiping with them. If it was formal so pick any other style and if it was just a lighter talk without any particular focus so this style is good for you.

7. Theoretical style

People relying on formal knowledge usually follow this style. They don’t dare to offer something new or bring a new point. They love to follow norms and avoid deviating from established trends to create something new. So they get more theoretical and in many niche it is good to be theoretical. It is fine if it is followed in a limit.

Is it fine for you?

So just remember do you refer a dictionary to see the definition of a common word or just try to define it in your own terms.

If you believe in practical knowledge then this style is not for you. Else if you strictly follow what earlier has been said then you can follow it and it is good for many niche where theories are more required like education, training, tutorial types of niches.

What is the best style of blogging for money?

So simple it is. The balanced mix of all the above styles is the best style of blogging for money. You need to be a quality writer, active marketer, fond of building relations with others, unique in your own way, also believing in quantity, having a good mix of theoretical and practical knowledge both to become a successful money blogger.

So these are the seven blogging styles just check which one is your and do share with me to let this blog’s community know how did you find the best blogging style as I explained above.

I am sure you would also reshare this post at social media soon after commenting on it below.

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