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7 signs when giving up is a cool idea

Don’t ever think of giving up. Never give up. One day you will succeed in your struggle. Whatever hurdles you face but don’t quit sooner or later you will be successful. Those who quit never be successful so keep struggling. I can write here hundreds of advices that I read online and offline both. This is …

Top 5 blog comments reply mistakes

Visitors comment on a blog if it offers value to them. They appreciate the quality of contents, services and guidance a blog provides to them. Usually visitors comment after reading a blog post. They express their views on blog contents by: Appreciating it Criticizing its contents and design Adding value in a post they read Asking …

Top 5 email subscription mistakes

Email subscription is an awesome method to make a strong base of regular visitors of your blog. To sell a product you can email directly to all your email subscribers marketing them its benefits. You can also inform them of an update on your blog. Email subscribers are made with various techniques including: Offering a free …

Top 5 blog traffic growth mistakes

The rock solid foundation of your blog to earn money is consistent growth of traffic on it. Your contents must attract visitors and keep boosting traffic. Your promotional activities must bring huge number of visitors on it. Every blogger’s ultimate aim is to earn money. It is not possible without huge blog traffic. It should not …

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