10 mistakes you should commit to become a successful blogger

So you are very keen to become a successful blogger.

For this purpose you must have done a lot of hard work. You have pointed the several niches to pick the best one eventually. You have already read a lot of posts on how to create a successful blog.

You fully know which hosting companies are offering best hosting packages. You also know how to write great contents. You do have knowledge of SEO. But, you are still just trying to become a successful blogger.

I am sure after reading this post you will create a successful blog very confidently.

If you already have a blog but yet to make it noticeable even then you should read this post. After reading this post you will overcome your shyness to blog bravely and will eventually become a successful blogger. Trust me.

Do you really want to become a successful blogger?

So here are ten mistakes. Yes mistakes which you should commit if you have not done them so far. If you try to avoid committing them you will be just part of an ordinary bloggers’ crowd and will never land in the ground to win the match.

So just throw away all your ifs-and-buts and bravely commit these mistakes to become a successful blogger.

Mistake#1: Dive into blogging                                          

become a successful bloggerSo you are just planning and researching nowadays. You want to surprise the whole blogosphere as soon as you enter into this field.

You want others shout vow what a wonderful blog after visiting your first blog post.

If you really expect this so I bet you will just be expecting this and others will be entering into this field and grabbing their share. Meanwhile you will be further away from blogging success.

Right decision at right time may be a smart move but it does not work all the time.

If you want to swim what you do.

Do you learn it at land or in the air? You first have to dive into water. Either with a trainer or with a floating support you learn swimming into the water.

So do you think you will become a great content writer by just storing your posts into your hard drive or showing them to your loved ones who will surely like your posts because they never want to hurt you? Show your creations to strangers and get the most truthful feedback.

Start a blog from today and after that you will learn it properly either you hire a mentor or learn it on do-it-yourself basis. So what do you say? Isn’t this mistake so lovely? I always love it, do you?

Mistake#2: Go for everything for free

What you hear from pro bloggers all the time. Never go for freebies.

I do believe in investing to earn money. But for start-ups it is good to go for freebies. Let them get everything for free. They will learn a lot with free stuff. Then they will also know the fact that without investing there is no return. How? Let me explain it here.

It is good to put your energy, it is good to invest your time but this is good for laborers. You are not laborer. You are an entrepreneur. So make a good mix of investment of money, energy and time to earn money. But before that start the venture.

Blogging is one of the unique businesses of the world which you can start without spending a dime. It is also an awesome business which you can start without knowing it and learn it bye and bye.

You should not be afraid to start it because if it fails you will lose nothing because you have started it with everything for free. So go for everything for free if you really want to become a successful blogger.

Meanwhile put aside the advice of great money bloggers to buy premium products till you develop your blogging skills with freebies.

Mistake#3: Be enthusiastic and ignore wisdom

Enthusiasm at least leads you to the mid of your journey.

Start a venture with enthusiasm and get yourself into the mid of it. After that you have two options. Either to get back to point zero or reach to your destination.

What do you want to do? To get back to point zero! Really? Think again.

You will lose twice if you want to go back. First you lose everything you have spent to reach there. Also you will have to spend more to get back to zero position.

So what do you think still? Great! You want to reach the destination. This is the right approach.

So did you know the benefits of enthusiasm now? Once you reach to the mid of blogging journey then instead of getting back you must achieve your blogging goals. At that level it is better to apply your wisdom by hiring a mentor to do blogging seriously and a lot of earn money.

So stay enthusiastic and put aside the advice of all the experienced bloggers for buying priced products without letting them know about it.

become a successful bloggerMistake#4: Copy others style not contents

Openly copy others style but don’t copy their contents. It is a sin in online world.

But do copy their style.

Don’t worry no one will call you a copycat.

Did any of us call a toddler copycat? What a toddler does. It copies us and walks with its feet.

So in every field first people follow their seniors then adopt their own style.

Just look around superstars of film industry. Every superstar of today earlier copied another superstar of yesterday. After that he developed his own style.

So same happens in blogging. If you love someone’s blogging style, just copy it. After awhile you will have more wonderful ideas to develop your own style.

Do remember, ideas can’t be conceived at once. You need to apply your mind and keep on thinking to conceive big ideas.

Once you start a blog without knowing blogging you will surely keep thinking how to make your blog most successful. You will think and think to conceive great ideas. You will develop your own voice and people will distinctly hear it.

Mistake#5: Steal ideas in the beginning

Yes this is also another mistake people might be stopping you to commit it.

But you do steal others idea without letting them know your act of stealing.

First you need to know what has already been conceived. This you can’t do with surveying. You won’t be able to create a big log book to note down blogging ideas conceived so far.

The best way is to keep hunting others ideas. In this way you will have vast knowledge of already available ideas. Then you will know what is more required and what could be sold easily and you will produce them at your blog.

Mistake#6: Make guesses to take right decision

No one is perfect in this world. Nor is there any gadget to take perfect decision. If you ask others to help you take any decision, you will get thousands of choices. Everyone will tell you his own story.

So it is better to make guesses instead of getting into public opinion poll or floating your problem at any social forum.

Apart from very technical issue, simply make a guess to write on something to sell a product. With practice you will learn what is best and what is not acceptable to your audience.

Mistake#7: Make haste to act and learn

Always grab any offer of huge discount and don’t take much time to decide. Even if you don’t need a hugely discounted product which you bought in haste, you can sell it to someone else. Here you can use you Facebook or G+ timelines to sell it.

become a successful bloggerObviously many people need a product which you don’t need. This is the law of economics. So always make haste to grab any lucrative offer.

Either it is a discounted product or a tutorial; buy it if you think you really need it. After awhile if you feel no need of it, you can sell it even at a profit if you really know how to sell online and make big money.

Mistake#8: Keep moving even at wrong track

Don’t’ stand still. Even your blog is almost dead or not having more visitors or a desert like situation is at it, keep moving. Keep moving even if it is a wrong track. Because moving is necessary.

Once you stop blogging you will quit this field and there is no guarantee you will be successful in another field.

So keep trying blogging till you are dead-sure you can’t make your full-time living with it.

There may be delay in law of nature but injustice has no room for those who really work hard with patience and consistency.

Mistake#9: Share your ideas to evaluate them

Don’t hide your ideas fearing someone will steal them.

So what if someone steals them.

In the beginning if someone steals your ideas what does it mean?

It means you can conceive salable idea.

So as soon as your many ideas are stolen then start hiding them to sell at your blog.

This is the smartest trick to assess the selling value of your ideas. So do commit this mistake and share your ideas to know how they are.

become a successful blogger

Mistake#10: Bravely behave like a fool

Are you afraid of being taken as fool?

That is why you avoid taking part in any discussion at social media.

That is why you don’t move ahead of ‘great post’ and ‘thanks for sharing’ types of comments in every debate you get into social media.

So what if people take you as a fool.

Even if they take you as fool you won’t be the one.

You are what you are.

Yes if you avoid learning then it is more likely you are a fool.

So never afraid of others views and keep learning.

These are the ten mistakes you should commit to become a successful blogger.

If you are afraid of committing them, you will be a silent blogger who just keep posting and waiting for huge traffic from heaven to come.

Never forget that our past mistakes are our best teachers. So keep blogging and never be afraid of committing mistakes.

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