How to become a top blogging coach as a mainstream blogger?

Why don’t you sell your blogging skills to become a blogging coach and earn big money?

You must be tired of frequently hearing this free advice from all who are fans of your blogging skills.

They know you are in this field for a long time and fully expert of it.

They know you are working hard as a freelancer to earn small chunks of money from several clients.

Maybe you have a blog on any niche other than blogging niche. So you feel awkward to showcase your blogging expertise at your blog on health, green or fitness or something like that niche.

blogging coachObviously those who want solutions of their health or environmental or fitness problems won’t click on your blogging mentorship offer and even hardly notice it.

Who is a mainstream blogger?

All niches other than directly related to blogging are called mainstream niche. For example health, environment, relationship, insurance, baby-care etc are called mainstream niche.

While money making, SEO, content marketing, WordPress, Templates etc are blogging or techie niche.

You being a great blogging expert do know that it is time-consuming to start a blog on blogging and earn money with it.

If you do that you have to give lesser time to your mainstream blog or to your freelance business.

It is likely you have to drop a freelancing offer through which you can earn more money than your blog on blogging. So it will never be a smart move.

But you do want to sell your blogging skills to those who want to learn blogging formally to become a successful blogger.

So your main problem is:

You want to become a hot-seller blogging coach without starting a blog on blogging niche and by fully continuing your entire freelancing contracts or managing your blogs on mainstream niches.

5 ways to become a blogging coach with any niche blog

Don’t worry after reading this post you will have complete solution of your problem. Before offering you its solution I do advise you to read my following two posts to make your mentorship offer more attractive.

Top 7 ideas to boost your blog consultancy business

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Here I tell you the five foolproof ways to sell your blogging skills without having a blog on blogging niche.

Facebook Page

This is the easiest way to earn money by selling your blogging expertise. Simply create a new Facebook page as a local business with your present FB account or create a new account if you don’t have yet.

blogging coachJust go to and signup. It is done. After that create the page with following steps:

  • Name your FB page to reflect its objectives. It is better to coin your name with your expertise as I would name mine as “Make Blogging Fun”. This is just an example you may get more creative and innovative ideas to name it.
  • Upload image at your timeline showing in which areas you are blogging expert and display it with images and text both.
  • Upload your profile image to prove you are a human being and not let an impression of spam or automated thing.
  • Mention your profile details showing your blogging experience, your successful projects, your sample projects and any testimonial(s).

The final step needs a little investment. Boost your page by selecting the region where you like to sell your skills.

Set the daily budget of a few dollars to run your campaign for a week and check the results. If it works well, continue it for another week.

If it does not work well, check where you can improve your FB ad to further boost your business.


This is equally a most effective way to run your business without any blog. Most of the businesses are already on it and they do want blogging coach to start a blog at their website. So they can be your potential clients over there.

At LinkedIn the biggest challenge is to create your profile. Make your profile as much impressive as you can.

Mention each detail of your previous performance and achievements with documentary evidence. If you have a certificate of participation, do share it at your profile.

In your profile also mention your expertise and offer it by mentioning your contact details.

With your LinkedIn profile share your views on different topics of blogging at your timeline. People notice a sharing that does not have any link.

blogging coachSuch sharing has more value because it does not aim to promote any link. It is taken just as a help or guidance by the one who shared it.

So regularly share small tips and tricks on blogging to show people your expertise.

Also write full post on LinkedIn Publishing Platform to prove your blogging excellence in detail.

Mention your consultancy business in your post to let readers contact you to hire you.

The option of getting LinkedIn premium account is another effective way to sell your blogging skills and earn huge money.

Also join LinkedIn groups to make your voice heard at a broader level and promote your business extensively.

Guest Posting

Yes, guest posting is now not much effective to get quality backlinks. But to promote your blogging consultancy business it is still a lethal way.

Your guest posting strategy should be different from a blogger who publishes guest posts to bring readers from other blogs to his blog.

Do extensive research to know which blogs have audience that may become your clients.

If you offer consultancy to build a business blog then your audience is that of the blogs on blogging platforms, designs, templates, plugins and services.

Such audience after establishing a blog wants to make it successful and for that you can be best choice for them.

Note down the guest post requirements of your selected blogs and write posts fully following them.

In your guest posts do mention your services and link it with your social media page or put your email to let them contact you for hiring.

Email marketing

With email marketing it is quite easy to be in contact with your email subscribers. But the question is how to build an email list without a blog.

For this simply visit Contact Us page of newbie and struggling bloggers and write your offer of mentorship.

With your offer also ask them to send their email to let you send a PDF report solving one of their biggest blogging problems like boosting traffic for free or writing great contents with least effort.

Whoever replies your email to get the offered PDF report, just note down his email and keep sending him follow-up emails to provide value to him with your expertise and convince him to buy your blog coaching services.

Ebook publishing

Not priced ebook. Simply create an ebook of a few pages up to 30 or 40 and publish it at all platforms of free ebooks. Amazon also accepts free ebooks to display it for download at its main site.

blogging coachDo create a valuable ebook to attract visitors download it. In your free ebook mention in detail all your premium services.

Try to convince your readers with your free stuff to hire you as a blogging coach.

So these are the five foolproof ways to become a blogging coach without any blog or with a blog on any niche.

If you are in blogging mentorship business are you already using any of the above sources or yet to try any. Do share your views in comments section below.

I am sure you will share this post with your friends on social media to get them reap its benefits.

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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