Complete Guide: How to choose an ideal blog name?

Famous poet Shakespeare once rightly said that what lies in name. Generally speaking he is absolutely right. But as far as blogging is concerned many things lie in blog name.

  • It reflects overall personality (brand) of your blog.
  • It portrays the subject matter of your blog.
  • It does depict how you will serve your customers
  • It shows your blogging goals

So here poetic reasoning of naming your blog won’t work.

You need to pick its name with full care.

The most suitable name of your blog

If domain name of your blog is then your blog name should ideally be How To Work Out.

So you need not to mention two different words or phrases as name and domain name of your blog. Most of the bloggers follow this rule.

But this is not rule of thumb. If you are not convinced you can name your blog different from its domain name. But same name of both of them can not be forgotten easily.

blog nameMain features of your blog name

Just like domain name a blog name should have following qualities.

Easy to pronounce

A bombastic word will not put huge impression on people. Simplicity is the best policy in blogging. So it should be so easy to pronounce.

For this purpose it should have lesser number of syllables. The word September has three syllables 1) sept 2) tem 3) ber. Understand?

So your blog name should ideally have maximum 3 to 4 syllables.

More than this can work well but generally does not sound good. One needs to put stress on his memory to recall a name with several syllables. Right?

Must have a meaning

Your blog name can be of one word like Blogger or phrase like “Be A Money Blogger”.

In both of the cases it should have meaning. If it does not have any direct meaning like “Blogomania” but it gives an impression that it means “blogging mania”. So your blog should have a direct meaning or should have a comprehensible impression.

Easy to spell

The spelling of word “lieutenant” most of the people forget because it is little difficult to spell. So try to name your blog with a word or phrase which should not have any word with very difficult spelling. Fantabulous is also same type of word which everyone can’t spell correctly.

The main purpose of blog name of easy spelling should ease people write its name in search window without any mistake.

Not so long or so short

If your blog name comprises of a word it is fine. It will be of 10 alphabets or four syllables maximum.

If it is of phrase so it should be not so long or too short.

If it is long people will hardly remember it.

If it is too short it will not make sense, will become a word if you join it or people may ask why you need to put such a short phrase as your blog name.

So select a name neither too short nor too long.

Reflect the niche of your blog

You need not to explain what your blog is about if it reflects you niche. So try to pick a name related to your niche.

No dual meaning

If one of the meanings of your blog is ridiculous or disgusting it may put bad impression on your visitors. People will remain double minded which meaning it reflects. So your blog name should reflect its most popular meaning.

Not conflict with any cultural or religious belief

If your blog is not for any specific region and has global market then do take care while picking its name. There are several words of English which have quite disgusting and offensive meaning in some other languages.

So do extensive research before finally picking a unique type of English word as your blog name. Yes those words which are very common can be selected without any fear because they are globally taken with their English meaning.

blog nameBrand name of your blog

It should have grace in its overall look to easily become your brand name. Just look at the word Amazon which actually is the name of river. But now it has become the name of one of the biggest online supermarket.

Be evergreen in nature

Never put your blog name that is short-lived. In every era a few songs get viral, a few persons become very famous but after sometime nobody knows them. So don’t name your blog having inspired by very popular names of certain times. It should be evergreen and be acceptable to people of all times.

Your blog name should be a word or phrase which can easily be put into a design for making its logo. For example:

  • I should not be of a phrase with many small words. It will not good look to make a logo with so many small words.
  • It should not have repetition of words because it will not sound good in logo

So keep in mind your next step of designing a logo of your blog by putting your blog name into it.

Why blog name is important?

If you keep a good blog name it can easily be converted into brand name of your blog. So you need to remember these extra features while naming your blog.

  • It must reflect a hi-fi idea: It should reflect the modern trends and never show any obsolete idea
  • It should be unique in nature so that people don’t have to confirm is it your blog
  • It should not be a stereo-typed name and must contain a direct appeal to your visitors
  • It can sustain in completely changed scenario and you never feel any need to change it

So these are a few tips to select a blog name. These are simply tips not the rules. If you want to go for a name that does not follow above tips, no problem, select it.

The most important quality of your blog name is its appeal to its target audience. You are the first one in target audience of your blog. If it suits to you just go for it.

One bonus tip: Before naming your blog just search top 100 blogs and examine how their names are. How many of them have same blog and domain names. How many of them have entirely separate names for their domain and blog. After that, take your final decision.

In our next post we will discuss: How to select the best hosting for your blog?

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I researched more than 50 high income blogs to know how pros are earning huge money with their blog.

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