Blogging success: When you should start your second blog?

You should never give up and must achieve your blogging success. How many times you heard this advice. It is good but we should not forget factual position to ensure our blogging success sooner or later.

Do you know how many bloggers fail? Almost 97 percent! But not all of them quit blogging. Most of them start another blog. They actually learn from their first failed attempt to start a blog and earn money. So they apply their knowledge for starting another blog. The even manage several blogs till they succeed in one or a few of them.

How many blogs should you try till your blogging success?

Most of them succeed in their second attempt. But most of them don’t quit their first failed blog and continue it. They feel a bonding with it. Obviously most people hardly forget their first love. That is why they continue it. It is fine not to forget your base. But is it possible you manage one failed blog and another new with the same passion. Or is it possible while managing a failed blog you start another one and make it successful.

How long you should make every effort to lift your first blog?

blogging successIf you find any big problem in your first blog it is good to quit it whenever you get to know of it. Usually the big reason to quit a blog is:

  • Selection of a wrong niche
  • Extraordinary tough competition in niche
  • No demand of niche in future

In any of the above case you can seriously think to quit your blog. Otherwise you must put your every effort to make it successful. Usually three years are required to make a blog completely successful. So you must review the performance of your blog at least after one year to quit it or continue it.

Every wrong act on your blog can be corrected other than the above points. Even if your niche is wrong you can slowly change it if your new niche is directly or indirectly related with the old one. Many people do believe in having one struggling blog than the several blogs.

When you should start your second blog?

There are two situations when you start another blog to achieve blogging success.

  • Either you completely fail in first blog
  • Or you hugely succeed and want to earn more with another blog

In first situation be clear should you continue the old one or quit it. It is good to have deep involvement with your first venture. But it should not spoil your future projects. Else you will have several failed projects with your hard but spoiled labor. If you are neither making money nor getting famous with first blog:

  • Simply quit it
  • Or manage it weekly or fortnightly just to continue it.

In case you get huge success in your first blog it is good to start another and expand your blogging business. But before starting your second blog thoroughly examine:

  • Do you have resources of time and money for investment to start the second blog
  • Will your second blog not affect the success of your first blog in any way

If answer of these two questions is satisfactory go for the second blog. Otherwise make the first one as much successful as possible to avoid any chance of its retreat.

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