How to cleverly monetize your blog interview post?

Maybe it doesn’t sound as a million dollars idea?

But it can make you earn hundreds of dollars.

You need to do just two things.

Follow the strategy properly as I mention in this post as this is super must to make hundreds of dollars with this idea of how to monetize your blog interview post.

Secondly read this post till its end and at least you would know how to take interview of an expert to make money online easily. So it will go in stock of your ideas to let you try it whenever you have no idea bigger than this to apply and earn money.

So be with me till its end and do give your comments on this idea to let me know how the feedback of my wonderful audience is.

General objectives of publishing an interview

Usually a blog interview post is published to make the readers learn the views of any expert or an authority of your niche.

monetize your blog interview postSecondly to put more power in your message you take an interview of an expert to help your readers get authority opinion on a given topic.

Thirdly people get bored by reading the views of one or a few writers in plain posts so they want to read or watch a light chat with an expert on a topic of their interest.

The immediate benefit of publishing an interview of an expert is to get more traffic because in addition to your own blog community the followers of the interviewee also visit your blog.

Your blog interview post gets reshared by your own followers and followers of the interviewee as well and gets viral if it is taken purposefully with well-thought questions.

11 tips to monetize your blog interview post

My idea of taking interview of an expert is to make money with it as well. Maybe many bloggers have put a few affiliate links in such a post but they might have done this without any well-developed strategy.

I am sharing here an idea on how to monetize your blog interview post and make money online easily. You would do this without irritating your readers and the interviewee as well.

1. Select the best expert

First of all select an expert of your niche who is professional and earning money with his blog or with any other online product like e-commerce website or selling ebooks online.

For this purpose create a list of top experts of your niche who you are already connected with and you are sure they would reply your invitation positively to be your guest on your blog.

Then pick the best three and email them your request one by one to take their interviews. If you are in close contact with them you need to tell about yourself and your blog in detail. Otherwise just a few lines are sufficient.

monetize your blog interview postAs soon as you get the consent of one of them now you need to create your questions to send him for his reply.

Here from let’s begin the gigantic task of how to monetize a blog interview post. You need to follow the strategy as defined below to coin your each question to help you make money online easily.

2. Make your expert suggest affiliate products for your readers

Your basic purpose of creating each question should be to make your expert recommend the affiliate products and services to use and be like him.

Obviously those who read his interview very keenly want to be successful or expert like him. So they will waste no time to follow his recommendations to be like him and buy his suggested affiliated products.

For this purpose, research extensively about your expert with special focus on:

  • How he started his journey?
  • What kind of problems he faced while struggling?
  • What mistakes he committed?
  • How many times he was about to quit?
  • How many times he changed the track etc?

You can know all this by reading his:

  • About Me page on his blog
  • Most popular posts
  • Interviews already published on other blogs
  • Most popular social media updates other than promotional ones
  • Free stuff which he shared on his blog be it an ebook, a video series or any e-course.

After knowing every aspect of the professional life of your selected expert you can then create the questions in a way to make expert recommend best products and services while guiding your readers how to be successful like him.

3. With your each question convince your expert to suggest a product for your readers

This is the basic strategy to monetize your blog interview post while compiling it. Your each question should cover a subject that should not only be quite interesting for your readers but equally has the appeal to make your expert suggest or hint a product or service to

  • Avoid a referred problem or
  • Combat a challenge or
  • Achieve an excellence

4. Make your expert hint a product while telling your readers about himself

Usually in the beginning of an interview a question on “tell our readers about yourself” is asked.

So extend this question purposefully by asking:

Sample question: Tell our readers about yourself and how you acquired such a high position and which products or services you availed to be the one who you are today.

5. Ask your expert recommend several products while sharing his success story

The most popular answer of an expert is generally the one in which he shares his entire success story. So ask this question by dividing it into several small questions like:

monetize your blog interview postSample questions:

  • Which product/ebook has turned your vision about your field?
  • Was there any specific product or service that led you to the height of success in addition to your consistency and hard work?

6. Goad your expert to recommend a product while giving the best blogging advice

It is also a very popular question in which interviewee is asked to share the best advice for the benefit of your readers. So coin this type of question to make him suggest or hint a product while giving his best advice.

Sample question: What was the best product or service that helped you in every phase of the enviable journey of your success?

7. Influence your expert suggest a product to avoid mistakes which he committed

People want to know what mistakes their inspiration committed in the beginning of his struggle. They want to know this to avoid committing such mistakes in their own professional journey.

So ask the question of sharing his mistakes in a way to influence him recommend a product or service or an e-course to avoid committing such mistakes.

Sample question: Is it wise to create content marketing strategy by reading a lot of free posts or you would recommend a specific product for this purpose.

8. Request your expert recommend product(s) for working smart

This is the biggest challenge of every online worker. Now competition is so stiff that each one of us wants to work more in lesser time. So do ask your expert on how to work smart and become successful in shorter period of time.

Sample question: There are many theories on how to work smart. What do you suggest to work smart in a professional way and how to get such guidance in detail and from where?

9. Make your expert recommend how to learn something with a product or service

It’s the heated debate on internet that should a person start something online by himself on do-it-yourself basis or first learn it properly.

monetize your blog interview postSo ask your expert first to give his verdict if something could be done on DIY basis or one should learn it properly. If his reply is latter one, ask him to suggest where from one should learn something professionally before starting it.

10. Get your expert say that big success can’t be achieved with freemiums only

This is also a hot debate on internet that “can success be achieved with freemiums or one should go for premium products or services as well”.

So ask a question to make your expert say that in this age of stiff competition one can’t achieve success by trying so many free products.

Sample question: In this age of professionalism is it possible to achieve success with free products only. If no then which three best premium products you recommend to achieve excellence in your field.

11. Make your expert be specific while recommending a product for your readers

This is the art to make the replier be specific. This is not as easy as it is generally assumed. You need to put a lot of supplementary questions to make expert be specific in his recommendation.

For this purpose you need to take interview of an expert live on Skype or on Google hangout to have the chance of asking supplementary questions.

While in text interview you can send a few further questions with the prior consent of the expert.

Be affiliate of all the products as mentioned in the replies

Now after making your expert recommend as much products and services as possible you need to be affiliate of all of them.

monetize your blog interview postMaybe you are already affiliate of a few so be of the remaining ones to put your affiliate link in each recommended product and service to earn commission if someone buys it on the recommendation of your expert.

Extra free tip: You can also put a few affiliated banners of the products recommended by your expert in and around your blog interview post to monetize it comprehensively.

Risk factor and how to face it

It is likely that your expert may demand to put a few his own affiliate links in his recommended products. Even then you can make a deal by putting a few his links and a few your own to make it a good joint venture.

So this is my idea on how to monetize your blog interview post and make money online easily. What do you say about it? Is it a viable idea or you think otherwise? Do share your views in comments below.

I hope you would also reshare this post on social media to make your friends and colleagues try this idea of how to monetize your blog interview post.

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