Hi, I am Mujtaba Baig. I have been blogging for the last five years. I have worked as content writer, SEO and SMO for two blogs of a UK-based NGO for two years in 2012-13.

I so far have written 1,300 big and small posts on the topics of blogging, money-making, healthy living and green lifestyle.

I have been published as guest blogger on several blogs including Successful BloggingAha-Now, ShoutMeLoud, Blogging CageAll Blogging Tips and My Blogger Lab are the most prominent ones.

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After successful blogging journey of three years then I started this blog to share with you whatever I learnt during my blogging struggle.

Learn and earn together

I decided to share my blogging knowledge and skills with you because I know how difficult is to do blogging without much knowledge. You need to do everything on trial and error basis. If it works, fine, otherwise search a better option.

If you keep doing things on trial and error basis it will become your habit. You hardly take any decision exactly ever in your life. You will remain doubtful of your final decision. That is why:

Learn to make a smart move

It is not a smart move to learn first and to earn afterwards. Every educational institution calls for first learn then earn. But now things have changed a lot. If you have theoretical knowledge you need to spend same period of time to get practical experience.

If you get a degree of four years it means you need to work for another four years to get its practical experience. The total package will come out to be of eight years. On the back of stiff competition in every field it is now necessary to get education and experience together.

While being in a profession where academic qualification is not very necessary it is wiser to start your business and keep learning and earning together.

Required degree to start a blog

We all are lucky that we need not to have a degree to start a blog. Just a little knowledge on how to start a blog is sufficient to begin your blogging journey. After that you will be learning and earning together.

So keep in constant touch with me here and on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus to learn every aspect of money blogging. Yes money blogging if you want to make it as your profession. Else choice is yours but do keep blogging.

Good luck

My blogging journey in blogging niche

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To Be Continued