Two diverging views about blogging; which one is yours

You might have heard several times these two poles-apart opinions about blogging.

You may get confuse what you should think of it. Maybe you keep changing your opinion about blogging.

Professionally speaking you must be clear about the work you want to do as your career. Or at least about the one you want to try as your career. That is why I mentioned here three types of people who say blogging is easy and three others who say it is difficult.

You decide which one among them are you and tell me in comments.

EASY for those who learn blogging

If you look at the most successful bloggers of the world, all of them have been in this field for the last ten years and more. Or many of them have been associated with internet technology in one way or the other for the last ten years. So it does not mean you must also spend that much period. But you must know what they have done during their struggle.

They learnt how to blog on trial and error basis. They made an attempt. If they failed they changed their course and made another attempt. If they succeeded in a method they improved it. So in their whole struggle they learnt how to manage a blog and to become its expert. Eventually they did become expert.

But you need not to spend that much time. Now you can learn from their experiences. Just look around and you will find many pro bloggers who offer several free and premium products to make you learn how to blog and earn money with it. Just pick the best offer and learn it and confidently say blogging is easy.

DIFFICULT for those who expect more from it

bloggingThis type of bloggers completely overlooks the long struggle of pro bloggers. They wrongly think after one or two years they will also be standing in the row of top bloggers. It is not possible.

Blogging is neither a magic, nor a sports and even not a showbiz where you can be famous with one blockbuster.

It is a business and no businessman has ever become billionaire in one night. Gamblers can become, lottery buyers can also but bloggers have to wait for a long time to become billionaire. But it is possible to become rich with your blog. There are several bloggers not only making full-time earning but are having a very lavish lifestyle.

EASY for those who really like it

Why few people become most successful and few simply successful in this world. First type of people actually gets into the field they really like. The second type of people becomes successful with their power and hard work. So a favorite work always seems easy.

DIFFICULT for those who willfully love it

Many youngster start a blog because one of their friends making huge bucks with it. They just start a blog because others are so happy while doing it. After sometime they find it so boring and call it difficult. So don’t pay attention to words of such people.

EASY for those who also want to earn money with it

If you start a blog just to make money, it is more likely you will fail. Just look around the most successful bloggers. Most of them started blogging for fun. Some of them picked it as source of their expression. After that they made their blog a source of their earning. So start a blog if you really love to do that.

DIFFICULT for those who only want to earn money with it

Same rule applies here. If you start a blog just to make money you will not take it as fun. You will not enjoy it. You will take it as boring job of Maths or Accounting (I hate both these subjects). So never aim money only to start a blog. Always set your objectives broader but yes inclusive of money-making.

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