10 specialized blog comment examples to get free traffic



Clap, clap, clap …….

They are done differently but their purpose is same.

They are feedback to show your appreciation to a performance.

Every performance needs a different kind of feedback. You clap after listening a live song but never clap after reading a book. So it depends upon the nature of a performance how you should give your feedback to it.

Same rule applies to your blog comment. If you react on all types of posts with the same style of response it looks like a built-in format of blog comment. It will never be noticed by others.

So you will not be able to get free traffic from that blog apart from building contacts with that blogger and his readers.

blog comment examplesYour views and suggestion should be to-the-point to get the attention of more readers who come to your blog comment after reading a detailed post. So they would obviously notice your feedback. As a result you would bring a lot of free traffic to your blog.

So keep your comments short and to the point but not at the cost of their quality.

Your comments on a blog gets more attention if it is written with a proper format. So comment differently on different types of blog post.

10 blog comment examples to follow

Here I give ten blog comment examples for different types of blog posts to get noticed and bring more free traffic to your blog.

These are just examples to explain how you should comment on blog posts.

How to comment on a how-to post?

A good how-to post is a lesson to do a difficult task with an easy method and without wasting time, money or energy. This is the basic purpose of a how-to post.

So your comments should appreciate the writer on selecting a task if that is really a gigantic one for most of the people. Also share your opinion on its method and equally support if it could save a lot of time or money or energy.


Hey (first name)
A very well-developed post with step by step guidance on ————- (topic of blog post).
The way you explained each point with necessary details and maintained good balance between theory and practice is really commendable.
Many people complain of not successfully doing ————– (task) without spending too much their ———- (time, money or energy) so they would love to learn it from here.
I think we can also save our ——- (another resource like comfort, mental peace etc) by following your tips as it will make people do the ————– (task) without wasting it (another resource).
I highly appreciate your hard work for creating this post that is very useful to those more particularly who are facing problems while doing ————— (task).
Thanks a bunch for sharing.
Have a super fabulous day.

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  1. Hi Mi,

    Happy Monday 🙂

    I liked the way you set up this post, and of course, how could I not comment on a post about blog comments!!

    You are right about the various ways we can comment, as it’s one of the best ways to bring traffic to your blog. I love commenting, though have been a little slow lately due to various factors, but it’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, so I really don’t take note of the way I comment, as it differs from post to post and what’s written actually. I’d always follow my heart and love commenting from there – using my mind of course. But I can never imagine commenting in a few words or few lines, those are kind of superficial comments I feel.

    For me, comments are and have always been a way to talk to the blogger about what I feel about the post, and overall well-being as well, as this is the way we communicate online with each other, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena

      Isn’t it a lovely coincidence that the comments section of a post on blog commenting has been inaugurated by none other than a commenting queen. 🙂

      While publishing this post I was just hoping you open its comments thread and it gave me immense pleasure as I saw your comments the first one.

      If we enjoy commenting then we don’t see what we are getting in return because nothing is more than a satisfaction we derive doing any work. I recently updated my feedly to again enjoying commenting on my favorite blogs.

      Many thanks for enhancing the beauty (shobha) of this post with your authority feedback indeed.

      Have a super successful week ahead.
      Mi Muba recently posted…10 specialized blog comment examples to get free trafficMy Profile

    • hey,
      Happy Monday too sweety,
      anyways,thank you very much for your adolarable letter.
      Me too I have always enjoyed been commenting whatever it takes me time but at the same time it is fun to reply by giving your opinion in order to help and advice others.Commenting is one of the ways to express our feelings by true facts or opinion whatever how much long it takes, it doesnt matter if if its by sentences,paragraphs or lines .And this is a fun and exciting way in order to communicate with each other.
      BTW thanks for giving us your opinion and sharing comments.Have a nice week ahead too.

  2. Hey Muba,

    I believe that blog commenting is one of the best practices to drive free traffic. The examples you have provided are authentic and people should learn more.

    But the most important thing is how you relate to the content. You can’t just bombard with numerous of lines without even reading the content.

    An informative post indeed.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Send Emails From WordPress Using Gmail SMTP?My Profile

  3. Hi Mi sir,
    an interesting post indeed 🙂
    I like the example you shared, would keep that in mind while commenting.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing! 😀
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Please do read my latest blog post @ MeetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there 🙂
    Muhammad Ahmad recently posted…How Blogging Changed My Life?My Profile

  4. Hey Muba,

    It is really very interesting post and also providing a opportunity to boost learning regarding how to comment on blog post. Commenting in right way and on good website post will be beneficial for good rank in google search engine or we can say that good for SEO.

    Blog commenting is really helpful for developing permanent backlink and boost search engine ranking. I really agree with your method – it is absolutely fabulous method to comment. In this way we can cover whole details of post and has potential to win the heart of website owner. Exactly, we need to always start our comments with hi, hello and hey it improves communication scenario. Our goal in every comment should be to add value regarding post. Eventually, thanks for reveling a light on this topic.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  5. Hi Mi Muba,

    Commenting is so important.

    It’s one of the very best ways to build your community and drive traffic to your site or blog.

    The problem is that many people don’t do it well, or they just really don’t know how to.

    So this post really makes it clear, and will help so many people who struggle with this.

    I’m going to share this with my own blogging students, so thanks for all your hard work in putting this together 🙂

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Blog Analytics Is Easier Than You ThinkMy Profile

  6. Hi Mi,

    Commenting as always been an integral part of blog marketing and for exposures.

    The approach differs from bloggers to bloggers, industry to industry and for what goal or objectives you’re leaving comments on blogs.

    However, I see that no matter the industry, content topic or goal…if the reader actually read the entire post before writing out his comments, there is every tendency his comments will add value and be of relevant to the topic on the page.

    The commenting examples you’ve shared here are noted, and they’re one really need to practice with.

    Thanks Mi for sharing.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted…The Insider’s Guide to Link BuildingMy Profile

    • Hi Shamsudeen

      I highly appreciate your extensive knowledge on blog commenting as reflects from your views here and that means you fully know its multiple benefits. It’s really great to receive feedback from an expert of a field related to the topic of the post.

      You are right; fully reading the post is must to give quite pertinent comment that further the debate instead of just dropping a few sentences of appreciation and greetings.

      Many thanks for your wonderful feedback here.

      Have a happy weekend mate.
      Mi Muba recently posted…Free guide to become 100% successful blogger in 3 monthsMy Profile

  7. Hello Mi Muba

    What a clever post, and well laid out.

    I hope many people will read it and take notice of it, so I’m very pleased that Donna will be sharing it with her students.

    For me, the trickiest type of comment is the response to a review comment for all the reasons you mention. Sometimes I see people reviewing something (often a service) where I have had a bad experience.

    I just try to avoid making any comment at all if I dislike the service / product. Which is tricky in itself. At one level perhaps the most honest approach would be to mention my bad experience and say I could have been unlucky…. but then I don’t want to ruin a fellow blogger’s post. I suppose the best I can hope for is that the reviewer touches on my problem on its “cons”.

    Anyway, thanks for an interesting post – I hope it will be widely read and then we may get fewer “Awesome post” comments 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark
    Joy Healey recently posted…How To Be A Successful Networker In Home BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Joy

      Very valid point you mentioned that while commenting on a review post it becomes quite embarrassing if one has not much good experience of using a product under review. So it is better to skip commenting on it instead of becoming a little diplomatic just to avoid ruining the reviewer’s hard labor.

      I am so thankful to Donna as her sharing this post with her student means it really has that much value to be referred to as good source to learn blog commenting.

      Many thanks for sharing your insightful feedback with a lot of new points to learn more about the topic.

      Have a happiest weekend.
      Mi Muba recently posted…10 specialized blog comment examples to get free trafficMy Profile

  8. Hey Mi Muba,

    Commenting is the best way to increase the readership along with the traffic and organic searches if you are using the commentluv.
    I always recommend to comment on those blogs which are using this amazing plugin.
    Every blogger have it’s own way to doing the comment and I have found that some pioneer blogger’s like to state the signature in their comments as followed by the (~)
    Glad to know your point and expert advise 🙂

  9. Hello Mi
    It is my first time on your blog and it is a wonderful topic to comment on 🙂
    I like how you have spaced your article and how well you have stressed upon the importance of proper commenting.
    I have always believed that reading your fellow blogger’s post and leaving a comment that is relevant to the topic is of utmost importance to gain confidence of the author.
    Wonderful post here and will surely be back for more.
    Praveen rajarao recently posted…How To Get Traffic From Instagram For Your BlogMy Profile

  10. Great Article!
    It’s really helpful for the especially newbie. Thanks for sharing it, i am gonna for sure use it next time.

  11. Superb Knowledge,
    After reading the complete article, I really learned all thing newest, I will try them. I hope It is very helpful for me. Thanks, A lot for shared.

  12. Hello Buddy.
    Commenting on high PA & DA blogs not only brings quality traffic but also gives you good link juice which helps you get rank higher over your competitors.
    Thanks for this awesome blog post.

  13. hello Mi Muba
    nice post yes you are right blog commenting is one of the most powerful tool to do seo. As because of this only we can increase the traffic as well as engagement .your post very informative thanks for the information provided by you and for the examples as its will help me to do blog commenting.

  14. Informative stuff. Actual written what people actual wants 🙂 Thumbs up worth to share this and if i will need anything more can i contact you directly. i have a website which i am doing and running a backlinking campaign but needs info what you have shared seems like you have better knowledge! well this is a solar panel bird proofing niche in the glasgow united kingdom

  15. Hi Mi,
    This is a whole course on blog commenting. I don’t know if you compiled this as one of your recently published 9 ebooks.

    I’m still going through them one after the other. II don’t want to be in a hurry as I know there is much value in what you share.

    About blog commenting, you have proven to be the master. Understanding these different post types is key to dropping value through comment.

    I never read a blog post like this on blog commenting. I have gone through the 10 types and must underline the fact that you are the king.

    Keep up the big work bro. Hope the new month brings more goodies to your blogging exercise.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…This Affiliate Marketing Tactic won’t fail you. Trust Me!My Profile

    • Hi Enstine

      It is part of my ebook “Guide on blog commenting”.

      Your words means a lot to me and will mentioned them as credential as and when I create a sales page for my upcoming products.

      It’s all because of guidance and motivation by amazing people like you that I am improving myself as I still remember in the beginning days of my money blogging you featured me on your blog and still I receive traffic from there.

      Many thanks bro for your great words about this post.

      BTW not looking you around and probably because of your engagements in bitcoin project. Anyways struggling in multiple projects is more important.

      Have more and more success in your blogging journey.
      Mi Muba recently posted…10 free blogging tips that you must not follow blindlyMy Profile

  16. This is an informative stuff. Actual write up that tells people what they need to suceed in the blogosphere!
    Anti-Scam tips,Online relationship advice, Shop Safety Tips

  17. Thanks for the tips!
    I like commenting on blogs,but I’m usually short and sweet and to the point.
    I will have to make a conscious effort to speak more when commenting without being repetitive,or just sound silly 🙂
    Jennifer Gonzalez recently posted…New orders,Glitter Tumblers,and moreMy Profile

  18. I am feeling good to visit this site.Here great data is shared thank you for make such a blog.You are having great blogs to post blog and to comment.