Amateur or money blogging? Here choice is not completely yours

In my opinion amateur blogging is good but you can’t measure its success in quantified term.

Money blogging is the best ever experience regardless of you fail or succeed.

Whatever you do in amateurish way maybe you just do it to pass the time. Maybe you don’t take anything seriously in it. Maybe you don’t do any of its work consistently.

It is generally observed that you hardly become famous if you do something just for fun. It can be self satisfactory but not an enviable venture at a broader level.

It is widely endorsed that money is the most practical and tangible way of measuring your level of success. If you don’t have money your expertise will be without any evidence. Everyone will ask you if you are that much expert why don’t you get rid of your hand-to-mouth way of living.

Those were the golden old days when the key objective of any passion was not making money. Now it is good to set money as the main objective of your venturing. But in case you fail to earn money after giving a lot of time to a work it means you fail to create value in your work. That is why people are not buying it. Right?

If you are expert in a field you must know how to create value in your work. If your work really has value people would love to buy it. This is the simple reason why it is good to do money blogging.

If you seriously do it you will create value in your blog contents. Your products have value. People will love to buy them. You will earn money. But simultaneously you will earn fame. You will become authority in your field. Then your points will be mentioned as reference to prove a theory or idea.

Who should do amateur blogging?

money bloggingI think this type of blogging is the most fit for those who are already successfully managing their career. Then they want to spend rest of their life fully enjoying it. They want to share their experiences with others. They want to express whatever they could not have expressed during their working life. And more importantly they don’t need money badly. Yes if money comes without much effort they don’t send it back and happy to get it.

Besides those who already are quite successful in a profession and want to expand their outreach with a blog can also do amateur blogging. They can develop their voice to make people hear it. They can amplify their personality and their message with a blog. They already earn huge money with their main profession. So they need not to worry about if they will earn money with their blog or not.

Who should do money blogging?

Every starter must do money blogging. He must try his luck during final days of his studies. Maybe he is a born blogger and make miracle in this field. He should choose the topic of his studies as niche or the one he likes the most. In both the ways he must try this field. If he succeeds it is fine. If he fails so mind it blogging is not end of the world.

Those who are not fully satisfied with their day job must also try money blogging. They should start a blog as part-time work. If they succeed they can plan to make it their full-time source of income. If they fail, no problem they must learn a lot and can apply this knowledge to their day job.

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