What is an ideal blog design and why?

blog designYour blog design is actually your first impression on your each unique visitor. Unique visitor means first-time visitor on your blog.

So your first impression must be good enough to permanently be the last impression on him.

If it works he will not only stay longer at your blog to reduce your bounce rate but will also come back again to be your loyal visitor.

This is your first success you can achieve with your blog design to convert your unique visitor into a loyal visitor.

What is a blog design?

Design means to create a thing in an artistic way.

Graphics design means to create an image with any computer software.

A blog design means creating overall image of your blog in an appealing way.

It means the collection of design of the header, side bar(s), main body and footer of the blog.

So the design of each of the above items of your blog collectively makes your blog design.

In short we can say it reflects the overall mood of your blog.

What are effects of your blog design?

The main effects of your blog design on your target audience are:

  • It attracts visitors and influences them to come back
  • It holds visitors at a longer period of time
  • It reflects your niche and promote it in your niche market
  • It gives a professional look to your blog
  • It helps your blog develop its brand in the industry
  • It remains in the memories of your visitor

Main features of an ideal blog design

  • It helps readers to easily explore each post and page of your blog. It is called easy navigation.
  • It should be simple but without any feel of incompletion. It must have all essentially required things.
  • It follows latest design trends; it means it should not have any touch of obsolete designs.
  • It’s all elements should be in sync each other. They should not be in different moods and direction.
  • Overall it should reflect the sense of your niche. For example if your niche is sports an ideal design should reflect it with sharp colors and fast mood.
  • It should have every aspect very clear; nothing in abstract terms
  • It’s any element does not need further elaboration. Whoever sees it, fully understands what it meant to say?
  • It should not be a complete copy of another design but it can have inspiration from another one.
  • Its color may be your favorite color but should not be disgusting for others. Like a combination of dark grey and sea blue is not considered a good combination.

Why you should pick an ideal blog design?

  • First of all it does not need frequent changes. You remain busy in daily blogging chores and hardly spare time to change it. Usually bloggers change the design of their blog once in a year to two years.
  • It showcases your contents by adding artistic beauty in it.
  • It helps you develop brand image of your blog.
  • It represents the overall concept of your blog.
  • It holds random visitors to stay on your blog.
  • It influence visitors to click on awesomely showcased contents after reading their required one

To what extent should you customize the design of your blog template?

At least to the extent you are allowed by manufacturer of the template. A tutorial is given with every premium blog template and in some cases with free one to customize the design as per your choice.

Yes after that extent if you want to go further it may change its basic setting. It may ultimately hit the SEO settings as well if you are not expert in working with CSS and HTML programs.

blog designHow to create an ideal design of your blog?

The best way is to select the best blog template from here and apply it at your blog.

If you pick a template from any professional themes framework you can customize it to maximum possible level.

The best blog theme networks are:

  • Genesis
  • Thesis

Out sourcing

Another option is to create your own design. If you are a web developer it is fine then you can create yourself. Otherwise you can hire a web developer and get your blog design created with him. Many of them will not charge you huge amount and many have already developed designs and you can pick the best one.

Here are the key online places where from you can hire a best blog designer and make your blog so cool without paying much.

For your personal blog

However, for personal blogging it is advisable to pick from the templates.

You must confirm if your favorite design has:

  • Maximum customization options
  • Built-in SEO features
  • Regular updates to adopt its advance version

How to get ideas for your blog design?

You must do strong home to make your blog professionally impressive. For this purpose you need to do extensive survey of several blogs of your niche.

Make a list of URLs of all and then revisit each to short list them. After that you should pick a few blogs of your niche with best design.

Ultimately pick the best features of each of them to create your own blog design either through outsourcing or by picking from the available templates one that is near to your idea.

Do also counseling with your fellow bloggers and discuss with them your ideas very confidentially to get their inputs also to create a best design of your blog.

So you should not take your blog design casually. Before launching your blog it must be complete from all aspect.

Yes after feedback from your visitors you can modify its design but you should not change it very frequently. It will reflect your lack of consistency.

So select the best blog design and move ahead to next topic of: How to create a blog without any confusion?

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