How to select from the best blog themes for your WordPress blog?

best blog themesSo you have bought your domain and hosting to start a blog. That’s great.

Now you simply have to build your WordPress blog on a proper structure.

The structure of your blog means its complete layout and design.

A blog layout means its display including the latest posts, its side bar, its header’s size and placement, its menu bar etc with their placement.

A blog design means its color schemes, shapes, borders, especial effects, overall impression etc

Your blog design and layout collectively are called a blog theme or blog template.

Earlier you need to get it built with a developer. But now built-in themes are easily available online with different brand names.

Now you just need to pick one of the best blog themes to make your blog so impressive.

You might be getting several types of advice from your friends and fellow for buying a blog theme.

Someone might be advising you to start a blog on any of the free themes which are in abundance especially for a WordPress blog.

Some others may be insisting you to never go for free option and buy a premium theme.

You may be in dilemma to go for whom.

Don’t worry, I will fully guide you how to select an appropriate theme for your blog.

There are several factors you need to look before making your final decision.

Main features of a cool blog theme

Always remember that for an impressive blog you need one of the best blog themes. It must have the following features.

  • Simple and free from unnecessary boxes, lines and shades
  • It should be as much customizable as possible
  • You get its regular updates free of cost
  • It does not require much technical skills for customization
  • It offers maximum options of layout, colors and designs
  • It should be fully optimized for search engines to lift your blog ranking up

Free and premium best blog themes

If your blog is on Blogger you can get hundreds of free themes. There are hardly a few hundred premium themes.

You need to pick one of the best blog themes from them if you are ready to spend an amount for it. Usually its price ranges from $20 to $100. On Blogger platform it is wise to first use a free theme then go for the premium one.

best blog themesFor WordPress platform there are hundreds and hundreds of free themes. But experts do not recommend a free theme for a WordPress blog.

A free WP theme does not have optimization features as much as a premium theme usually has.

If you want to do serious blogging you need to select one of the best blog themes from the premium category.

Best blog themes network

Instead of picking one of the best blog themes you need to select first the best themes network. It is a cluster of themes under one basic system. A basic framework of several themes includes built-in optimization, customization and promotion features in its each theme.

There are two famous networks apart from many other. If we discuss all of them you may confuse in their features and benefits. So just to get the things going we here discuss two best of all of them to help you pick your favorite one.

Similarities in Genesis and Thesis

Both of them have more or less same features as given below:

  • One can learn to manage them easily
  • There is no any big price differential
  • Customer care is also awesome for both of them
  • Both are fully done from basic SEO point of view


Genesis offers a framework and a child theme in package. Thesis offers framework including skins, boxes and packages. It is little hard to assemble as an ideal template. Here Genesis is ahead of it.

Go for Genesis

I recommend you to buy a Genesis Framework with a template of your own choice. Most of the blogging icons are using this theme.

Secondly I did not find any criticism anywhere about its SEO features that are pretty awesome. It is fully customizable. If you want extra customization you can hire a developer recommended by the Theme admin to change it as you want.

On the basis of personal experience I will recommend it but never oppose buying of Thesis.

Most important point

The selection of one of the best blog themes equally depends upon niche of your blog.

If your niche relates to entertainment then obviously you need to pick a fancy theme with loads of option to make it attractive.

If your niche is purely a content-hungry topic then you need to focus on optimization features of a theme.

Another important point is that you can change your blog theme as and when you want. So initially to be accustomed to various aspects of this topic you can pick a free theme and after doing fully research go for the premium option.

But do remember frequent change of your blog theme does not put good impression on your readers. So be very particular to make a final decision as it will create brand image of your blog.

Now your turn

What type of blog theme do you like most? What do you want to see before buying a theme? Its popularity, needs of your niche or simply price of the theme. Do share your views to let me and readers of this blog.

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