8 Best WordPress Plugins To Supercharge Your Blog

Before talking about these best WordPress plugins let me share with you a biggest reality of life.

Whatever you do you just want to know how you are doing.

If you are slow you want to do fast.

If you are doing not extra-ordinary you want to boost your performance.

If you are doing unsafely you want to make it safe.

In short you want every possible support to make your performance super shine everywhere.

Same is true in blogging. You not only want to start a blog on strong foundation but also want to run it successfully.

When you start a WordPress blog, you often run into the challenges like:

  • Getting social media shares for your content
  • Analytics to track your visitors
  • Improve SEO
  • Speed Optimization
  • Stopping Spam Comments
  • Security Issues
  • And many more..

Thanks to WordPress which is a huge repository in itself, and there are more than 50 thousands plugins available. To make the job easy for you,

I have compiled the list of these best WordPress plugins that you should have on your blog.

8 best WordPress plugins to spice up your blog

These eight best WordPress plugins will help you to get shares for your posts, improve SEO, take care of security, analytics and optimization.

Go ahead and read it full.

1. Social Warfare

If you are creating quality, it is good, but if your content is not getting shares, you will fail to reach your target audience, and there won’t be any traffic coming to your site.

best WordPress pluginsYou need to spread your content via social media and make it easier for the readers to share your content. Social Warfare is the plugin that does the job for you. It helps you to viral your contents across social media just the way you want it to be.

Install this plugin to your WordPress blog today and get more shares and traffic to your website.

Download Now

2. Yoast SEO

It’s one of the best WordPress SEO plugins over the web. The plugin helps you with keyword suggestions and optimization to rank in search engines.

For your convenience, I’m sharing the complete training module of Yoast SEO that will help you to configure the plugin.

You can download the free version of the plugin from WordPress.org and install it on your blog.

Download Now

3. Google XML Sitemap

A sitemap is important to help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to better index your blog. With a sitemap, it will be easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your website.

best WordPress pluginsThis plugin helps you to generate a special sitemap for your website, and additionally, it will notify all the major search engines whenever you post something new on your blog.

Download Now

4. Google Analytics

Keeping an eye on your website’s most visited pages or posts is important, and you can only do this if you have Google Analytics enabled on your blog.

best WordPress pluginsThis plugin helps you to add a tracking code to your website without having to modify any files and keeps you informed about your trending content that is performing exceptionally well on search engine.

Download Now

5. Akismet

Not initially but yes, by the time when your site will have lots of content, you will see lots of spam comments on your blog. To deal with this challenge, Akismet is the plugin that you should use.

best WordPress pluginsIt helps to avoid spam comments and does the job pretty well. It’s completely free to use.

You just need to download the plugin and get an API key for it by registering a free account on WordPress.com

Download Now

6. Hello Bar

A great plugin that helps you to add a nice top-bar to your website with a message and button. If you have a product, offering a discount or a great post, you can promote it by using HelloBar on your website.

best WordPress pluginsOnce installed, you can track how many people saw your notice, click on it, etc. and yes all this included in the free version of the plugin.

Download the plugin today and promote your content or offers.

Download Now

7. Updraft Plus

Keeping a backup of your blog is important so that if anything goes wrong, you can restore it anytime.

best WordPress pluginsThis plugin simplifies backups and restores it with a single click. It’s one of the highest rankings on WordPress.org and has over a million active installs.

Download it today and maintain an automatic backup for your blog.

Download Now

8. Imagify Image Optimizer

It’s the most advanced image compression tool that you can and speed up your website with lighter images without losing any quality.

best WordPress pluginsOnce you install the plugin and add your images, thumbnails, it will automatically optimize the images.

Download Now

I hope the above list of best WordPress plugins will help you to supercharge your blog. If you have any questions or want to share your views, do let me know in comments section below.

Author Bio

Deep Wadhwa is a Digital Marketer at ShoutMeLoud and WPSutra being into Digital Marketing for the last 4+ years. Apart from work, he is a lyricist, guitarist, singer and a sports freak.

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