13 best ever free resources to learn blogging for money

What comes into your mind when you read the term blogging for money?

You might think it means posting a lot of contents, bringing huge traffic, displaying Google ads, selling affiliate and your own products.

Then keep promoting your blog and products everywhere and keep posting more and more contents.

Is it blogging for money or waging a war against an evil? Money blogging is not as much difficult as it looks after reading hundreds of posts on it.

So be focused to learn how to make money blogging. These thirteen free resources are evergreen to guide you how to make money blogging.

blogging for money1. Five-step action plan to make money blogging

Jon Morrow prescribes in this post five-step action plan on blogging for money.

  1. Set up your blog
  2. Publish contents that bring visitors
  3. Convert visitors into subscribers
  4. Share more contents with your subscribers to build trust
  5. Sell products or services to your subscribers and blog visitors

He also advises not to rely on selling advertising to make money blogging. It was profitable when competition was not stiff and you could have earned handsome amount with this option.

He suggests to make money blogging as a beginner with affiliate marketing. According to him creating your own product is also time-consuming and not an easy deal for beginners.

The most unusual tip in this post is about creating your sales funnel in reverse. That means first sell the costliest product then costlier and go down and down to cheapest product.

On the contrary many marketing gurus first give a freebie to their visitors then sell a cheap product and then a costly product.

The logic behind creating reverse sales funnel is simple. By creating your blog and publishing awesome contents you don’t know the monetary value of your influence on your visitors.

So it’s riskier to pick a cheap product because it is possible your worth for them is quite higher than that.

Complete tutorial: How to Make Money Blogging: How This Blog Makes $100K per Month

2. Seven methods of blogging for money

Darren Rowse in this posts advises to create a blog, publish awesome contents on it, engage the readers, and finally earn money by following these seven methods.

  1. Selling Advertising
  2. Services
  3. Physical Products
  4. Digital Products
  5. Events
  6. Selling blogs
  7. Donations

blogging for moneyElaborating the above seven methods he suggests more than 40 ways to earn money with your blog. You can go through each on his blog with their glimpses here in above image.

Complete tutorial: Make Money Blogging

3. Your blog is nothing but a foundation

In this video John Chow explains what is the significance of blogging for money to make your full-time living with your blog. He simply tells the viewers how a blog can help you to make big money.

4. Earn money with your blog gradually

Ramsay tells the newbie bloggers very upfront how they can really make money blogging.

Instead of suggesting direct methods he advises to do a part-time job somewhere or do freelancing of their skills to earn money initially.

If a newbie has some specialized skill he can display it for sale on his blog. Else on a brand new blog it is not easy to earn money with any direct money blogging method like advertising, affiliate marketing or selling products or services.

Newbie bloggers first grow their blog by sharing valuable contents to bring traffic and convert them.

Once they have huge traffic and fat email list they can adopt any method of blogging for money.

Complete tutorial: How to Make Money When Your Blog is Brand New: A Practical Guide

5. Diversify your earning methods

Jessica Knap advises in her post to use your blog as a tool of content marketing to bring more and more visitors.

Then place advertisements related to your visitors plus do affiliate marketing to earn money with your blog.

Also she suggests to sell membership of exclusive contents of your blog where you publish your premium contents.

She also shares an infographics showing interesting data on make money blogging. She shared in it how much bloggers earn and who are the top earners in blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging

Complete tutorial: How to Make Money with Your Blog

6. All about making money with your blog

This is a resource based list post. It covers all steps of money blogging by linking one article to follow each step. It ranges from starting a blog to publishing contents, optimization and then monetizing a blog. It links total 96 posts on each minor step that leads you from starting a blog to earning money with it.

Complete tutorial: How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online?

7. Required actions to earn money with your blog

Amy Lynn Andrews mentions what you need to do to make money blogging. A blog, valuable contents, relationship, strong platform and income stream.

The ways of monetization she suggests are advertising, affiliate marketing, selling digital and physical products and selling services.

She elaborates each method with its different branches justifying how you can easily earn money with your blog by following a proper strategy.


blogging for money8. How much money you can earn with your blog?

In the beginning the most asked question is answered in this post. It tells how much money you can earn with your blog. It also proves with case studies the amount of money people are earning with a blog.

Then it explains the process of starting a blog, making it popular, growing traffic on it and then monetizing it with well-tested and well-proven methods. It also explains how to pick a profitable niche for your blog.

Complete tutorial: HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING IN 2017

9. Twenty three case studies to make money blogging

It’s a roundup post where 23 top money bloggers including John Lee Dumas, Jon Dykstra, Pat Flynn, Eric James and Lindsay Ostrom, Harsh Agarwal are mentioned as case studies to explain how to earn huge money with a blog.

Each one of them is covered with details how he or she is doing blogging for money by following smart earning methods.

Complete tutorial: How To Make Money Blogging: What We Can Learn From 23 Successful Bloggers

10. Seven most effective methods to make blog income

Harsh Agarwal shares seven most effective methods to make money blogging. He also mentions one or two posts in each method to get their details for complete info.

  1. Viglink to monetize your inbound links
  2. Affiliate advertisements
  3. Referral income
  4. Direct advertisements
  5. Paid reviews
  6. Create and sell ebook
  7. Services

Complete tutorial: How to Earn Money From Your Blog in 2017

11. Ultimate guide on blogging for money

It is an ultimate guide on make money blogging with detailed info on entire process from starting a blog to making it a money earning machine.

Each step is explained with complete details and each point is covered separately to deliver most on the topic.

Complete tutorial: How To Make Money Blogging For 2017

12. Yes you can make living with your blog

In this post you can get the complete answer of the question can I really make living by blogging. It also mentions the different income brackets of bloggers and explains how much time is required to earn money with your blog.

Complete tutorial: Can I Really Make a Living by Blogging?

13. Pick your favorite strategy to earn money with your blog

In this post on my blog six most popular strategies are shared to help you earn money with your blog. These are:

  1. Common strategy
  2. Erratic strategy
  3. Business strategy
  4. Brand-based strategy
  5. Long-term strategy
  6. Inbound strategy

So pick the best one matching with your blogging goals. For example if you want to earn money with your blog without taking any risk so follow the common strategy. If you can create magnetic quality contents so follow inbound strategy.

Complete tutorial: 6 popular strategies to make money blogging

So these are thirteen most relevant resources guiding you to make money blogging. Maybe hundreds of more you get but it is good to stay focused and just read the top quality contents on your topic.

I collected these resources after extensive research and don’t think something on the topic is out of their coverage.

I hope you will share this post on social media and also subscribe my email list to get more posts like this in your inbox.

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