7 wicked ways to spice up your dud blogging mentor program

Did you ever observe how several top bloggers treat their blogging mentor program?

They take it as their secondary product.

They simply display its banner ad at the sidebar of their blog as if it’s their filler product.

They write on its ad a few promises to make you a great blogger if you hire them.

Most of them even don’t mention the price and leave up to you how much you can afford to pay them. It shows flexibility of their rates that actually denotes the low worth of a product.

Actually they themselves are not confident of their offer has strong appeal and that is why they take it simply a product to show the world they are selling something.

They don’t presell it, nor frequently recommend it in their contents or on social media and simply keep sending email over email to ask their subscribers buy it.

You can find such program as a generous offer by every blogger who has been in this field for a few years and has established his brand as a pro blogger.

Their whole blogging mentor program is confined to one-on-one coaching and they take it as rule of thumb and never bother to diversify it.

Actually they don’t have a finished product and they try to sell a semi-finished product. Yes I call it a semi-finished product because it does not have any brand or any packaging and has a lengthy text description only.

That is why they fail to sell it robustly and eventually an opinion is built-in blogosphere that blog mentoring does not have huge demand.

You must have heard this heated debate in blogosphere that if a newbie blogger should hire a mentor or learn blogging by do-it-yourself.

mentor programThat debate is not due to difference of opinion about blog mentoring. It is mainly because of the weakness of such products available in the market so far. If a product does not have a model to be referred in the market then confusion with regard to its demand is damn obvious.

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Price variation in such programs is also to be noted. Some bloggers charge a few bucks for their mentoring while many others charge in hundreds and even in thousands of dollar.

That is why many people take it nothing but a luxury and term it fit for those who are already rich and want to blog for fun. Very few people take it as their basic necessity to learn blogging for becoming a successful blogger.

Those who are already rich will never do blogging that much seriously as the ones who want to make money with it.

So to become serious in any activity spending of money as initial investment is its basic requirement. Otherwise it remains a hobby and no one takes it seriously either the one who offers it or the one who avails the free offer. Free thing does not have any commercial value in most of the cases.

So if you want to create a money-making blogging mentor program or already have a dead one at the sidebar of your blog you must completely overhaul it. Just sell it to deserving bloggers who have entrepreneurial thinking to build an online business. If they are really serious they will buy it if it is perfectly developed and does not have simply hollow promises.

7 ways to spice up your blogging mentor program?

Here are 7 ways to completely overhaul your blogging mentor program

mentor program1. Don’t sell promises, sell benefits

Most of the mentoring offers begin with a lot of promises like;

These are not benefits. They are marketing slogans, or promises or the punch lines of your sales pitch. So first highlight benefits of your blogging mentor program and clearly display them at the top of its sales page.

Example: This program offers you a complete package of blog learning and its most of the tips are unique and you can’t find them anywhere for free.  

2. Put sub-programs

Divide the whole program into different sub programs. If you want to guide bloggers to become a successful blogger divide it into:

  • A tutorial to teach them what they should do before starting a blog
  • Another tutorial to let them know how to start a blog
  • The last tutorial how to run the blog successfully

3. Offer a support service

It works as an incentive to boost your sales. People want help after completing a course to fully apply it afterwards. So your support service in your package offer should include:

  • After sale mentoring for half an hour without any fee
  • A case study to let your subscribers know which follow-up actions they need to take to continue taking benefits of your program.
  • A final review of the performance of your course subscriber to check what he has achieved after fully applying the tips of your course at his blog

4. Diversify the contents of your blogging mentor program

Many bloggers do a big mistake while creating the contents. They simply stick to live online tutoring through Skype or Google Hangout. It lowers the value of their program. It should be but it should be simply as an orientation of your course while rest of the material of your course should be in variety of contents.

People like variety and get bored by stereotyped things in any kind of activity. So offer them diverse contents in your blog mentoring. It should consist of:

  • An online orientation or introduction of course to each subscriber
  • A report providing basic guidance on how to blog
  • A video tutorial to set the blog
  • A presentation to run the blog successful
  • A one-on-one talk for midterm review
  • A special tutorial, maybe text-based, to make each subscriber cover up what he could not have learnt so far from your mentoring
  • The final tutorial to help the subscriber take his blog to the next level
  • A final one-on-one talk to do the final review

You can offer these contents with your other products as well and put them into your any tutorial product or an ebook to make them work there also.

mentor program5. Set competitive price of your blogging mentor program

If your blogging mentor program has a different type of contents and is not limited to one hour online coaching you can charge huge fee and people would happily subscribe it.

You just need to sell it by highlighting all its benefits and by creating its winnable sales pitch.

Also, affordability of your audience may vary because of their being in different age groups and belonging to different income levels.

Here you can take another benefit of marketing by dividing your offer in three categories like basic, advance and pro level. You can put their prices differently.

A higher priced offer should include all your services as I pointed above and in lowest price it should have lesser number of services from the above list.

6. How to develop the whole package?

You may be worrying how to create variety of contents for your blogging mentor program. It is very simple as a lot of online tools are available at reasonable prices for this purpose. Any software to develop an e-learning course can serve your purpose with not much higher cost.

I would suggest trying Powtoon to create the whole program where you can create presentations and videos. You can subscribe it for one month to create your whole course and don’t face the burden of monthly fee. I have tested it to develop a tutorial for one of my clients.

7. How to run the blogging mentor program?

Your offer should be open to all without any time bar. If you follow an academic schedule and register in groups you may miss many aspirants who want to follow their own schedule. So keep it open and offer your mentoring individually to each one. Otherwise it will be called training and not the mentoring.

For this purpose the most manual way to manage this program is with Excel sheet. Simply record who has registered, what you have given to him so far and what and when you have to give him further.

With Evernote you can also easily run your mentor program without any help and need not to do noting manually.

Now Your Turn

So this is the whole process of overhauling and running your blogging mentor program to earn big money.

Do you offer your mentoring services or still just planning to do that? Do share your views on this topic and help me know more about it.

I am sure you will reshare this post to let your friends know how to be a successful blogging mentor.

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