Do you know how you are dumping your each blog post?


blog postSo you are still unable to give big boost to your blog traffic. You are working hard with consistency but don’t see any upward momentum in your traffic statistics.

You are doing your best to put all your energy and time to promote your blog post.

You don’t miss any chance to promote your newly published post. You share it in hundreds of communities, forums, social bookmarking sites, discussion forums, Q&A sites etc and etc. You also drop comments in huge number at other blogs.

You are also doing each rule of on-page SEO while writing and publishing a post. You do have a freely gotten world-famous SEO plug-in to check each of your optimization insertion in post editor.

But you don’t get results as higher as the level of hard work you do. Your each blog post does not bring as much traffic as you want.

You are surprised that you are fully following 80/20 rule to promote your each blog post but not getting desired results.

Don’t worry after reading this post you will not worry more. Again don’t worry I swear I will not sell or refer any product to solve your problem. I just want to help you.

Simply you will get a proper solution for rightly following the 80/20 rules. Maybe you are following this rule without knowing it. So first be clear what this rule is.

What is the 80/20 rule?

You must have heard of 80/20 rule. If not, don’t worry you will just learn it here.

In blogging it has quite different meaning from its basic meaning. Basically it means 80 per cent output is actually achieved with 20 percent input. This is also called rule of smart production.

But in blogging it means spend 20 per cent of your time to create a post and 80 per cent time to promote it. For example you write a blog post and complete it in one hour and promote it for the next 5 hours at various online and offline places.

But the 80/20 rules is wrongly linked with blogging

No it’s not simple. It is so complicated. This rule is interpreted very wrongly.

First of all it is wrongly linked with blogging.

Its initiator was Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who meant to say that usually 80 per cent of resources go into the pocket of 20 per cent people.

Or 80 per cent of results are the property of 20 per cent causes.

Or in business terms 80 per cent of output is created by 20 per cent of employees.

Or in simpler terms 80 per cent of revenue comes from 20 per cent of clients.

Whatever way you interpret it but it has nothing to do with blogging to promote a blog post.

But now it has been linked so we have to follow it but rightly and not with a wrong perception. How? You will learn this at the end of this post. So keep reading and don’t go away.

It is also wrongly interpreted

In the field of blogging it is not only wrongly applied but also wrongly interpreted. There is no reason to say that here 80/20 rules simply means use 20 per cent time and hard work to write a blog post and then 80 per cent time and hard work to promote it. Confused? Don’t worry; keep reading you will be clear as soon as you move on. But first read what bloggers say about this rule.

blog postMany bloggers still say if you write a blog post but do not promote it massively it will remain unread.

Here unread means no one like it, no one gets impressed by it, no one would be able to take benefit of it. Ultimately your visitors will be only a few number of your social media friends who and you just exchange likes, comments and reshare with each other.

That is why it is strongly recommended that promote your post as much as you can.

How 80/20 rule is wrongly taken in blogging?

This is your absolute right to follow this rule. But it will be injustice to put 20 per cent of your time, hard work and energy to create a post and then 80 per cent of same things to promote it.

Generally this rule is taken as to create a post quickly and promote it for a longer period of time. It does sound like that. Just look how.

It means you are spending more time for the promotion of your blog post just to offset weakness of its hurriedly created contents. Can anyone convert the trash into gold by just shouting; “listen people it is gold, it is gold”.

Yes top bloggers strongly support this rule. Many giant bloggers have written many posts supporting the rule of 80/20 to create and promote your blog post. Maybe they are wrong.

Or most probably they might want to just emphasis the promotion of your post. It does not mean you just examine everything in terms of this rule. For example spend one hour for writing and 4 hours for promoting it. So this is another possibility they might have just wanted to show you the importance of promoting your post.

They may want to tell that spend as much time as you can to write a wonderful post but don’t stop here. Don’t be satisfied after spending hours and hours to write a post. After that you should spend four-time more hours to promote your post. Did you get my point?

They did not fix any ceiling or limit to spend time and energy to write a blog post. But they insist to spend four times more on promoting a post. It sounds better. Does it?

What is the biggest mistake while applying this rule?

It does sound better but here also we are misinterpreting this rule. This is what I want to tell you.

Ok fine, follow this rule and spend as much time as possible to create a post. Don’t worry about how much time, hard work and energy you spend to write a post. But soon after completing your post also do hard work four times more to promote it.

But here you are doing a big mistake. Do you just invest time, hard work and energy to write a blog post? No, you also spend money to write a post. Confused? Ok let me clear it with figures.

How much money you spend to create a blog post?

Suppose you are a serious blogger. A serious blogger is one who wants to do blogging seriously.

So who want to do blogging seriously? He is the one, who is confident of doing it and succeeding in it. Obviously he won’t go for everything free. He would buy his own domain and hosting.

If he pays $1 per month for domain and $5 per month for hosting, he is spending $6 per month to publish posts online at his blog.

Suppose you write four posts in a month. It means you are spending $1.5 to create each blog post in a month.

How much money you invest to promote a blog post?

Now get ready to reply this big question. Do you spend four times more to promote your post? This is the main point that is why we are misinterpreting the rule of 80/20 even if we accept it either it is rightly or wrongly linked to blogging.

Do any of us is spending that much amount to promote each post. This amount is equal to $6 for each post or $24 in a month to promote your posts.

So what do you say? Can you complain of not getting huge traffic after (partially) following the rule of 80/20?

blog postJust look around. Everyone is heavily busy at social media. There is huge crowd around forum posting. Your fingers keep dancing on iPhone to reply to tweets, Facebook and Google + comments.

How active everybody is at social media just presuming he is spending 80 per cent of his time to promote a post.

At the end of the day many of you get frustrated for not getting huge response of your efforts.

So how come you promote a product of $1.5 without paying a dime. Is it a smart promotion strategy? Are you promoting garbage or your blog post?

How to invest money for promotion of a blog post?

You may ask why I am just criticizing those who misinterpret the rule of 80/20 in blogging. No I have a solution for it.

Keep doing all you are doing but change your promotion strategy. If you really want to get returns of your $1.5 investment per post you can’t get returns by just doing hard work.

Always remember hard work does not bring profit. It brings wages.

Money and hard work jointly bring back huge money. This is the basic rule of business.

So you need to first make a complete package of investment of time, energy and money then ask for return.

The best option to promote your blog post

The best option to promote your blog post at most of the social media is to spend money and save your time doing this task manually.

For this purpose this premium plugin is amazing. You simply have to install it once at your blog and it will keep promoting your each blog post with frequent intervals at your three favorite social media forever.

Tips to promote your blog post with money

Promote your one post at Facebook with minimum of $5. Then see the results. You will never get the same poor results as you are getting with donkey work nowadays.

If you get the same results then just suffer this loss of $5 and never come back to my blog. I promise, I won’t ask you to come back.

If you see any visible upward movement in traffic at your blog then you should thank me and go for more premium products.

You should at least go for:

  • Premium plug-in for SEO of your blog to promote your post in search engines
  • Buy a premium keyword research tool to get high quality long-tail keywords to write your posts
  • Get premium membership in high PR forums
  • Promote your post and blog with AdWords
  • Promote your post and page with Facebook ads
  • Advertise your blog at other blogs through BuySellAds or any other online ad agency.

I would insist again first do a field test of my suggestion by spending just $5 at Facebook to promote your any pillar or epic post. You will not only get huge traffic at your post but will also get so many likes at your FB page.

Here is screenshot of weekly performance of the Facebook Page of my green blog after investing $6 to promote a post there. Weekly total reach shot up by 1400% and new likes in a week rose by 292%.

blog post

Again remember in this age of stiff competition even peanuts are not available for free so how come you get huge traffic at your blog without paying a dime.


  1. says

    This is indeed a very timely one to the bloggers like me.
    Yes taking time to promote the content is more important in blogging
    i really liked the 80/20 theory in blogging!

    Mubi you brought out and applied that theory in blogging in a different way!!
    I fully agree to that. Very interesting presentation. The step by step questions
    and the presentation is really praiseworthy. The points you brought out in this
    post is really new to me and I never thought of spending money and time in promoting blog posts.
    Very informative post to newbies like me.

    Thank you so much for your educative post.

    Keep writing

    I just found this in my mail box today and at ones I thought I will submit it in our wonderful space called Kingged :-)

    Before you post I posted Ha Ha !! I think no Prob.!! !:-) :-) :-)


    Ann P V

    Hey Muba, I submitted this post at kingged and kingged it and posted this comment there. Hope you don’t mind! :-)
    Thanks again for this informative post :-)

    • says

      Hey Ann P
      Not at all Ann I never mind your sharing of this post anywhere. It shows how caring you are to others and that’s a great asset for me.
      You are right simply loads of hard work won’t bring as much huge results as the good mix of hard work, money and energy can do so.
      Thanks a lot for coming by, sharing it and also sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. Have a great week. :-)

  2. DOK Simon [Blogging Engage] says

    Hello MrMuba !

    Reading your post from the start, made me think you were criticising the use of the 80/20 rule but getting to a point i understood you were trying to clarify a thought and it was well carried out..

    On my opinion the reason why some bloggers don’t go extra mile is because they probably do not have the means of pushing their blog with money and other resources,.

    Sometimes we need to understand that in the mist of scarcity there is abundance, hard works pays better than anything !!

    • says

      Hi DOK Simon
      A very warm welcome to you here.
      You are right many struggling bloggers don’t have much money to invest. But so many others do have but they just assume their hard work will bring desired results. It can but it takes time. So why do we waste our precious resource time to save another precious resource money. Here we need to take smart decision.
      Thanks a lot for you coming and sharing wonderful views here. Hope to see you around. Have a blessed week. :-)

  3. says

    Hello Sir.

    Believe it or not but at the end of this day I could say that I’ve read something today which made me learn something new. Interesting piece of writing. I just couldn’t resist myself from reading it continuously by locking my door from inside (because I didn’t wanted to be interrupted :p)

    As always, thanks for this great article and keep up writing awesome content :)

    • says

      Hi Ritesh Saini
      You made my day with your great words for this post. I am glad you got something new in it. Keep visiting to get more value.
      Thanks a lot and have a great week. :-)

  4. Sunday says

    The 80/20 rule can be applied to blogging. It is important for the blogger to understand what it entails. Investing money to promote a blog post can yield good results if truly the 80/20 rule is implemented. The amount of output we get is often determined by the level of output.

    Yes Muba, your post is powerful. I truly appreciate the analytical insights you have shared in this post. Investing in premium tools and systems rightly can give very good results!

    I have shared this same comment in where this post was shared and “kingged” for internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

    • says

      Hi Sunday
      Exactly. This is what I tried to communicate with this post. We should apply the rule of 80/20 with its true spirit. Then we can get desired results of our blog post promotion.
      You are right investing means hard labor, time and money as well. That way we can get higher returns of our investment in terms of money.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Have a great week. :-)

  5. sherman smith says

    Hey mi Muba,

    As I understand, why work so hard, when you can kill a million birds with one stone by just spending $5 to promote your blog. So why work so hard when you can work smart and leverage inexpensive tools to get more of a reach when you promote! This is definitely the thinking of an intelligent entrepreneur/marketer! Great post and way of conveying the message!

    • says

      Hi Sherman
      You pointed well; without money we can promote our post to more than several free forums and communities but cannot get as much huge as result as we easily can with premium promotion resources.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and giving your valuable comments here.

  6. says

    Hi Mi,

    I think one thing is clear, promotion is indeed a key and I guess doing a business without promoting is like standing in the dark and winking at a girl. You know what you’re doing but no one can see you.

    This was a great post bro!

    • says

      Hi Emmanuel
      You further my points with a cool example “winking at a girl in the dark” Lolz.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and commenting. Hope to see you around.

  7. Manpreet says

    After the change in Facebook algorithms, it is actually impossible to reach people in an organic way. You need to empty your pockets or spend some money to promote your posts.
    Spending money for promoting your posts has become a necessity.
    But many people resist doing that for they don’t earn much from their blog. Who needs maximum promotion? A newbie. Right? and the income resources of newbies are usually low due to which they just neglect this idea. How should they tackle this issue?
    Moreover, blogging is considered as a no investment strategy of making money. But now people need to understand that things have changed. Investing money is a must to make profits.

    • says

      Hi Manpreet
      You pointed well now things have changed a lot everywhere online including social media. Now one can easily share whatever he wants but how many people see it that depends upon admin of the social media. So instead of waiting for miracles to get your post boosted it is wise to be rational and put some money in this venture.
      It is a valid point that how newbie invest money as they have yet to earn money from blogging. They need to take blogging as business and not as magic wand to earn money. Higher the investing, higher the returns is now the best policy in blogging.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Hope to see you again.

    • says

      Hi zeeshanmalik786
      This is the main problem; we follow it but are not getting desired results. We actually don’t follow it with its true meaning.
      Thanks for your comments. :-)

  8. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    I like the rule of 80/20. Indeed, more than the writing, promotion plays a huge role today. If you don’t promote your blog posts in the right fashion, there will be no one to look around and read the blog posts. All time wasted without any return. So, I too believe in the strategy of promoting more.

    • says

      Hi Mainak
      You are right; without promotion we can’t get our post widely read. It will like talking in an empty crowd or recording a sound but does not releasing it. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your awesome views.

  9. says

    Hey Mi Muba,

    I too thought you were criticizing the 80/20 rules in the beginning until I realized the point you were trying to make. No one wants to do all that work and continuously promote our posts still with just very minimal results. I don’t believe that’s why any of us blog.

    I have done Facebook advertising in the past but I haven’t done promoted posts. The main reason is because I don’t have a huge following on my fan page and that’s okay with me. You know I’m more about the relationships I have with them so maybe in the future when I get ready to launch my product I’ll consider doing more of this. I will be branching out to other avenues to get more eyes on my content as well.

    Thanks for your take on this, well done.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne
      The rule of 80/20 is widely being followed in blogosphere but not with its true spirit. That is why many people point fingers at it and term it not an effective rule to bring desired results by following it. This is the main reason now we are clearly listening loud whispers everywhere that blogging has lost its potential as it had previously.
      It means it is not blogging that lost its potential but it is bloggers (a wide majority) who are not interpreting many of its rules and wrongly following them. As a result failure is obvious.
      It is good to learn you already ventured into paid advertising and also have plan to avail it in future to promote your product.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your great opinion here. Hope to see you around.

  10. Jackson Davies at Blogprefect says

    Excellent Article Mi Muba!

    I love that you actually noted the original creator of Pareto Law by name rather than stick to an American book that rips off the theory. I think that it is perilous to apply some business laws to blogging when the models don’t match. the 80/20 / Pareto law is not always a best fit for all situations. In fact it is a very general fit and has been superseded by better models and better theory. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is without some merit it is probably easier to look at a theory like Kaizen (a Japanese theory) which works on the basis that everything can be improved even by the smallest percentage.

    But you are totally write on the maths. If you spent $1.5 per post but spent nothing on promoting them, you aren’t applying the 80/20 rule correctly and when you break it down like that it is clear to see.

    Thanks for taking the initiative on this one!


    • says

      Hi Jackson
      I impressed to see you in-depth knowledge on 80/20 rule; it shows you already have done your research to understand it with its true spirit. This is the mark of a committed blogger.
      You are right; rules of other discipline are not always best fit in blogging. But it has already been applied by our predecessors so we just need to correct its interpretation to help our community follow it correctly.
      This is the main problem with this rule. We follow it with regard to hard labor but completely avoid it while investing in blogging.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views.

      • Jackson Davies at Blogprefect says

        Hi Mi Muba, well said. We shouldn’t blame the tool but how we use it. There are many things you can apply the Pareto law to. Psychologists try to use it when trying to help hoarders get rid of items. It can be applied to our own personal wardrobe where we are only likely to use 20% of the clothes 80% of the time. Vilfredo noted that only 20% of his bean patch produced 80% of his crop. It is a strange natural order worth investigating but at the very least it is a basis to start becoming more efficient.

        • says

          Hi Jackson
          You are right; a tool itself is not good or bad but it depends upon how we use it. If we apply a tip partially we won’t be able to get complete results from it. We doing same with the rule of 80:20. We create a post by spending money but promote it without spending a dime. Then obviously results won’t be in same proportion.
          Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  11. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    At first I was a little confused about the 80/20 rule in this article because as bloggers it is my understanding that we write 80% good content and 20% about a product or service that we can offer to people.

    But as I read along, I see your point. I say Absolutely promote your post! I do boost my post on my Facebook Business Page for $5 every time I write one. I watch my insights like a hawk. It is working well because Facebook will push it out there in front of more people when you do this.

    If we don’t promote ourselves, then who will? Sharing our blog posts on G+ communities, and Facebook groups is another great way to put that content out there.

    When it comes to a blog post where I am telling others about my product and services, then I go out and do a whole marketing campaign. Right now, I find Facebook the way to go when advertising. I’ve done it and before tweaking, I had the ads paid for from my opt-ins. After tweaking a bit, the ROI proved to be great for me.


    • says

      Hi Donna
      It is good to learn that you are already availing the premium options of Facebook to promote your blog post. It shows your clear understanding of blogging which very few people have. Unfortunately many people expect big results by just sharing their post to multiple free-to-submit groups. They guys forget the fact that nothing of quality can be gotten for free. We have to pay the price for quality.
      Exactly ROI means how much we put our time, money and energy to get back returns. Simply hard work can make you a little popular but won’t hit your target audience.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views as always and adding value in this post. Hope to see you again.

  12. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    Great and brilliant post.

    It is very important to promote our blog post in order to get more eye-balls on what we have to offer. You have to spend money to make money. That’s the Entrepreneurial mindset.

    Thanks Mi Muba for a great advice to all the bloggers in the blogosphere to work smart following the 80/20 rule. Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,


    • says

      Hi Neamat
      You are right it is easy to share a blog post but to make people notice it we need to pay for it. We can’t get huge response by simply sharing our post in social media with free options. In this age of stiffening competition we have to pay to compete with others.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome opinion and make this post more worthwhile. Hope to see you around. You do have a great rest of the week. :-)

  13. whaithee says

    Hi Muba,

    Eventually the newbies will learn that making money through blogging is like most other businesses. You have to invest money, into a strategic plan to get results.
    The days of ‘build it, post it every where and they will come’ has long gone. Now it’s ‘grab the attention or forever wallow in obscurity’.

    Unfortunately, most new bloggers will rather waste months to years before they figure this out.

    You’ve done a good job to make this point clear.

    Thanks for sharing. 😉

    • says

      Hi whaithee
      A warm welcome to you here at this blog. It’s your blog really.
      Exactly now all the new entrants should remember that blogging is just like any other business where you invest money and then get returns on your investment. Those days have gone when you make your blog successful with free stuff. Now competition has stiffened monumentally in blogosphere and survival is possible but success is only possible if we invest money to earn money here.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again.

  14. says

    Hiii Muba sir,

    Once again you have shown your creativity by sharing this mind-blowing article about – Do you know how you are dumping your each blog post? I was completely unknown from the “80/20 rule” but thanks to you i knew now. I loved the section of “How to invest money for promotion of a blog post?” most.

    I am really very sorry for viewing this article from let. Actually, i bookmarked this article to read later but due to busy in my work i forgotten. So, sorry for let replying. Keep updating and stay connected with us always.

    I found this useful post on and became attracted to read full post. I loved it :)

    • says

      Hi Amit
      First of all let me tell you that you too are doing a great job at your blog. I regularly visit it.
      Readers engagement is more important to me either they do early or lately I give highest value to all comments of readers of this blog.
      I am glad you liked this article and also you mentioned particular sections that shows you deeply you read it. I hope it will benefit you a lot.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you again. Have a great rest of the week.

  15. says


    80/20 is interesting.

    Since last few days i am doing lot of research on how to reach the right audience for my blog. I have tried a thing recently, will be in position to share results in a month or so..

    i search for my blog topic or (niche) on a social bookmarking site, then look at similar results. I check the profile of people who have saved that as bookmark on social bookmarking site. My next intent is to build relation with these people, for which i use twitter the most and of course that social bookmarking site.

    It’s no brainer to understand that if someone has bookmark a particular post, then he has interest in that topic and if my niche is similar than that person becomes my target reader. As mentioned – i have just recently tried using this method, i am excited about it, in the process, i will be finding more ways.

    Mi Buba – BTW – Good write up on your post

    Harish Bali

    • says

      Hi Harish
      I am glad you found the rule of 80/20 rule interesting. Indeed it is because it works well and brings awesome results if it is applied with its true meaning.
      Your way of searching your target market is really cool. Many blogger do this in same way to access the most relevant target market. Exactly Twitter is a very meaningful social media platform to get together with like minded people apart from approaching huge number of people from your target audience.
      I am sure you will get awesome results because you are doing all this by following a proper strategy. Best of luck.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views here and at DoSplash. Hope to see you again.

  16. Don Purdum says

    I’m a first time visitor.

    My first thought was… if you’re doing everything right as you stated in the beginning then the problem isn’t promotion. It’s something else. Perhaps it’s really bad content, or the writer has a reputation problem? It could be any number of things, but I don’t think the promotion is the problem.

    My blog is exploding and I do the work promoting it and earning comments and re-tweets and comments on social media.

    I appreciate your perspective. I came to you from

    • says

      Hi Don Purdum
      A warm welcome to you here as your are first time visitor :-)
      I do agree with you if contents are great people themselves come to get benefit from them. But everyone is not a born writer or top-class writer. Mediocrity is widely prevailing in our society so we need to first speak and then tell people what we have spoken.
      That is why in blogging writing content and promoting it are equally important to bring traffic and then convert visitors to customers.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your awesome views. Hope to see you again. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. :-)

  17. Susan Cooper/ says

    At first I thought you were disputing the 80/20 rules as it applies to blogging. Then I realized you were emphasizing the point. You have to admit, who wants to do all that work only to receive minimal results. I think it all get done to why one blogs.

    Facebook hasn’t been a place I’ve spent a great deal of time. As I grow, that may need to change. Just my thoughts. :-)

    • says

      Hi Susan
      First of all a very warm welcome to you here. I am regular visitor of your blog and sometime can’t control my mouth watering while reading your yummy recipes. I first time saw your post and Adrienne’s blog; one of my favorite bloggers.
      Yes promotion is not a big thing for those who write contents of high quality and keep posting them consistently. Ultimately visitors come to their blog because quality creates its own space without any support.
      Thanks a lot for coming by from far away :-) and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around.

  18. says

    Hi Mi Muba,

    You have to spend money to make money. This is harder to swallow for some who are not making a little money or none at all.

    I have not been doing any advertising as of yet. Just what ever I can do on my own. It is a lot of work for sure but my focus has been more on relationships. I will soon be finish with my eBook and will look more into paid methods.

    I have also been hearing some great things about Outbrain. Cost effective and brings quality traffic!

    You explained the 80/20 rule of blogging well and we should definitely take note!

    Take care Mi Muba!

    • says

      Hi Steven
      Very correct. People do know investing in blogging always bring great results but it’s harder for them to swallow. I also observed that many newbie bloggers first want to earn a little money from all-for-free blogging and then they intend to put all earnings to earn huge money. This is not a practical approach. It is a universal rule to put sugar first then enjoy the sweetness. :-)
      You pointed a good resource to grow traffic. It is really getting so popular though its cost is relatively a little higher under PPC.
      Thanks a lot of your coming and commenting here. Hope to see you again. Have a great weekend.

  19. says

    Hi Muba,

    It’s really great to read such type posts which can help many bloggers.
    The rule you have explained above is really valuable and should be applied. In most of cases beginners invest their time to write blog post at their blog but forget to promote.

    I have done this mistake before and faced the problem of not getting any visitors to my blog. I am trying to overcome from it.

    Thanks for sharing this post.
    Have a good day.:)


    • says

      Hi Ravi
      It is good to know you have practical experience of problems when someone just publish a post and don’t promote it robustly.
      You are right; people don’t come to your blog automatically soon after you publish a post. You have to tell them by using every medium that you published a new post and all should come to read it.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views. Hope to see you around. Have a great weekend :-)

  20. says

    Excellent post Mi. You’ve said it all.

    That’s why when people say, content is king, it’s only true to a point. You could write terrific content all day long, but if you don’t promote such content it’s doom to fail, meaning no one will see it anyways.

    I’ve never really been enthusiastic about paying for my content’s promotion, but I’m going to start paying $5 for my post, because my posts really advertise my services, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’ll let you know how ti works for me.

    Shame on me, I’m a paid member of Warrior Forum for years, but haven’t been active there for a while, but your post was a great reminder. Thank you.

    • says

      Hi Sylviane
      It is great to see you here again. :-)
      I am glad you like this post and you are right many bloggers put their all energies to create an awesome post and then they do the biggest mistake of either not promoting it or just doing this so casually.
      If in a hall everybody is shouting you need to do something extra to make your shout heard. This is the basic rule of blog post promotion.
      Best of luck for your decision to invest for promoting your post. I bet you will get awesome results. Do let me know how was the result.
      It is good to learn you are already paid member of Warrior Forum. It means you just need to share your posts and get returns. It’s really awesome.
      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful views here. Have a great weekend. :-)

  21. says

    Hello Sir, wonderful post indeed.

    Though I had never heard of 80/20rule (thank you for letting me know), I indeed used it to promote my posts. You every time post a quality tutorial and this is indeed one of them. FB ads are a great way as you can geo-target your promotion but one demerit is they accept only credit card, and that is a restraint on new bloggers . But that is not all there are many places where we can get a large viewership along with engaged quality audience. There are many directories where we can promote our businesses like yellow pages etc, I think craiglist is also free but not sure.

    Mutual placement of Ads on fellow bloggers’ blog can also be beneficial. But using no follow links is advisable as otherwise we might get penalized, but why we should go after do-follow links when we only want visibility.

    You always come out with something that benefits readers and as I rarely visit your(including others’) site on PC i am not able to comment. I always liked Genesis Framework and I am mesmerized with your blog’s layout. You have purposely not placed any ads I think and this adds a extra feather on the blog. It feels authoritative and it no doubt is one 😀

    Soon i might shift to wordpress as well . Coming over, I got inspired by this post and very soon I am going to write a post on a similar topic. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful idea.

    • says

      Hi iswadhin
      I am so glad you learnt from this post the rule of 80/20. This is the reward of labor we (bloggers) get when someone tells us what he has learnt from our post. Definitely you also had this experience at your blog as you are also delivering quality contents there.
      Great point you mentioned here that to put ads at FB credit card is required which newbie bloggers don’t have usually – especially those living in not-so-advance countries. But they can get the help from any of their elders or elder friend who has this facility and can return the debited amount in local currency in cash.
      This is also a valid point with no-follow link we can exchange our ads with our fellow bloggers. But who are usually friends of a struggling blogger. Obviously bloggers of his own level. So here diverting the small number of visitors from one blog to another blog may hurt the readership of one or both the blogs. Readers will be double minded on which one to follow and which one to just glance.
      Thanks a lot for your great words which are always source of great motivation for me. You are right I am not so excited to put ads here because I am already earning decent amount of money from my another blog and will monetize this one after publishing a few more valuable posts.
      Thanks a lot for coming by and sharing your detailed and wonderful views. Have a great weekend.:-)

  22. Arun says

    Great post, Mi

    That is true. We should focus more on promotion of the articles rather writing a lots of articles.

  23. says

    Hello Mi,
    Promoting our every blog post should be done smartly… Using hard work alone, won’t yield good result.
    I have never done paid advert before, but i receive more than 3,000 unique visitors per day… you’ll know you’re doing pretty well when you get congratulated by google 3x :) .
    Knowing your tactics and what works for you is the keyword here.

    Your tips are well on point and is indeed recommended.
    Thanks for a lovely post and do have a wonderful weekend…

    • says

      Hi babanature
      It is good to know that with your hard work and consistency you are getting 3000 visitors per day. It’s awesome man. :-)
      But you are right this is the feat which everyone can’t achieve. You must have invested your huge time to get to this position. Otherwise bloggers need to keep balance between their investing to produce a post and then to promote it.
      Thanks for your great words here. Hope to see you again. :-)

  24. jayanth1 says

    Awsome blog post . came here first time and interested to read all the posts .They are amazing and inspires me a lot.

  25. unveiltheweb says

    Hi Mi,

    You make a great point about comparing the real cost of blogging. Nothing is free and the 80/20 rule really doesn’t apply. Not sure I ever really liked the use of the rule because it seems to offer people an excuse and a way out to often for their performance or lack of.

    I recently made a shift and have started using Google Plus and LinkedIn more. My goodness have I seen significant increase in both traffic and engagement between the two of them over Facebook.

    One of the key takeaways for me in your article is as a business owner and CEO, my time equals money. If I’m worth $200 per hour, then my work better represent that. I feel that I see to many blogs where people undervalue them and just through out stuff hoping people like and buy from them.

    Yet, they’ve given no strategy, measurable goals, or tasks to demonstrate they’ve thought it through. Sometimes, it is blatantly obvious.

    Mi, thanks for asking us to look at blogging as an extension of our businesses and to treat it accordingly.

    I hope you have a great weekend!
    ~ Don Purdum

    • says

      Hi Don

      I am so glad on your regularly visiting my blog which shows your appreciation is not simply to encourage me but equally you enjoy reading my posts. It is a great achievement for me, really. :-)

      A blogger with huge experience of web development and online venturing if visits a blog it means he is not just passing the time or promoting someone but he is also doing so to get more info and knowledge. This is very heartening to know for me.

      You are right feedback from both Google plus and Linkedin is really awesome. Specially from Linkedin groups you can get huge boost in traffic simply in a few days.

      Thanks a lot for your stopping by and sharing your very thoughful views on this post.

      I hope you too have a great weekend.

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