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Top 5 monetization mistakes

First you create a blog. Then you optimize it. Finally you monetize it. For money blogging monetization is the milestone to achieve your business objectives. Without smartly monetizing your blog you can’t earn big money. 5 monetization mistakes So you need to avoid these 5 monetization mistakes. Following the herd instinct Many bloggers blindly follow others …

Top 5 navigation mistakes on your blog

In blogging, navigation means guiding your visitors where they can get more value on your blog. You may guide visitors where should they go simply with words. But this method doesn’t work well because a visitor first read on your blog a post for which he arrived. After that he looks here and there to go …

Top 5 content headline mistakes

Content headline mistakes directly hit your traffic. Poor headlines affect your blog traffic in two ways: First it fails to bring visitors on your blog Second it put a bad impression of your blog on searchers So your content headline must be at least free from the mistakes. It is an established fact that 80 per …

Pro Bloggers Secret Formula To
Earn Money With Your Blog

I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.