How to select the best blogging platform and why?

best blogging platformTo start a blog you need the best blogging platform.

It means you need a tool to publish your posts without doing anything related to technical work.

Blog is different from a website. On a blog you simply publish your posts and need not to do any coding.

What is a blogging platform?

It is an online tool mostly available free to make your blog on it. It publishes your contents of all types and displays them on worldwide web. It helps you publish your content without any knowledge of coding.

It has its own content management system (CMS) and you simply upload your contents by copying them from MS word file of your hard drive. Its CMS receives the file in simple text and then translate it into web language to make search engines understand it.

Why to choose the best blogging platform?

You must be choosy to select the best blogging platform because there are several available. Some of them may be quite irksome for you after a certain level.

There are two main points you need to consider before picking the best one.

  • What you need to decide before selecting the best blogging platform for your new blog:
  • Do you want to do serious blogging or just give it a try?

Let’s discuss both the points separately.

For amateur blogging

If you are entering in this field just to do a test blogging then here again you should pick the best one from free platforms.

Always remember the best blogging platform can never be free. No doubt you can get it free but you can’t run it on free hosting. You need to buy a hosting and domain to run it.

So you need to choose the best one in free category after considering following points.

  • Is it least technical and does not require programming language for its management. Simply you need not to be a HTML, CSS expert and can run it easily.
  • Does it allow ads on it if you manage to get huge traffic on your blog?
  • Does it allow your own domain?

Free and easy to manage blogging platforms

In my opinion it is the best blogging platform in free category. Its main quality is its being product of Google. So in search engine optimization you have a huge benefit of it. Its other features are:

  • It allows your own domain. You can buy any top-level domain from it directly through domain proxy service.
  • It allows placing advertisements of your choice on it.
  • It offers limited plug-ins but quite easy to manage
  • It is not technical to manage and that is why best for the beginners
  • Most importantly you can run it on free hosting but you don’t have full control on it and your blog can be down anytime without any prior notice to you.

It also offers more or less same features except placement of advertisements.

  • You are required to get approval from platform admin before monetizing your blog here. You need to earn from ads on sharing basis. Admin of this platform receives a percentage of ads income and you get rest of the amount.
  • It is more technical to manage as compare to
  • It also offers limited number of plug-ins to optimize its design and features.

It is comparatively a new platform. I can’t term it the best blogging platform because;

  • It is still in evolving process.
  • No any famous blog is on this platform, even on its premium platform
  • It offers very limited plug-ins
  • It requires sound technical skills for customization

Apart from above, and are other two free platforms. But both of them stand in rank well below the above three.

It is the common feature of all the best blogging platforms in free categories that you can shift them to any premium blogging platform.

Premium blogging platform

This is the highly recommended and the best blogging platform. I also run my all blogs on it. You don’t have to pay for it but you can’t run it on any free hosting (A few free hosting services offer this platform but it does not function on them with all its utilities). That is why it is called a premium one because you have to pay for buying hosting to run it.

best blogging platformIts main features are:

  • It offers hundreds of free blogging templates for free
  • You can also put a premium blogging template on it
  • It offers paid hosting to run your blog
  • You can download it and upload on a hosting of your choice
  • It offers unlimited number of plug-ins
  • It does not require highly technical skills to manage it

If you want to do serious blogging just go for it? Simply download its latest version from and upload it on the hosting service you have already purchased.

Many hosting services of high quality offer this platform within their package and you can upload it on one click.

Other premium blogging platforms

TypePad and SBI Website are two other famous paid platforms. But their ranking is quite lower than the WordPress. They are also not very popular. Those websites are built on it that does not require frequent updates and are not much dynamic in nature.

You can also build your blog on Blogger with paid hosting. Many bloggers are running their blogs on Blogger which is free but on paid hosting.

How much money you have?

This is the main question before selecting a blogging platform. How much money you have? It all depends upon your affordability. But I again suggest Blogger for free blogging and as premium service for serious blogging.

Normally you need to have at least $16 initially to start your own blog on a premium blogging platform. You need $10 to buy a domain, $6 dollar to pay for one month hosting. After that you simply need to pay $6 per month for you hosting.

The blogging platform you can get free and also its template and just install them in you hosting control panel to start your blog.

Which one is your blogging platform and why?

Is your blog on Blogger or WordPress? Do you have any plan to change it or quite happy with it. Do share your views with this blog’s readers.

In our next post we will discuss: How to select the best blog theme for your WordPress blog?

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