11 small things in blogging you can do each in 2 minutes

Are you going to bed daily with heavy heart?

You have to, because with your so many half-done things-to-do it is quite natural.

You do the big tasks but miss a lot of smaller ones.

It is an open secret that small things make a big success.

So your anxiety is obvious.

Doing major tasks on time is good but what about the smaller ones.

Most of them related to your big tasks.

Sometimes your main task suffers in quality because of not doing the smaller tasks related to it.

For example if while creating a product review if you forget to check its most popular published reviews how would you create better than that.

Many people miss the smaller tasks just because they plan to do such tasks in piecemeal after doing a major task.

In this post I will tell you how to do your smaller tasks independently from the major tasks. Just spare two minutes after working for an hour on a major task and then see the difference.

bloggingHow to do a smaller chore in two minutes in blogging?

That two minutes model will help you save a lot of your time doing small chores. Just do the primary work of small task with it and do the details later.

1. Review of today

Before finishing your work just look at what you have done and what you couldn’t have. Make the list of:

  • Tasks accomplished
  • Tasks half done
  • Tasks undone

Then make their proportion that means how many tasks in percentage done, how many half done and how many undone.

This would let you know how has been your performance on a given day. Just pledge to slash the percentage of undone and half done tasks next day. That’s it.

I think it could be done in two minutes. Maybe in the beginning you need five minutes but with a little practice you would do it in two minutes. This too is a task to do it in two minutes.

2. Tasks of tomorrow

Before starting your work day have a look at what to do. Shuffle their order if you think it could get you fast.

Check if any task needs some special things or work so plan it before starting that task. In short make your day’s plan by reviewing it in two minutes.

3. Write the idea

Writer’s block is the biggest hurdle in smooth content writing. This is mainly because of lack of ideas. So at the end of the day check all the ideas that you wrote down while working. Skip the unnecessary and save the good ones into your idea file. Don’t extend each idea just store it into your idea bank.

4. Sub heading check

More focus is given to create the headline and then fine tuning it. Many posts do have eye-catching headline but not impressive sub heads as compare to it.

So always spare two minutes to fine-tune your sub headings as well. Try to enhance their effectiveness to match them with your main headline.

5. SEO advance check

Those who publish frequently many times fail to check SEO and then fail to get higher ranking. So check fast all the compulsory SEO of your post before hitting the publish button.

bloggingMany blogger don’t look at its URL that gets the whole title at its end. Google notices a URL of post that has keyword after domain URL.

6. Social media love

Cast a glance on birthdays and major achievements of your friends. Wish them informally to make them know you didn’t forget them.

One sentence wishing someone informally works better than a lengthy formal request to get a favor.

7. One click on an ad

Many bloggers look with deep envy on income report of other bloggers. They try to guess how they are earning that much money. But they don’t check it in detail how they are earning money with their blog.

Its one simple tip is to click on every ad appeared on a successful blog. This would let you know the details of the product and advertiser’s website.

By going there you can also grab the same offer by meeting their requirements. So clicking on an ad and looking fast at it hardly requires one minute. It means you can check two ads daily on different websites of your niche.

8. Glance at a sales page

Creating a sales page that generates big sales is an art. It can’t be learnt by practicing with theoretical lessons. You need to check how a sales page is working.

So while visiting a blog or website check in detail its sales page. Examine its formatting, its sales pitch, its style and every support it applies to make it irresistible.

9. One non-promotional tip

While working on social media share a non-promotional tip once in a week to let people know you are not after money only.

You equally believe in helping others without any reward. This would enhance your image as a blogger who wants to benefit others in any way.

blogging10 One appreciation to someone

If someone publishes an epic post or shares his achieving any benchmark do appreciate him by resharing his work. This would let him remember you to reciprocate once you need such support.

In offline world business persons never shy to support each other. So why should online business people shy.

11. Come out of comfort zone

Don’t stay there; do make a fast visit of your non-comfort zone off and on. Just to look what is going on there. If you are non-techie blogger visit a group of techie bloggers and look at their discussion.

This would make you a little familiar with their diction. One day you would be able to understand their technical jargon to apply it on your blog.

So these are the ways that prove a lot of small things could be done in 2 minutes easily. Just you need to remember what to do on a given day to utilize your single minute for your blogging success.

How do you make the best use of your time while blogging? Do share it in comments section below.

I hope you would give me your two precious minutes to share it on two social media at least.

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