Author: Mi Muba

How to make videos for your blog?

Video blogging is becoming popular rapidly. Visitors stay more on a blog if it offers videos. A video in your blog post also reduces the bounce rate. It means once a visitor arrives on a blog with videos he stays for more time. Many blogs publish video along with text contents to increase value. Owing to rising …

How to make podcast for your blog?

Many people wonder how to make podcast. If you too, then you landed at a right place. Podcast is information in audio on internet. It is made of two words iPod and broadcast. First a speech, lecture or interview is recorded with audio recording software. Then it is converted into MP3 file. Finally it is uploaded …

How to make infographics for your blog?

Ours is an era of diversity. Right? So you can’t achieve big success with stereotyped things. You need to avoid monotony. You need to diversify your products and services. Else people will have not point to reject others and select your product. If it is a blog post it must be interesting. It is also a fact …

How to start a blog on a strong foundation?

Not very long ago starting a blog was quite easy. You just needed to know the basic technical knowledge on how to start a blog. After that you had to simply publish contents with a lot of keywords and promote it everywhere. That’s all. But now there are millions of blogs. Every blog is fully optimized …

How to create a blog without any confusion?

Do you know how to create a blog? If you think starting a blog collectively means: Selecting a niche Buying a domain and hosting Establishing your blog on WordPress or Blogger with free or premium template Publishing contents Doing their SEO Promoting your blog posts at social media Attracting traffic Earning money with PPC, CPA and …

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