How to bring real buyers to your blog for earning money online?

Hundreds of visitors are coming to your blog daily. That’s great.

They also like your post; reshare it at social media and never forget to comment before going. How lucky you are? Should I envy your success.

But why you are not happy on all that success. Still you are trying hard to earn a quotable amount of money from your blog.

Multiple ads of great PPC brands are at your blog. I read so many reviews at your blog which you wrote wonderfully.

You also do affiliate marketing and have marketed so many best seller affiliate products. You do have your own product which you off and on market at you blog. But problem is still there. Why you are not so happy on all these achievements.

Oh! I see, you hardly earn a few bucks which are insufficient to meet your basic blogging expenses. While in your dreams you still see making thousands of dollars from your blog.

Once you wake up you just find your laptop which you bought two years ago and till now its more than many versions have already been introduced in the market.

You are writing wonderful contents and are promoting them well, so much so till your back (or below of it) starts aching.

You have succeeded to bring huge traffic at your blog. You are trying to sell products with your level best. You have optimized your PPC and CPA ads to the best of your knowledge. But still you can’t earn money to proudly tell your friends that much huge amount you are earning.

Don’t worry after reading this post you will never have to hide your sadness of not earning money online massively.

earning money onlineYour problem is not that you are not earning money online hugely. Your problem is actually you are bringing wrong customers at your blog.

Suppose you have a full-range online garment store but you are just attracting people who want to buy a cap or socks or just under garments. Obviously they buy peanuts and as a return you earn peanuts and not earning money online monumentally.

So first find the genuine online buyers and then bring them at your blog for earning money online from them.

Real art of money blogging

The real art of earning money online with your blog lies in selling right product to a right person. It is actually real art of every type of marketing.

Why so many marketers fail both offline or online. Believe me they don’t fail because of their any inefficiency. They fail because of either selling wrong product to a right audience or selling right product to a wrong audience.

Will you try to convince a poor man to buy Mercedes-Benz. Obviously not! Because you can judge by his appearance, confidence level and even from dullness of his eyes and face that he is not the right person to sell him a costly car.

But in online world you can’t see the person who you are talking to. You just talk to him online and sometime without seeing his video. You just look at his profile picture and try to convince him buy your product.

How to bring right traffic to your blog?

Don’t worry now you won’t be hitting the wrong target after reading this post. You will bring those who really want to buy your product.

Don’t take it as SEO magic post. I don’t mean to tell you how to bring huge traffic at your blog. You already know this. If you don’t know, then just read my three posts after finishing this post.

Here I mean to tell you how to bring RIGHT traffic at your blog. The traffic which you need. It is the traffic that will find at your blog what it actually needs.

What people mostly search on internet?

What people search online. They search solutions if they are facing a problem. They search benefits if they want to make their life happier and more successful.

How they search benefits and solutions. They don’t write in search engine window “I want to make my life happier”. Or they don’t write “I want to make a tour of entire Europe”. They write a few words or a phrase that express wholly what they want to.

earning money onlineIf they want to make their life happier they first point the product, service, activity or anything else which can make them achieve their goal of a happier life. If they think a dine-out or a date at a countryside resort or learning a musical instrument can make their life happier they search their required product on internet.

Types of keywords for earning money online massively

So people search products and services to get solutions and benefits. Online customers are just like offline customers. They want every product having or offering any of the following further benefits.

These are the types of keywords you should use in your contents and bring those who really want to buy the products you are selling. These are not predefined types but I put them into different types by just adding a prefix or suffix with any keyword having high number of searches.

1. Best

It is the nature of buyers that they want every product and service the best one. So with every keyword just put the prefix (it is put before the keyword phrase) or suffix (it is put after the keyword phrase) of “best”.

For example if you are selling hosting at your blog so put the word “best” before the keyword “hosting” and you will have the keyword phrase “best hosting” to bring those who want best hosting service for their blog.

2. Cheap

Once your likely buyers find the best product or service by searching it on internet they stop there. Now the issue of affordability arises. Those who can afford the really best product they buy it regardless of its higher or lower price. They can afford that is why they buy it happily.

But those who can’t afford to pay higher price of their required best product they put another prefix or suffix “cheap” to search any best cheap hosting.

So always try to put the word “cheap” as suffix or prefix with your highly searched keyword to bring those who want to buy cheap and best product or service from your blog.

3. Easy

It is human psyche that people avoid difficulty and love ease. They want their life, their business, their job, their travelling, their living, their cooking etc easy.

So never forget this word while coining your keyword the perfect one to bring those who really want to buy from your blog.

Instead of using a keyword “ways to get a job online” just enhance its accuracy with putting the word “easy” before it and you will get “easy ways to get a job online”. Those people must click on your post having this keyword who really want to know easy ways to get a job online. Once they come to your blog, you can sell them membership of any online job site.

4. Fast

Haste is in our nature. We don’t want to wait. This is the psyche of every human being. For example, no one wants remedies to control diabetic. Everyone needs fast ways to control diabetic. Wherever the word “fast” stands fit in your keyword do try to put it and make your keyword phrase more target-oriented.

5. Quick

This is another word which reflects the haste of people. No one wants to earn money online. Everyone makes efforts for earning money online quickly. So never miss the word “quick” while coining your keyword the perfect for earning money online massively by bringing the real buyers in maximum number at your blog.

6. Free

People very well know that owing to stiff competition in online world many companies offer so many things for free.

This is part of companies’ marketing strategy to first offer free; make them habitual of a free product, then offer the advance version of the same product on price.

People first try to search their required product or service free. Just take the example of free blog template. Those who strongly support the idea of investing also try to pick the free template if it is also the best one and make the speed of their blog fast.

7. Sure

People want guarantee. They want the product or service they are buying must bring their desired results. So the most common word to express their desire is “sure” or “guarantee”. They write “sure ways for earning money online” or “how to get a job for sure” etc. So to bring those who are very particular about the results of a product or a service must use this word before or after your selected highly searched keyword.

earning money online8. Discount

Buyers very well know of stiff competition among sellers. They also know every sellers offer maximum possible discount to sell more and ultimately make big profit.

So the word “discount: can also be a good add-on in your keyword to bring those who want maximum discount in their required products and services.

9. Coupon

Aware internet users know the meaning of this word. It actually reflects the fixed discount code which a middleman offers you to buy a product from a seller using his code. It is called affiliate code.

So aware online buyers also search discount coupon or simply put the word “coupon” alone to search their required products and services.

10. Free trial

This is also used by those aware online buyers who want to first try a product or service for free then buy it. They do this because they hardly find any buyer offline to know from him about the quality of their required product or service.

So they search their required product or service offering a free trial to let them first confirm its benefits and then they can buy it without any concern.

So these are the ten important words which you can put before or after your highly searched keywords to make your target more accurate.

Now Your Turn

Do you already use them in your keywords to make them more accurate. Or you don’t believe that much care is good to bring right audience at your blog. Do share your views with this blog community and with me in comments section below.

I am sure you will also reshare this post at social media to let your friends read it.

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